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Namaste! I made a youtube video about letting go and becoming free! You are loving awareness! Link on my profile! <3 #lovingawareness #bhakti #bhaktiyoga #surrendertolove #surrendering #advaitavedanta #beherenow #belovenow #ramdass #youareperfect #yinandyang #rainbowwarrior #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #comeempty

11 3 Feb 20, 2018

It’s not always easy to be living your life purely from your soul, your mind makes a plan and the next day you wake up you are called in a different direction. It’s really tough for someone like me, being a Virgo who loves to have a structured plan and check of my to-do list, that stopped working a really long time ago and yet I still get frustrated if I can’t follow through with my ideas... 😅 not sure I’ll ever quite learn it but here’s some guidelines that makes it easier to let go: when you’re absolutely clear on what you need to do and it feels in alignment then get to it and push through, if it feels more confusing and unclear you need more answers, so #surrender, let go and go with the #flow and open up to receive more #guidance! I feel like we often confuse the two, people tell us to just get it done when it our internal voice says it’s off, and on the other hand we procrastinate thinking of other ideas when our direction is actually clear. This week feels like it needs to be a flow week, and I’m having a hard time letting go right now... 😅 anyone with me? Let me know in the comments below how you’re feeling!

33 2 Feb 20, 2018

cambodia is teaching me to trust. "what if...?" is a question that comes up in my mind very often. what if that bus over there runs into us? what if i get sick from eating this? what if this bridge is unsafe? cambodia is not a "what if?"-country. asking yourself this question will basically ruin your time here. so i'm trying the buddha-like way to all of this: surrendering in a mindful way, accepting what is and will be. this is my big lesson. because i am very much a "what if"-person. 🙈 life continues to put me exactly where i need to be. 🙏🏼

26 3 Feb 20, 2018

A wave of love from Ami & Sun 😊 keep up the good spirit 🙏 come and join us for a Community Chanting / Kirtan night on this coming Saturday 24/2 @ 8 - 10 pm. Healing sacred music in an acousticly treated sacred space with like hearted beings, chi, healthy yummy snacks. Come & express your self. The energetic alignments will be very awesome for healing through music, spirit, heart opening, love 💖 Bookings: Choose Group sessions then choose option 4.chanting. Inquiries: 0451 963 321 We are looking forward to seeing you all in divine order. Much love, Ami healingdelight & sunhyland #healingdelight #sunhyland #chanting #kirtan #community #love #sacredmusic #sacredspace #healing #dreams #meditation #spirit #letgo & #letgod #surrendering #creativity #expressyourself #soundhealing #soundhealingcenter #caulfield #melbourne #australia #crystalsingingbowls #worldpercussion #muchlove

38 3 Feb 20, 2018

The common approach to 'deal' with thoughts (especially and often in meditation) is to witness them arising and dissolving. As they say: 'Observing thoughts like clouds in the sky. They appear and disappear, the sky remains untouched.' This approach is already helpful for many of us, as we detach ourselves from what happens between the ears and behind the eyes and not take them as substantial and necessarily personal. We 'remain' the observer / the witnesser and don't get carried away so easily. What often happens during that process is that we reinforce the concept of duality. We see the 'I' and the thoughts as separate. This is ok as long as we understand that it is just another concept, we work with in that moment. Eventually, at one point, we realize through experience and inquiry that there is no separateness between the 'I' and the 'thoughts'. Basically the 'I' arises with or out of thought, so one could say 'I' is made of a cluster of thoughts. At that point one might already see that it is essential to ask oneself: Who and what clings to all the ideas one has about oneself? Who and what can't let go? The discovery of all of this opens the gate into a glimpse of inner freedom. This freedom is accessible to everyone as it expresses the inherent quality of our own very nature. C #meditation #mindful #mind #spiritual #freedom #surrender #bayarea #sanfrancisco #nowness #presentmoment #inquery #iamthat #am-ness #awareness #consciousness #california #gratitude #awake #present #redwoods #newbeginning #surrendering #trusttheprocess

25 1 Feb 19, 2018

This was during the Bimini After Basel retreat at lunabeachbimini back in December and the goddess pushing me to reach a new potential in my practice is yoga_biancaabbott .This actually hurt like a mother f***, especially the more she pushed. When she’d continued to push, I really wanted to say “noo this is hard and it hurts” but before I could push against her willingness to help me grow I responded internally with yes, keep going and I continued to breathe through it, expanding deeper into the foreign potential within me. This picture actually represents something deeper for me today. When I see this picture I feel like Bianca is a representation of what the universe is doing to me currently. The universe is pushing me, and I know I can say at any moment, please stop challenging me, and I can make choices that won't help me grow, but the deeper it pushes me into uncomfortable situations and the more it provides me with chances to grow, the more I can learn about my self and expand into the courageous parts of me that I didn't even know existed. I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, (a lot of times actually) but what I do know is that I’m focused and determined to continue evolving spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally, each and every single day, what ever that means, no matter how hard or painful I may allow my self to believe it is. I really don't like how I feel right now but I'm learning to find comfort in the discomfort of growing. There's no right or wrong path, each path is perfect in its own unique way. Today I am grateful and full of courage. #breathing #healing #surrendering #accepting

116 15 Feb 19, 2018

When you and the boys have been having an extra emotional week, lots of hurt feelings and amped up energy... and then you scan for a lot of emotional support oils. 😞 It’s time for a change. Pulling out the big guns and loads of prayer to help soften our hearts, have gentle attitudes & responses, and show love in new ways. Orange & Jade Lemon for me, Sara & Grounding for B, and Melissa & Believe for C. • It’s a new week, friends! Time for some extra reflection. 💗 • • #mfessentials #lotsofemotions #prayer #timeforachange #emotionsandoils

24 9 Feb 19, 2018

Spring has not yet blossomed, In it’s usual ballet. So many seasons I haven’t honored, Tryin’ to do it my way. • Now that I see, What is True. I’m turnin’ it over to You. #365songchallenge #presence #praise #lettinggo •SONG 50/365: TURNING IT OVER TO YOU• #gospel TAG the wonderful spiritual leaders and positive influencers in your life below.👇🏻

85 8 Feb 19, 2018

If you know how to put aside the relative world in which you are not influenced by anyone, that is called true #surrendering. To know more visit :*

116 1 Feb 19, 2018

I have a million and one questions! But I have one guarantee... . . . “I LOVE YOU cause YOU LOVED ME FIRST.” . . O Lord, you have searched my heart and know everything about me. . How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! .-Psalm 139: 117 #Surrendering #childofthemosthigh

82 2 Feb 19, 2018

I surrender I surrender I surrender . The more I surrender the more clearer my path gets. Isn’t it funny sometimes how that works? Today was an amazing day and reminded me to keep on the path of surrendering. I had an amazing business meeting and can’t wait to release details of naturalalivegas and I retreat. Got me some Jesus attending thechurchlv with three of my beautiful girlfriends. Then finished it with back to back yoga classes. I’m feeling renewed and refreshed. This week is going to be amazing. I surrender to what is in store for me.

68 16 Feb 19, 2018

Sunday morning hike at Los Robles Trail, a new trail for me. It was freezing this morning, but worth it. Check out my new mama bear hat!!😍( thanks daaaamnginamarie ) Love it! #sunday #sundaymorninghike #losRoblestrail #hike #newhat #mamabear #cali #socal #coldmorning # #therapyhike #therapybreakfast #surrendering #movingforward #newadventures #noadventuretosmall #healing #reflecting #discovering #goodvibes #friends #mothernature #outdoors #gettingout #preping #backpackingsoon

30 1 Feb 19, 2018

I had the honor and pleasure of being on janiethemindfulnesscoach show called #RiseAbove a couple weeks ago. . . On her show, we talked about where I came from, how I “burned my boats” per tonyrobbins two years ago and swam with everything I had (mind, body spirit) to get to the island (goals, passions, dreams) of where I am now here in #ATX and talking about what I’m up to now (some details being with bulletproofcoachinginstitute per my Certified Human Potential Coach certification, the groundbreaking work that I’m doing with pulsecenters and my continuous journey to become a better person through some self-development & deep inner work, with one of them being with the mankindproject, which we also talk about. Tune in by copying and pasting the link below. . . Rise Above Show (I come on at the 41 minute marker) . . . I came full circle with janiethemindfulnesscoachand because we met last year at a thesacralcircle event where deep inner work and magic happened with her and aservantoflove and something you have to checkout! Post coming soon about this. . . Janie Terrazas is such a beautiful, conscious, and powerful woman, that has a divine, intuitive voice within her that leads her in so many ways and keeps her on higher magical ground. From our conversations, this voice helps her see herself and all scenarios from a 360 perspective, which shapes her life for the better and by doing so (I can definitely attest to that) it allows her cup top overflow where she is then pour out her mind, body, spirit and love to everyone she meets personally and professionally. . . . . . . . . #sacralcircle #mindfulness #presence #resilience #selfdevelopment #burnyourboats #menswork #deepinnerwork #mankindproject #coach #soundhealing #trusting #givingglorytogod #surrendering #listening #inspiring #pulsecenters #pemf #cellularexercise #energizeyourlife #painrelief #pemftherapy #chiropractic #holistichealth #mitochondria #livewell #happyliving

38 1 Feb 18, 2018

Having #Faith And #Trust Is Not Religious. It is not even all that #spiritual. What it is however, believing in a higher #power of connectedness. I #surrendering to that which we have no control. And #breathing easily, knowing in our #hearts that we are #safe and #protected. #themodernhippiemama

30 1 Feb 18, 2018

Life throws a lot of curve balls. Sometimes #surrendering to what is, is the most #empowering thing we can do. I find a great deal of #peace in #acceptance, even when circumstances aren’t as I had wanted or hoped. Surrender doesn’t mean you give up it means you are willing to accept where you are right now as a starting point & then work from there to change or improve it. 🙏🏻💕 #femfenom #selfempowerment #selfworth #selflove #empowHer #beyourownhero #innerstrength #riseabove #lookwithin #accountability #vibratehigher #loa #acceptitasifyouhadchosenit #womensselfdefense #mma #kravmaga #bjj #boxing #kickboxing #femaleempowerment

31 0 Feb 18, 2018
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