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Revival in Cincinnati 🙌🏼 #thecall #revivalman #jesus

15 0 Jan 16, 2018

My next series I want to do about the emotion of the Battle Cry .... the emotion felt when at that very moment your call brings others to fight beside you #newseries #thecall #kateart. I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong and motivated men and women. So much drive creates a fierce creature. Working on #angrydaughters has shown me the strength of women in all age groups.

9 0 Jan 16, 2018

Dr. Maurice Watson... You are to be commended. Way to speak Truth in these days where the Truth is muted. Per the SFGate, in preaching this past Sunday and addressing the divisive words re: Haiti, El Salvador and various African countries from #45, the pastor said, "whoever made such a statement ... is wrong and they ought to be held accountable." This was with V.P. Mike Pence in the congregation. Worshippers stood up and applauded as he spoke. WUSA-TV reports Mike Pence became red-faced at times throughout the sermon. #Truth #ProclaimtheWord #RhemaWord #TheCall #SpeakUp #PowerinthePulpit #RightTime #RightTimeRightPlace #RightNow #PerilousTimes

2 0 Jan 16, 2018

Ministering with this man the past few days has been an absolute Joy!!! #revivalman #thecall

177 5 Jan 16, 2018

The tour wrap-up. We want to thank everyone for praying and worshipping with us in Ohio! Which city should we visit next? #thecall #revival #martinlutherkingjr #Ohio

417 22 Jan 16, 2018

Just your #average night in with my buddies. #nightin #backstreetboys #thecall #kitchendancing bmills3789 angel_mejiam clyng85 emmyb85

21 5 Jan 16, 2018

Go check out my new project #TheCall Link in bio!

26 1 Jan 16, 2018

You will wake at midnight with intense hunger You’ll grab snacks and munch but nothing will change Your stomach will be turbid from too much eating But the hunger will still bite deep at you It is not a hunger for food, it is a hunger for me #poetry #thecall #Christian #prayers Follow link in bio to read full piece

25 0 Jan 16, 2018

Niiiice. The Google bots from their Arts and Culture app think I have a striking resemblance to King David. #nazirite #worshiper #harpisaguitar #thecall #burn247 #sonsofthunder #googleartsandculture #iamdavidstent

11 3 Jan 16, 2018

Is the call: to serve to deny yourself to love God first to love others like Christ did follow Christ to care for the least of these for some or for all? Join us on our YouTube channel today at 6pm as we dive into this in bio... It's time to go deeper. #CanYouHearIt

3 1 Jan 16, 2018

Before I was a civil rights leader, I was a preacher of the Gospel. This was my first calling and it still remains my greatest commitment. You know, actually all that i do in civil rights I do because I consider it apart of ministry. I have no other ambitions in life but to excellence in the Christian ministry. I don’t plan to run for any political office. I don’t plan to do anything but remain a preacher. And what I’m doing in this struggle, along with many others, grows out of my feeling that the preacher must be concerned about the whole man. - MLK . Today as we celebrate the life of Dr. King, we Join Lou Engle and The Call team in Cincinnati. Today we’re coming into agreement with the prayers of Dr. King and the generations leading up to this day! . May God raise up preachers of righteousness who bridge the gap between social justice and the Gospel... send revival to our land! 🙌🏾 🙌🏻 . #Burn247Columbus #TheCall #John17 #GulliverProphecy #Psalm133 #MlkDay #Psalm85 #ReviveAmerica

25 0 Jan 15, 2018

Hundreds of intercessors gathered at The Call Cincinatti... crying out for mercy... some scoff at prayer, but there is a remnant who still believes in the promise of 2 chronicles 7:14 #hopecity614 #thecall #burn247

88 9 Jan 15, 2018

The latest music review by Ann Palmer is now available on The Lyfe Magazine Online. Link in bio. Enjoy The Lyfe! #music #musicreview #isabeldavis #thecall #gospelmusic

20 0 Jan 15, 2018

The Call: Revival Man Tour Cincinnati #revivalmantourcincinnati #thecall #cincinnati #weneedGod

15 0 Jan 15, 2018

On this momentous day, we join our prayers with Martin Luther King Jr. for racial reconciliation. We invite you to pray with us as we gather in Cincinnati for TheCall Revival Man Tour. Let's continue to shape history through prayer! #martinlutherking #revival #thecall #louengle

360 5 Jan 15, 2018
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