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Así estuvo el #EHChallenge de esta semana, quise ser un poco equilibrado con Hiana pero a ella no le valió eso y me lanzó la maravilla de #WOD que ven allí con 100 thrusters con 5 burpees incluidos por cada minuto... De corazón, ¡gracias Hiana!😈😂😅... Hiana, prepárate para la próxima semana con #TheRetaliation , venimos con todo!!!🤣💪💪. - No olviden disfrutrarse estos retos todas las semanas por histories y anímense a comentar, participar y compartir!!! #ElielMejias #Crossfit

26 2 Sep 20, 2017

#Abigor nights are the best nights. The atmospheres they create really can expose your mind to the darkness of the middle ages, and their excellent composition captivates you even further. These are my favorite releases of theirs but I still gotta get a few more. My favorite album by far is #Nachthymnen - #FromtheTwilightKingdom (top right). I know I seem to talk really highly about alot of shit I post, but I seriously think that this album is within the top 5 greatest black metal albums ever concieved. It's absolutely mindblowing and masterful in everyway. My next favorite is #Verwüstung - #InvoketheDarkAge (top left) their debut masterpiece. So hard to believe that came out in 1994, Abigor were so far ahead of their time. Next favorite is their ep #Orkblut - #TheRetaliation (top middle) one of my all time favorite ep's. The slight medieval elements are amazingly well done. Next is #OpusIV (bottom left) their first album I think that could be considered "symphonic" and the symphonic/classical elements are absolutely wonderful, though they don't come in really until the second half of the album. I wish it was more though cause it's genius stuff. Last is #SupremeImmortalArt (bottom right) definitely their most symphonic album, really grand and epic yet still dark. The riffs aren't as great as their usual guitar mastery from previous releases, but the keyboards make up for it. I love all these albums to death.

25 0 Aug 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Blacky Chan✌🐸, #Caleb #Cowboy #TheRetaliation #Onedown #coolguys #gerahmiahlipstholol

129 3 Jun 19, 2017

Up Early, Time To Get Back 2 Working On This Mixtape. 💪🎧😈🎵dropping November 20th later this year. #Tone #TheRetaliation #staytuned #realrap

12 1 Apr 25, 2017

#TheRetaliation 🎬

657 7 Apr 21, 2017

Safe Flight JA3✈, Miss You Already My Bro j_kealii 🙁👌☝ #japan🇯🇵 #birdgang #JA3 #TheRetaliation #Brothafromanothermotha #hawaii🌴

137 2 Feb 20, 2017

Good movies are rare so when you see one don't borrow... Buy it. iamadunniade classikmoney #TheRetaliation

109 0 Dec 23, 2016
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