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#Riecken Community Libraries are vibrant community centers, delivering more than just books and access to technology. Exciting programming is created and delivered to people of all ages, especially for children and youth. The libraries contribute to improving schooling performance, with 79% of its users being students. #LetKidsLearn To help and to learn more about our cause, visit us at


Guatemalan community members of #Riecken Community Libraries are preparing their new bilingual books! The youth have prepared the stories, researched with the elders of the community and now, they are being trained on illustration, and on drawing techniques. The result: the youth are encouraging others to prepare the illustration of potential books. #CommunityLibraries #LetKidsLearn #Libraries4Change To learn about our cause, visit us at


"Mãos, não!". Aprendi e recomendo já há duas décadas e meia aos meus formandos, clientes, pacientes, sobreviventes : "Mãos, não". Não importa o que - não se encosta no outro -seja cônjuge,amigo,filho,irmão - quando se está a brigar . As consequências são desastrosas." (Claudia Riecken)Analise maravilhosa e tão lúcida da Cláudia Riecken (vale a pena investir uns minutinhos e ler) desse programa que apesar de ser desnecessário na minha opinião (BBB), reflete cenas e neuroses da vida bem real! Cláudia, assino em gênero, número e grau! Continua em Repense, reformule, recicle e ressignifique!! Dra. Carla Feijoo #dracarlafeijoo #reflexoesnodiva #tcc #psicologia #psicoterapia #corpoemente #psicossomatica #pnl #autoamor #autoestima #neurolinguistica #resiliencia #psicoterapiacognitivocomportamental #inteligenciaemocional #saudemental #psicologizandocotidiano #ressignificando #sintoniaemocional #bioenergias #sincronicidade #saudemental


#Riecken Community Libraries trains marginally educated mothers of pre-schoolers from five different rural communities in Guatemala to promote pre-literacy skills and the value of good nutrition, giving children the chance of a better future. #LetKidsLearn #CommunityLibraries To help and learn about our cause visit us at

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