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.. it LOOKS the same, but it SO isn't. This is happening for a reason, not yet revealed, but I have more peace than I've EVER had before. Water is such a lovely thing we bathe, drink, purge, swim, heal and find solace in its movement AND stillness. Apparently I need this rt now, so I'll just let it have me in this moment allow, observe and indulge its storyline as it becomes another part of the glorious testimony that is my life. MAN.. so many people will find HOPE when I get to, "this is over" and share how God brought us out, then pass the praiseworthy outcome to those who will need it then. Being a living witness is what I signed up for, so I'll just BE that and keep LIVING, while watching God keep my sanity in His bosom.. Believing. Sacrificing. Courageous. Present. Enduring. And, fully SUPPORTED.. #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth (creator of image unknown)

57 4 Jan 19, 2018

NO WOMAN can tell ANY man, "You're going MY way" when the MAN is the HEADSHIP of God. If a woman has to tell a man who she believes she is, it is not God, but HER w/the intention. When a woman knows who she IS to a man, she CAN say, "I know who I am" w/out EVER being specific, as HE will in turn show HER how that statement is defined. The man is the LEAD. Even when God sends the woman TO the man, it is up to HIM to tell her, "follow me, we're going THIS way." He will also NOT allow her to get away, but will do everything in HIS power, while soliciting the power of God, to FIGHT for her if/when the situation calls for it. And slowly, w/methodical execution, he will begin to make THEIR presence known, by carefully incorporating her into his public space. It may seem like a sudden release of information, but when God is at the helm, men are CAREFUL and PRECISE in how they begin to reveal they are no longer solo. If one is truly paying attn, ANYONE will be able to see him inching his way into making it known, before its full outward manifestation. They are each other's SEED, and what do seeds cause? GROWTH. As they GROW in closeness, so does their outward connection. Anointed love canNOT hide it's too powerful to conceal once it starts to flourish. Privacy is one thing, but in and of itself, that love begins to whisper a truth in everything it does, to where onlookers will begin to notice there is something on the horizon. Just keep paying attn to the one you keep trying to convince.. and eventually you will WATCH HIM come forth as someone else's harvest. Men produce by the sweat of THEIR brow, not by the drippings of ANY woman's enticing lips to be convincing.. #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth

40 3 Jan 18, 2018

I heard a Pastor express his love for the members of his church after a morning prayer yesterday. God gave him that ministry from the soil, upward, so he appreciates those who have come to support and join the mission God has given him. He loves his people w/a dedicated pastoral reverence towards God, knowing it is the LORD who has blessed him w/those, to lead them by His Spirit. He is a man of great gratitude and humility. But I have seen, heard, women express a belief that his acknowledgement of "love" was a personally directed statement to them. Even in saying it to individual members, he is expressing that of a leader, NOT as a man. It saddens me. Women arriving at false conclusions to feed the notions of fables and fairytales, providing a hope that is built on deception. To nutshell it, unless a man says, "Baby I love you" and inserts your name in a PRIVATE and DIRECT expression, coupled w/his physical, one on one presence, a general "I love you" to the masses he is PRAYING for AND with, is NOT a direct message to ANYONE. Men who are actually IN love, provide the evidence of much more than mere words, as they respond to every need regarding THAT woman completely. A man FACING a love he has yet to fully open, but knows it is being cultivated in his heart, is even CAREFUL about the way he reveals his intention, because he wants to make sure everything is in place BEFORE he surrenders. He is VERY specific in this regard, AND, the woman who ACTUALLY has his heart, has his undivided attention in ways only the two of them can identify, between them. He won't even say the WORDS "I love you" until he can look her in her face. He'll express that she IS loved, but the concrete evidence will ONLY come when he is in the proper setting to open his heart to show her that she has all of it. Therefore, as I repeat, if the man, ESPECIALLY A PASTOR, says "I love you" in the presence and company of those he's been called to, he is NOT secretly expressing his feelings for ONE present in the crowd, but is grateful for the WHOLE of those before him. The truth may not be pleasant, but it IS necessary..

28 1 Jan 18, 2018

I would go into the whole revelatory expression as to why the "do no evil" monkey's hands are where they are, however, I will condense and simplify the obvious to where I stand in my own life. My body is a temple I once allowed graffiti to desecrate, through the acceptance of debris labeled as affection. There were not many cases, I am proud to say, and I have NEVER given all of myself to ANY man. Yet, even withholding, even small portions were too much. I have NEVER used my ability as a weapon to toy, taunt, entice or control. After being violated as a 2 yr old until I was 12, and being robbed of my virtue before I knew I COULD preserve it, it distorted my perception of pleasure. To be honest, I thought "faking" was supposed to be the "thing" so I mastered it because I had NO real feeling towards it. I could make one believe I was totally invested, but my mind was somewhere off in LaLa Land. I was conditioned. So, I decided to stop altogether, go rogue on touch and pursue celibacy to reset my body compass into a truth. Working hard to re-adjust my original makeup to claim my virtue, and preserve it for ONE. Sadly, I have only been celibate for 3 yrs now, as before, I maintained it for 7 yrs. But it's different now. I dismantled all desire or interest in it at all, and dove into my awareness of God's original intent for me as woman, how I'm supposed to operate, function, move, share, experience, surrender, accept, receive, and give. I started studying more of what my endowment means, all of those yrs I knew it was trapped behind the aftermath of violation. It's been a LONG journey. Did you know, ev. 7 yrs our body's destroy and recreate entirely new cells? This means, after that time, you have a body the person or "persons" for some, have NEVER touched once those cells are renewed being nearly halfway there is exciting for me, regarding one person. Anything I could ever do outside of my destined purpose to be married to the man God has determined as the love of my life, would be soul debris and destruction to my complete design. Nothing in this life is worth even entertaining in that regard, either mentally or physically, to tarnish my sacrifice. I am, whole.

53 1 Jan 17, 2018

God woke me up to THIS little nugget of shear truth this morning on a repeat, yet a different set of circumstances. I've decided NOT to share the moving details of this journey, even w/the very select few KNOWING, up to my last point. I will engage minor pieces, while withholding the whole, only divulging the necessary to the required. My adventure. My expression. My engagements. I'm MORE than a conqueror. I am victorious. #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth

47 2 Jan 16, 2018

If I'm going to be on board w/some moving words, I figured these would be good to add to my arsenal, forward, for ev. yr. ahead of me, permanently. Let us begin on THIS day of 2018, shall we? - the end of that LAST LINE reads: "NO LIMIT"for me #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth (author of posting unknown)

43 0 Jan 16, 2018

The way God loves me, though? That, "I'm looking out for you" evidence He presents on a daily, is something to remain in AWE of.. × it's all about me n' Jesus, now and always. #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth

42 5 Jan 16, 2018

For you. I pray that you find your superhuman, love hero, w/bionic ears, x-ray vision, a heart full of the purest gold one human can house, the warmest hugs, most gentle hands w/the softest caress and the sweetest kiss the skin on your cheeks has ever felt in that moment. For you, I pray they see so much beauty in your Soul beyond your faults, fears, and frantics, that it becomes their mission to invent new ways to make you smile. I hope they ask you to teach them everything they don't understand because all they want, is to understand. I hope they teach YOU how to find the light in YOUR eyes, and walk you through the wonders of exploration as you learn things about yourself, only they can see. And when you become, my friends? When you MAKE IT to YOUR whole place because THAT love didn't take you for granted or leave you stranded? My prayer is that you SOAR at such an elevation in your new life, you canNOT recall the broken person you once were. I hope you find it, beloved. And I hope it stays.. #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth

79 2 Jan 13, 2018

There's an old adage: "Those who can, DO. Those who can't, TEACH." I never agreed with or thought that statement to be true, in fair assessment. But there is also an adage, "Live a little" that rings familiar in the same tone of the first. When a person can't make "it" in a certain area, space, or life in general, through their personal failures, they work to equip others in knowing detours, avoiding roadblocks and seeking ways to climb so THEY may see the success the now, teacher, couldn't reach. Helping others always stems from experience if it is to be effective. You just don't know everything a person has, is or will endure so that YOU are able to stand and remain hopeful. Every person you find inspiration from, has a backstory and sometimes a front cover. You just don't know if you're reading the words of someone starving, alone, broke, poor, homeless, destitute, abused, etc. They may encourage YOU, to remain SANE themselves. Just be kind. Do your best. Even if you are arrogant enough to be angry about a struggle you haven't lived, and you want to be self righteous in your thoughts of how YOU would do their life? Stand down, please. Let someone HUMBLE teach YOU something for a change. Every person suffering loss is not lazy, incompetent, excuse riddled, unmotivated or negative. Some people are just born into difficult lives and their best efforts fail no matter how they try. Don't be a judgmental PRICK. Just because it wasn't YOU doesn't mean you get to be rude about it. Have compassion. Let a heart different from your own, have some peace. #artists #wisdom #truth #vibe #peace #poems #patience #AbstractPoetTree #TheInkForest #consciousness #vision #wanderlust #love #tribe #creativewriting #timing #hope #authenticity #poetry #writer #spilledink #courage #poet #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #health #inspiration #empowerment #encouragement #mentalhealth

34 1 Jan 12, 2018
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