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Random #storytime images of a few things that showed that I had a skill that benefitted others, basically learning a market need existed. (How do you validate your ideas?) The first is a clipping from a newspaper--Vampire Weekend had been popular then. Also the others whether tutoring at a local college, creating marketing material as an intern at a French organization (college major), drafting reports for the Consulate, or writing essays for scholarships, definitely a connect-the-dots realization. Anyway, let's call this post #StorytimePost.

77 4 Sep 21, 2017

So the story behind this photo begins when i was 15 years old, i performed at the apollo theater twice. I won the first time, when i came back for second show i was sick, voice gone,the band they played the song in the lowest key for me. I got nervous and messed up on the words and i lost..(They booed a 15 year old fam lol ) Dougie Fresh was the host that night and he asked the crowd what happened ? They responded he messed up on the words. Now years after that i joined a group that very much looked up to New edition as a whole and individually. For what ever reason it didnt work out with my group.(Another Story) Forgot to mention at the first Apollo Show is when i met my group.. who wouldve known. Now being from Boston i NEVER got to meet these guys. Flash Forward now as im making my way to the stage at Bell Biv Devoes Album release party, i see Dougie who i ran into a month prior where i reminded him about that Apollo show. I told him i wrote 4 songs on Bell Biv Devoes' New Album which he did the intro for.. (God worked that situation) We posed for the picture which was taken by my friend Tia and mother to one of the guys from my old groups daughter. This moment and photo meant so much to me. #LordKnows #StoryTimePost #Finally #ImBetta #AlldatThere #DontGo #BellBivDevoe #DougieFresh #CyrusDeShield #HipHop #R&B #Boston #Southend #OrchardPark #Cathedral

137 26 Aug 5, 2017

#storytimepost #Qotd “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "Go-Go power rangers!" If you're like me, there is no way you didn't just sing that in your head. Something about it takes me right back to three o clock, those sweet afternoons. I wanted to be a ranger! Anybody else feel excited and grateful that the next generation gets to enjoy what we had growing up? Some special about being able to share those special memories and see new eyes light up with the same excitement we once did. While I didn't become a power ranger, it inspired me to start Martial Arts, which led into wrestling. Funny how life works out 😁 Keeping the flow 🌊 Tomorrow we’ll get into more 🤙🏾 🔗Follow @ howtonotsuck on #snapchat for story time #dailyguide #devo #motivation #inspiration #mindset #inspiration #sucklesssocial #htns #followme #illleadtheway #entrepreneur #powerrangers #keyoftheday🔑 #thinkbig #potd #belikewater #keeptheflow

26 1 Mar 24, 2017

So, I went to a candy store saw these and decided to buy them. A worker came up and asked if I needed help. I responded with, "No thank you, I'm going to buy these because I hate myself." He laughed at my response and questioned me. I answered, "I remember when these came out in theaters with the first Harry Potter movie. I had a box FULL of the bad jelly beans. I want to relive that!" He laughed harder and said, "Now, you can make new memories! These might have more good than bad." I retorted, "I can hope so. Otherwsie, I'm repeating my history." I left with both of us laughing 😂😅 #StoryTimePost

26 2 Feb 24, 2017

This is for everyone! It may be my favorite read aloud, given how the sounds of the words roll out into the world! The illustrations are beautiful, finely detailed stories, that enhance the enjoyment of this Christmas classic. . . . . #holidayhouse #storytimepost #readaloudeveryday #childrenslit #raiseareader #booknerd #booklover #trinascharthyman #dylanthomas

8 0 Dec 22, 2016

An old classic by a favorite author, Virginia Lee Burton. "When the Posse got back and found Stewy Stinker and his Bad Men playing with toys on the floor with the children they could hardly believe their eyes." Great holiday read with amazing black & white illustrations. Always great to visit with Calico and Stewy Stinker and his gang! #houghtonmifflinharcourt #childrenslit #readtothem #virginialeeburton #holidayreading #readaloudrevival #storytimepost #booknerd #readaloudeveryday

9 1 Dec 16, 2016

It is winter, and has been for a very long time. The Frost Giants have taken control of the land, through trickery, from the Gods of Asgard. It is Odd, this unlucky and different boy, who takes the lead and helps Thor, Odin, and Loki win back control, so the seasons can come again. This is my kind of great read aloud. A great story from Norse Mythology, rewritten by Neil Gaiman, and amazing illustrations by Chris Riddell, a very descriptive illustrator.

6 1 Dec 15, 2016

First story ! Would you do this?🤔 - #storytime #followforfollow #stories #storytimepost #storytimeaccount

12 1 Dec 11, 2016
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