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Colin Kaepernick was the runner up to Time Magazine's Person Of The Year. The Jupiter transit he is having to his Sun-Pluto conjunction also indicates him being presented The Muhammad Ali Legacy Award last night at The Sports Illustrated Awards. I know he wants to work, but the impact of him standing his ground in my eyes has been well worth it. #integrity #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #colinkaepernick #timepersonoftheyear #REPOST Will Kaepernick Be Time Magazine Person Of The Year? Hmm, well with transiting Jupiter on his Sun-Pluto looks promising...but I don't have his birth time so I can't say for sure. Now, if Kim wins, all the Astrologers throughout the world will be able to rectify his birth chart and get an accurate time of birth for him....then we can really see what's going on. Some cultures keep that information top secret so folks like me can't be in their mix. If he will be figured out. (Yes, I purposely didn't look at Trump's chance...I'm sick of him). #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #timespersonoftheyear

12 1 Dec 14, 2017

CBS has chosen Jordan Peele to be executive producer of a reboot of The Twilight Zone. Not only that, the screenplay for Get Out, may be a contender for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.  Post written March 10, 2017: Jordan Peele Scares America Jordan Peele's directorial debut for his new hit movie, Get Out, has made 18 times more than it took to make just after its opening. The movie is about a Black guy visiting the family of his White girlfriend and he has to, "get out". His natal chart is telling the story of his success, right now transiting Pluto is conjunct his natal Venus, square his natal Pluto, and transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Pluto. A lot of Plutonic energy here, on his Venus (money) and square his natal Pluto (transformation), and Jupiter making that bigger....transforming his money hugely through career. Peele is well on his way to be a big player in Hollywood. Interestingly, transiting Saturn is conjunct his natal Neptune (rules movies, Hollywood) that's not generally a nice transit but, I don't have his birth time so that could have something to do with his personal life. #RealAstrologyWayne #jordanpeele #getout

15 1 Dec 14, 2017

Repost 2015 Astrology And The Bible This is a subject that I purposely steer clear of...most of the time. A recent conversation with an acquaintance about what I do and how he feels about it (which I did not ask and didn't give a f*ck), but I listened. I have clients from all backgrounds...Christians, Muslims, Jews etc. And many of them are aware of the verses in the Bible that appear to condemn astrology like, Deuteronomy 17:3 "...hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the Sun, or the Moon, or any if the host of heaven, which I have not commanded." This one gets used quite frequently and it puzzles me. Astrologers do not "worship" the Sun or the Moon or the heavens any more than a hair dresser worships a curling iron or a busdriver worships a bus keys, or a teacher worships a get my point. The reason I stay out of these conversations is not because I can't defend myself in what I do, but because it is pointless. Most people that feel this way will feel that way even after a conversation and I am fine with that. It is mainly the disrespect that can come with those conversations that I won't tolerate, and then we might have a real problem. I could go on about this but I won't. Please understand that anything written by a man has a gray area and will be interpreted differently by different people. - #RealAstrologyWayne #theholybible #astrology #bible

27 5 Dec 13, 2017
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