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Apa itu TOPMAN 3? Ubat Kuat Untuk Lelaki - Sebiji Pil Tahan Selama 7 hari Di Ambil 15-30 minit sebelum seks untuk kesan maksima Selamat digunakan oleh pengidap kencing manis & sakit jantung Kebaikan :- 1. Menambah pengeluaran hormon semulajadi 2. Memanjangkan masa ereksi 3. Melancarkan perjalanan darah 4. Menambah air mani 5. Menambah size dan panjang zakar dalam jangka masa panjang 6. Menambah kayakinan diri di ranjang 7. Menghapuskan sakit pinggang & sakit belakang 8. Menambah keharmonian dan kebahagian dalam hubungan WARNING : JANGAN AMBIL LEBIH DARI SEBIJI KAPSUL DALAM MASA 24 JAM!!!! Masalah-masalah yang anda mahu atasi: -Mati Pucuk -Ejakulasi Pramatang -Ereksi Tak Cukup Keras/Tegang -Lemah Nafsu Seks -Cepat Layu/Tewas -Sperma Cair -Zakar Tak Cukup Besar -Zakar Tak Cukup Panjang Price rm45exc pos rm8sm rm12ss #topmanpills #topman3 #topman #topmanmalaysia #topmanmalaysiamurah

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THE IMB-TO-STARTUP MICRO CAPSULE | LOOK 1 Last week, I had the privilege of creating a small capsule for a big force in software engineering. After 10 years in corporate culture, he’s leaving IBM to join a hip startup in Toronto. He already had great wardrobe basics he just needed a few key pieces to elevate his style from “IBM uniform” to a more relaxed and individual startup style. I pulled just five clothing items (and a couple of accessories) to create a new style vibe. While the pieces chosen are unique to him, the styling principles apply to anyone who wants maximum impact with minimal new clothes! STYLE PRINCIPLE TO STEAL #1 | MIX HIGH AND LOW Mixing higher-end investment pieces with affordable and trendy ones, is a recipe to bring both polish and energy to your capsule. For this client, we mixed investment pieces by HUGO, including a stunning dress shirt and studded velvet loafers, with statement layering pieces by TOPMAN. Scroll for variations of the high-low principle. See full post at

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Hello Yellow #tuesday | 📸: jvstperf #thrifted jacket | #topman pants | #uniqlo sweater #urbanoutfitters pack | #zara shoes | #yellow #wearetothe9s | #pauseshots | #plaid | #trend

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Break the rules & travel more.

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dark·ness ˈdärknəs/Submit noun noun: darkness plural noun: darknesses 1. the partial or total absence of light. "the office was in darkness" synonyms: dark, blackness, gloom, dimness, murkiness, shadow, shade More dusk, twilight, gloaming "lights shone in the darkness #lesstalk📛 - - - - Go to the link in my bio and follow dacompanydna listen into our music and content available on all streaming platforms. - - - - #GQ #Model #blackmenfashion #blackmensmile #dkny #zara #topman #priverevaux #Dacompany #grammasters3 #instalikes #canon60d #canon📷 #canonphotography #canon5d #sunglasses #Sunglasshut #thematrix #matrix #morpheous

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I love a good red lip 💋💄 • Wearing “American Doll” by anastasiabeverlyhills + some Aquaphor to make it a lil glossy lol 🌹

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Exploring Muir Woods with da wifey erikaandrewss

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