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AUCTION 9am. Open from 8.30am. 44 Bunowang St, Balmoral. #entrylevel #postcode4171 #teamshelton #mcgrathestateagents

8 1 Sep 23, 2017

I have the hen! 💃🏼🐔💥🥂 #hanshen #hentime #teamshelton #herewego #henpartytime lshelton24 louisebelizabeth katiesparklearkell

14 1 Sep 22, 2017

☀️He's my little sunshine ☀️ My little baby boy was born via emergency c-section on Sept. 3, 2017. My body held off labor a week past his due date; I believe because we were flooded in during hurricane Harvey and we BOTH knew he needed to stay put. I was in pre-labor the entire week with contractions sometimes only 5 minutes apart, but only 1 cm dilated. Finally, at 4:30 on a Sunday morning, we went to the hospital-- expecting to be sent home since my contractions were still irregular, but hoping they could help in some way with the pain. To my surprise, I was on the OR table about 20 minutes after we arrived. My little man's heart beat was in serious danger and there was no time to wait. Those moments were the scariest of my life, wondering whether he would be okay and if I would be okay. The urgency of the nurses and doctors was palpable, and I remember just laying there and praying out loud on the table for my son. It was happening so quickly the doctors had to put me under general anesthesia and was completely out during birth. I woke up to my husband's voice followed by a glimpse of my sweetheart's little face. The days in the NICU that followed are a blur of joy, and worry, and anticipation but my Bubba was breathing and eating in his own in a few days and we made it home after just a week! I'm so proud of my new little family. God held us all the whole time, and Greyson is the greatest blessing we've ever received. Kirk and I have grown so much together in these few weeks of his life, and I'm so grateful for the life we're blessed to share! #birthstory #newborn #nicu #blessed #TeamShelton

117 20 Sep 20, 2017

Great interview! Very gifted family. Regrann from 17_bday__oct_11 - Everyone go to The Shelton's homepage and watch this radio interview 😂😂😂 #thesheltons #teamshelton #instinctradio

4 0 Sep 20, 2017

Everyone go to The Shelton's homepage and watch this radio interview 😂😂😂 #thesheltons #teamshelton #instinctradio

21 0 Sep 20, 2017

When you implement the right strategy with a quality marketing campaign the results speak for themselves. #morningside #auction #teamshelton #mcgrathestateagents

42 3 Sep 18, 2017

Those punchlines tho "Must we always take it for granted that the present eating practices of civilized man are normal ? Why must we accept as normal what we find in a race of sick and weakened beings ?" "The blatant assertion by men who never made a serious study of the subject of human nutrition that any combination of foodstuffs that you like or desire is all right is based on ignorance or prejudice or is just an expression of bigotry." - Shelton, 1968 #teamshelton #hebertshelton #cleaneating #nutrition #nutritionstudies #foodcombining #combinaisonsalimentaires #whatweeatwebecome #health #wakeup #conscious #humannutrition #eatingpractices #foodindustry

15 0 Sep 12, 2017

This is what I come home to ♥️♥️ they look so comfortable I guess I'm gonna sleep on the couch tonight #teamSHELTON #SHELTONBOYS #AboyandhisDOG #coltonzachary #myboys #drakethedognottherapper

14 2 Sep 12, 2017

This pic is priceless to me. We have all watched Kristi herd the cats that are pullers throughout the years all over the country. We have all watched her son Clay literally grow up at the pulls. Friday night she was running the show and Clay made his first pass in a 2WD. She had to be proud. I have loved watching kids grow up and then take over driving duties and thrive over the years even if it makes me old ❤️ #propullingleague #pullingfamily #teamshelton

88 2 Sep 10, 2017

OPEN HOME TODAY 10am. 44 Bunowang St, Balmoral. #teamshelton #paulshelton #balmoral #mcgrathestateagents #mcgrathinnercitybrisbane

33 2 Sep 9, 2017

Goo follow the worlds best inspirational group out there right now thesheltonsebe #teamshelton #totalpraise #THESHELTONS

43 2 Sep 5, 2017

Just came from music video shoot of that's why I say #teamshelton #thatswhatisay

42 0 Sep 3, 2017

44 Bunowang St, Balmoral first open home today at 10.30am. #balmoral #mcgrathestateagents #teamshelton #bethefirst

28 0 Sep 2, 2017
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