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Belief + Purpose + Passion = Women on 🔥 #purposedriven #momonamisson #fitover40 #healthcoach

0 0 Jan 17, 2018

Yesterday morning I could barely eat a meal before Day 1. Today I was all "... Get in my belly..."😆 I think Solomon's face accurately portrays how my buns are feeling! We are on to something GREAT!!!🍑

4 1 Jan 17, 2018

Or... Do booty work for an HOUR. OMW, autumncalabrese, I will thank you later. Right now, though... 😩 I shouted a lot of things at the screen. #PINEAPPLES Day 02/80

10 1 Jan 17, 2018

This is from Sunday. It was my cousin's surprise birthday dinner... Here's my dad and I headed into dinner. Man, is was sooo cold. 🔴 God First Family Second Career Third

1 1 Jan 17, 2018

There's so much stuff that competes for our attention on a daily basis. How should we deal with all of it? With intention. . . . #liveintentionally #calm #meditate #dailyritual #morningroutine #miraclemorning #quoteoftheday #wordsofwisdom #inspiredaction #focus #balance #selfcare #mindbodyspirit #wellness #wellbeing #stressmanagement #holistichealth #goalgetter #purposedriven #myrenewedlife

3 0 Jan 17, 2018

I posted this to my Twitter last night and I have to give a shoutout to fitgirlkelly for the retweet and allowing this post to reach so many more people and gain traction I appreciate you Kelly!🙏🙏🙏 - Tag a friend who needs this or who would agree 🙏 - Let’s talk about this topic...let’s look at someone with an Instagram account who is trying to make a difference and impact in this world. So let’s say this person has 100 followers, that’s so amazing! - Now, it’s so easy to compare the person with 100 followers to someone with 1,000 / 10,000 / 100,000 and deem the larger following a much more successful person. Most would default to say “Well...yeah.” - Mmmm I disagree. Just because you have more followers, being that I have 4729 the time this post goes up does that mean I’m not as successful as someone who has 47,290 followers? No... - Success is relative. Success to me is saving someone’s life from my content. Do you know what receiving a book of a dm like that feels like? It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Does the person with 47,290 followers receive more messages, has more engagement, sure, but they have their own success and they have created it for themselves and the people that follow them. I want them to succeed and utilize their following for good and I support them because they have a larger platform. But...I’m doing me. - I have my own path to carve. My own page to promote. My own content. My success is mine and everyone who goes through it with me. I value the shit out of all 4,729 of you. The fact you engage with my content means the world to me. That’s success to me. - Whether you have 100 or 100,000 followers, you’re creating your own success. Stop comparing numbers. Focus on your message. Period. - Pursue your Purpose. Enrico

57 19 Jan 17, 2018

Homework✔️ Dinner✔️ Helped a customer get started on their fitness journey.✔️ Now it’s time for a scary movie with Bub. (Why did they cancel school tomorrow?! 😩😂) I love the fact that I don’t have to stop my life to run my business! #familyandfinances

31 1 Jan 17, 2018

What goals will you accomplish in 2018? Share below!

6 2 Jan 17, 2018

Yay! It's 7 days left to our launch on Kickstarter!🙌🏼 . Running a Kickstarter Campaign is like participating in a marathon and I have only just begun. Praying for much needed strength and perseverance to run this race... and most of all, here's hoping that my little project here can help shed light and goodness into your souls. 💖 . . . Her Words, Her Guide is a self-coaching journal for women's self-discovery and growth. Coming to you soon on 23 January 2018 via Kickstarter! Have you signed up for your free sample yet? (Link in bio)👆 . Do your part to support women empowerment by tagging your girlfriend in this post or share it forward in your chats or shoutouts! Any support from you will be much appreciated 🙂 . . . #womenempowerment #proverbs31woman #beyoutiful #innerbeauty #vancouver #powerofwriting #learn #writersofinstagram #selfreflection #kickstartercampaign #purposedriven #kickstarter #personaldevelopment #mindfulness #meditation #selfdevelopment #mentalwellness #selfimprovement #learning #personalinsights #mentalwellbeing #vancouverite #vancouverig #personaldevelopment #journaling #selfhelp #mentalhealth #journal

9 5 Jan 17, 2018

Part of my Alpha workout tonight in kyler_eid ‘s class. I’m so excited to start my own Alpha class at Life Time Savage in February! #ltemployee #wearealpha #cleans #emoms #purposedriven #fitover40

3 0 Jan 17, 2018

It all started with a dream.... Clementine Sleepwear has become the brand that it is today all because of one women's dream. Jane had a dream of designing luxurious sleepwear for women that not only looked great but also made women feel beautiful and sexy. Time after time Jane watched women go through life, loosing a bit of themselves each day. They forgot how beautiful they were, they stopped seeing how sexy they were, they didn't notice the strength they had inside of themselves and this had to change. And so Jane set about brining her dream to life! Each piece that Jane designs is made with the vision of help ING the Clementine woman truly remember and feel that she is a GODDESS!! Which is why we want to see your inner goddess shine! We want you to share your beauty with us! We want to create a movement where women are embracing their femininity in all of its glory! Simply tag yourself or another goddess that you know in your Clementine Sleepwear with the hashtag #theclementineway along with a brief description of how you are channelling your inner goddess! It's time to rediscover you ladies! This is your time! #clementineway #timesarechanging #thetimeisnow #purposedriven #shinebrightlikeadiamond #goddess #createalifeyoulove #style #luxury #movement #thefutureisfemale #standup #fashion #beboldbebravebeyou #pjpassion

7 1 Jan 17, 2018

#workouttips - Bent Over Row (explanation)⬇️ 👉🏼set your feet about shoulder width apart giving yourself a good base. Lock your lower back in flat and brace/lock your core in. Pick up the weight raise it to a level where your back is still flat & mostly bent over. Pull your scaps back and drive your elbows up rowing the weight to your chest. While performing this- keep your back/core braced and locked in. The movement in your back as you pull the weight up should be minimal to none. The more you jerk the more you’re using momentum to help get the weight. Make sure each rep you achieve full range extending your arms out all the way and pulling the weight up driving your elbows to the point where they break the plain of your back or are even. . My goal is to make my page as beneficial and helpful as possible. I hope this was an efficient video😌💪🏼 . Use code | miranda | saves 10% on all tilyoucollapse orders💜 . Interested in ... Online coaching?! -Email📧 —> mirandadreamfit2💜 (or use the email button on my page) . Twitter🐤mirandacohenfit Snapchat👻mirandaacohen . #iam1stPhorm #1stPhorm #LegionofBoom #wintheday #bethe1 #100to0 #wedothework #duespaid #tilyoucollapse #fitnesscoach #purposedriven #backworkout #beobsessed #drivendaily #earnednotgiven #begreat #dreamfit #motivatedanddriven #gymgirlsdaily #inspireothers #motivateothers #bootywork #dailygrind #bentoverrow #successdriven #effortiseverything #phamily #passiondriven #workforit . 1stphorm andyfrisella theptboss mbslingshot tilyoucollapse

717 23 Jan 17, 2018


6 1 Jan 17, 2018

🙏🏾maaan the tears wouldn't stop flowing .. I love this amazingly strong young Queen sooooo much 🙏🏾 #RIParadise #Abu 💜♻ repost from abuunityfoundation . . From the heart of a 15 year young lady that simply longs for her fathers embrace, kiss on the forehead and words of reassurance that Everything is going to be alright ... To the ears of many who have the power to enact common sense gun laws, redirect budget funding towards more rehabilitative services and create equitable economic opportunities. A glimpse of her life was shared and received 💜 . . I'm so proud of my young #commUNITY warrior ✊🏾🙏🏾 . . The youth are always watching so give them something worth following #RakimFlow #followTheLeader #leadersOfTheNewSchool #GodLed #purposeDriven #ActivatedActivism #abuUnityFoundation #VirginiaActionNetwork #CEARCVA

25 6 Jan 17, 2018
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