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Day 12 of our Countdown To Christmas Giveaway with a special book The Wisdom of Sundays by oprah. This book is becoming a go to book when we feel we need to feel deeper. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we are.Here are some things to know to enter the Giveaway. ▪️You need to like the post and the account. ▪️Comment and tag a friend up to 5 friends, that will give you an extra entry. ▪️For an extra entry repost this picture on your account (tag us) and add the hashtag #countdowntochristmas Rules------------------------------------- ▪️Only US accounts can participate. ▪️Using to choose winner ▪️No giveaway accounts can participate ▪️Winner will be chosen daily from December 1st-24th.

27 4 Dec 13, 2017

God calls us to be in our families and in our neighborhoods so we can pray on their behalf #SundayWisdom #Multiply

23 1 Dec 12, 2017

Sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do ✂️ ✌🏽 #selfcare #selflove #selfrespect #mindfulness #truth #quotes #sundaywisdom #selfcompassion #letgo #unfollow #unfollowinreallife #cutout

5 0 Dec 11, 2017

Amen snoopdogg 🙌💃

98 5 Dec 11, 2017

#Sundaywisdom #food4thought 😌✨

5 0 Dec 11, 2017

For all the dream chasers, keep on grinding but prioritize having fun or you will burn out. Make sure to spend some time with friends and family 😉 . Tag someone that needs to see this 😬

114 2 Dec 11, 2017

if I am the longest relationship of my life isn't it time to nurture intimacy and love with the person i lie in bed with each night - acceptance by rupi kaur There was a point in my early 20s when I was so sure of who I was. Sort of like, ah! THIS is me. An innocent thought. I have learnt that it's more like a journey. Wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming, over and over again. There is no other constant in life besides yourself. Build the most important relationship you will ever have with yourself and learn to trust your wings. #sundaywisdom #sundayfunday #yoga #yogi #meditation #yogaprops #propyourpractice #openyourheart

33 4 Dec 11, 2017

First off R.I.P to my nigguh #pac I wish you were still alive brotha! I feel like you would've made a bigger impact then what you already have made in the other life. But yeah around people you have to listen carefully and observe what they have to say.. surely with time. You'll realize their true intentions and from there you can decide to fully open up to them or just stay back! #SundayWisdom #lvft #yoga

36 0 Dec 11, 2017

There is something so calming about walking down the street the morning after a snowfall. In my often racing mind full of questions, fears, ideas, reflections, and to-do lists, I am for a few moments able to connect with the silence of beauty. I am able to absorb without judgement; appreciate without comparison; go without an agenda; love freely without the fear of not being loved back. • It is a time of rare and pure freedom. I cling to these moments for they give me space to just be here now, in a universe continuously expressing itself to me. • #soulstroll #morningwalks #sunday #peace #silence #beauty #sundaybest #justbe #presence #snowday #mindfulness #awareness #inspire #empower #gratitude #winter #brooklyn #abrelosojos #breatheitin #entrepreneur #speaker #writer #sundaywisdom #wisdom

100 2 Dec 11, 2017

“In Tea the host is simplicity and the guest elegance. If all is done in sincerity it is better than a thousand graces.”—Matsudaria Naritada (Tea Wisdom by Aaron Fisher) #sundayvibes #sundaywisdom #ilovetea #japaneaseteagarden #whpclassic

23 1 Dec 11, 2017

#Repost godlydating101 ・・・ Or how is your spiritual life? Please understand marriage is not the ultimate goal of life. Intimacy with Jesus is more important than anything we can gain in this world.

90 4 Dec 11, 2017

It’s been 10 months since I had a genuine unforced laugh. I actually laughed today, an unforced genuine laugh... and it felt so good to feel normal for a minute...which was quickly followed by absolute guilt. The grieving process is such a weird thing. Is it ok to laugh? Or should I be sad all the time? Do I tell people I am ok or tell them (as mama B would say) this is the pits? Either way today was the first time in 10 months I felt like the world around me wasn’t crumbling, it felt good if even for a moment. Or as dad once said... it’s just a bad moment, breathe. 💕 #lifeafterloss #phoenix #greiving #sundaywisdom #happiness #missingyou #fitnessjourney #isitoktolaugh #wisdom #fitnessafterloss #grief #terriblethanksforasking #griefsucks #isitoktocry #laughter #lossofalovedone #missyou

25 4 Dec 11, 2017
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