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Chernobyl has to be one of the most profound visits I have had on my travels. The contrast of the beautiful location and wildlife (without human interruption) to the tragedy of the village is hard to take in. One minute we are looking at creepy dolls, and the next at a wild fox. My takeaway from the visit is how much "we" did, when we didn't know better, and how truly dangerous the temptation to save face is over taking immediate action to do the right thing. I don't want to pretend to be an expert after one day, so I can only recommend searching for "The True Battle of Chernobyl" on YouTube and dedicating 90 minutes. 100% worth your time to reflect on this tragedy and how we can avoid repeated mistakes. I'm so glad cobblestonefreeway and chernobyltours spent the time educating us. #howdareshe #collectingcountries #ukraine #chernobyl #chernobylpowerplant #history #somber #pripyat #vsco #vscoukraine #vscokyiv #cftukraine #instagood #photooftheday #panasonicadvocate #pansonic #panasoniclumix #lumixlounge #lumix #lumixluminary #wherelumixgoes #traveldeeper #bridge

60 1 May 29, 2017


27 2 May 29, 2017

What a stunning view!! 🌅

3 1 May 29, 2017

Shoreditch, the East End neighborhood I'm staying in, is full of amazing street art. It's one of things it's most known for! Around every corner, there is something new and funky to stumble upon and I have been posing in front of all kinds of beautiful walls! #shoreditch #london

23 1 May 29, 2017

Whenever I'm in Nashville I have to stop in jenisicecreams for the best ice cream in town! They always have the most unique flavors. This time it was a scoop of Salted Peanut Butter and a scoop of Sweet Cream Biscuit with Peach Jam Swirl 😋🍦🍑 And then you walk around #eastnashville finding cute walls to awkwardly take pictures with while people drive by.... 📷: my amazing Mommy 💕

32 2 May 29, 2017

What a stunning view!! Comment below if you've ever been to #indonesia

13 1 May 29, 2017

Yes, indeed, I'm a happy camper. 💁🏻 Try the Hokey Pokey ice cream and yerba maté tea at happycamperptown in Provincetown. So gooood! 🍨🍦🍵

36 1 May 29, 2017

🇨🇦 O T T A W A 🇨🇦

39 1 May 29, 2017

Just when you think the Florence sunset can't get anymore magical someone blows giant bubbles.

40 2 May 29, 2017

Contagem regressiva para a próxima viagem! 📷 izettel

62 5 May 29, 2017

girl talk with my floral emu gal pals. #ppinbloom

21 3 May 29, 2017
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