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Back home in hardcore gym heaven...and as the music was mysteriously cut off as I began filming. THIS is without question one of THE best gyms in all the East coast. If you're a serious lifter this is where you need to go because a gym of all serious lifters starts something a commercial gym will never convey - a community. Oh, and piszczalka if you're watching this yes that is you at the power rack. If you saw a guy in Crowbar shirt and jeans that was me. I was going to say hi but I saw you were in the zone and I didn't want to disturb you. You are strong though! #unitedinstrength #powerlifting #igpowerlifting #igfitness #powerbodybuilding #powerhousegymstatenisland #realgyms #hardcoregym #hardcoregymheaven powerhousegymsiny mikeythepit999

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Tag a friend who needs some better shirts

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Here's a quick but amazing lesson in muscle imbalances by westsidebarbellofficial and how they affect the #squat. If you're someone who has squatted for some time now and you tell us you've never had at least one of these problems you're either lying don't squat. #unitedinstrength #muscleimbalances #westsidebarbell #louiesimmons #powerlifting #powerbodybuilding #igpowerlifting #igfitness

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The Original Global Strength Cult.

104 6 Sep 21, 2017

: Only a few of these left, then they're gone! THEIRONUNION.CO

88 3 Sep 21, 2017

Wednesday night vibes

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: Tag someone who wears too much GymShark, and needs some new shirts. WWW.THEIRONUNION.CO

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Calm down. Calm down. 💩 ain’t how you think it is. Take a look around 👀 . sorinex the.iron.union . #nextmovebetterthanmylastmove #views #alwaysparty #garagegymlife

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💥Client Testimonial💥 Judith has been one of my all star clients for the past couple months. Together we've worked to break down a lot of physical barriers that had prevented her from living her life the way she wanted to. I'm so honored to be on this journey with you and cannot wait to see what else is in store for your success! Transcript below: . . . Dear Mr. Chris Smith and Ms. Nastasia Genova: Please accept my compliment regarding trainer Jon Muller at Steve Nash on Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC.  Jon has gone above and beyond to help me out. He has been able to take on the task of getting me to the next level in my rehabilitation.  He follows the Steve Nash program, does research, and consults with Jackie and Chris for extra help I require. Thank you to Jon's work at Steve Nash, I have reached a new level of living where I can start to trust my body on a consistent basis again.  Since 2008 I have had an invisible chronic pain medical condition, which was properly diagnosed in December 2012. Jon has helped me, and is helping me, reach a stage of physical maintenance that feels like I am living quite a "normal" life again. Kind Regards, Judith Morrissey

97 11 Sep 20, 2017
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