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3"x5" painted wood #CreateAndInspire #SeeEye #CEye #SmallArt #WoodScraps

16 0 Mar 14, 2018

Steal from the rich:Give 2 the poor. 🎟🎭💀 #EYE2EYE Coming Soon. #Jiant #SEEEYE #EYE2EYE #FreeAgents #Hierarchy

51 2 Mar 13, 2018

King's Dead FreeMix On 🎟🎭💀 #EYE2EYE Coming Soon. #Jiant #SEEEYE #EYE2EYE #FreeAgents #Hierarchy

9 0 Mar 13, 2018

'lil' #Jiant. 🎟🎭💀 :i have this project strictly for #soundcloud that ill be releasing at anytime-so i made a new soundcloud page:link in bio- Follow:Repost My Single #FREEAGENTS From The #SEEEYE ep ft slime_time031 & official_syrandrews 💎 #EYE2EYE Coming Soon. #Jiant #SEEEYE #EYE2EYE #BR00KLYNUSA #FreeAgents #Hierarchy

34 0 Mar 13, 2018

#paintthepain Am Wochenende gab's ne Straßenaktion von #seeeye in Regensburg. 13.248 Kreidemännchen für alle geretteten Flüchtlinge der letzten 2 Jahre. 8000 rote Kreise für die Ertrunkenen. Das Sterben auf dem Mittelmeer is real, auch wenn wir es nicht sehen. Deshalb #engagier dich! Niemand verlässt seine Heimat freiwillig. Mehr unter: #boeckler #stipendium #bewirbdich

37 0 Mar 5, 2018

Dans ses yeux je vois tout l'amour du monde 😻😻😻🎀 #chat #cat #seeeye #cute #adorable

9 0 Mar 2, 2018

Unsere fertig designte #teambox! Jetzt gehts auf zum Druck dank #seeeye

17 4 Feb 24, 2018

Manche Menschen sehen überall smilies , oder Gesichter. Seit vielen Jahren sehe ich sehr oft Herzen. In Holz , Steinen, Wolken und was weiß ich noch wo. Aber DAS ist jetzt die Krönung .. ich sehe ein Herz im Brot 😳. Und das Herz hat auch noch Augen 😱.. ne Watt is dat schöön so bekloppte Ticks zu haben 🙃😋😏....... #herz #heart #ichseheherzen #herzenüberall #iseehearts #heartseverywhere #heartseeker #augen #eyes #augenimbrot #gesichter #face #seefaces #seeeye #graubrot #bread #heartinthebread #bekloppt #funny #ojeoje #pocket_heart #iseeheartseverywhere #schaer #glutefree #smilesmagazine #heartlicious

65 21 Feb 16, 2018

Auch Eingangstüren bekleben wir natürlich gerne! Hier ein Digitaldruck auf Folie inkl. Glanzlaminat für ein ansprechendes und langlebiges Design im Aussenbereich #Werbetechnik #seeeye #wirmontierenauchselbst #Klebenkönnenwir #euronics

5 0 Feb 8, 2018

1st of the month shit:Breakin' Bread.🍞 #Soulfood #FreeMix - - STREAM:DOWNLOAD #SEEEYE ON ALL PLATFORMS NOW 🌐 - #EYE2EYE Coming Soon.🎟🎭💀 'See You in 2020' #BrooklynUSA #SEEEYE #EYE2EYE #00718 #USA #Hierarchy

11 0 Feb 1, 2018

Pull up a chair.🍞 #Soulfood #FreeMix - STREAM:DOWNLOAD #SEEEYE ON ALL PLATFORMS NOW 🌐 - #EYE2EYE Coming Soon.🎟🎭💀 'See You in 2020' #BrooklynUSA #SEEEYE #EYE2EYE #00718 #USA #Hierarchy

50 4 Feb 1, 2018

The Brothers Steele bring the Real Steel!!! Seen.... #seei #seeEye #eyemojo #eyevibes #eighteenthstreetlounge #reggaewednesdays 18thstlounge seeilive dcreggae

106 3 Feb 1, 2018

Approximately 2 months & 1 day ago (Black Friday) i released a 4 track ep called #SEEEYE w/the cover art that you See representing the body of work designed by a man who goes by the name of #Or1el Ceballos. I linked w/ #Or1el in the city last year just days before the holidays where i was still trying to figure out how i was going to find the right expression to serve my message through the imagery specifically for this project #SEEEYE. It wasnt planned as to how i linked w/ Or1el on 14th st- but when i did, i instantly knew that i found what i was looking for-Or it found me. This man is a Living Legend and his perspective on Culture, Politics, Music- LIFE in general is something Special & Will Continue to be Significantly Impactful & Relevant to Our Culture, & To The Culture Of Our City, Coming From Our City- BR00KLYN, #NYSEE. - & Then Out To The World...Me being Me, i asked #Or1el if he could design my cover art as a last minute request, during the holidays & all. But still, he Blessed me w/the piece that you See today- despite the short notice & created something thatll forever be considered as a Special Gift to me - & i Truly just want to Thank You for that, Forever. If you from New York, Or Out here sight Seeing in #NYSEE & you run into this Man, Give yourself the time to SEE His Views & find your connection w/the Variety of his Masterpieces given on Display for the World to See. Because it will connect in Some Way. Its a Blessing to get to know you & i Myself look forward to watching you become what & who you Already Are.  I never really had a favorite Artist/Painter or someones work that i Genuinely Admired or was just Fascinated by-but before you even created #SEEEYE I became an instant Fan, Supporter, & A Student Of Your Work. My Home Will have a Number of your pieces Accompanying My Space, & i Will be Proud to say that i Witnessed your History Firsthand. Keep being a Voice through your Work & Speaking VOLUMES for the World to See & Teaching the next Ones coming up. The Next 1's Coming Up. Still, there's Only 1 #OR1EL. They'll See. Bless. 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 or1el

14 3 Jan 26, 2018

#tbt 2 months & 1 day ago, i released a 4 track ep called #SEEEYE Theintermission. This was my 7th project to date & the first one to hit all major platforms for Streaming:Download. This project represents the next step into where i plan on taking my craft & message, continuously developing into something worth Seeing. I want my music itself to be something Felt & Seen through listening & feeling my words- whether if its fundamentally serving you niggas bars or relaying particular messages for specific reasons from experience, bracing for moments of experience,  Or just simply challenging myself & the listeners. I dont consider myself a 'conscious rapper' but more so of a 'Subconscious' artist. Im here to fight fire w/fire. Im not perfect & dont really strive to become that. Because  its impossible. But to be flawed & to simply express yourself & to remain strong out here is what makes us all Perfect, in the most beautiful way. Im here to put on for my City & to #SEEEYE2EYE w/My City-My Generation- Myself. Ive felt like ive been on this mission since i was young & gone through so much that ive gone through, & still Do. The only time that i ever express myself is through this shit. Through my literature. My poems. My writing. I was born left handed, but was taught to use my right by my grandmother because of her religious beliefs. She taught me to Read & Write when i was living w/her in the Stuy when the system took me & my siblings & separated us throughout the city into individual family members Homes before returning back w/my mother & abruptly leaving the city that i love dearly. I didnt know my father until the age of 12 when me and this musclehead nigga iam__archer reunited back w/the OG in #SEEEYE (C.I.) ..Coney Island, Brooklyn is my Birthplace. fast forward 10 yrs later from 2007, i found myself back home from just being in & out of my city for months, sometimes yrs at a time, To Puncturing My Roots Deeper into My Stomping Grounds, Rightfully So. I never felt connected to anywhere else but My Home. My Mission has always been Home. And to #SEEEYE2EYE w/that Myself, has become Perfectly Possible, Enough. Do We #SEEEYE2EYE ? .. #BR00KLYNUSA 🎟🎭💀

18 5 Jan 26, 2018
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