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Madonna Doesn't Hide It's been my experience that many famous people do not like it revealed that they are open to having Tarot or Astrology readings. That's fine. Madonna has always been vocal about her knowledge and use of Astrology because she knows it works. In her natal chart, she was born with Sun in LEO♌ and AQUARIUS♒ Ascendant. This means the ruler of her chart is Uranus and in her chart she was born with Uranus is in LEO♌. LEO♌ rules fame, Uranus rules shocking/rebellious/unique, so it is no question that she is famous for her rebellious attitude against what's normal, shocking performances, publishing sex books, kissing fellow pop stars, and her unique high fashion choices. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she is so vocal with her Astrology....she's very vocal about everything else. Other celebrities and non celebrities alike would die if people knew about them seeking answers through the occult..... and its all because they are afraid of what other people will think. Be like her and f*ck folks judgmental opinions. Life's too short. #RealAstrologyWayne # #astrology #madonna #PsychicWayne1 #astrology #zodiacsigns

35 2 Mar 17, 2018

New Year Of The Zodiac The Sun will exit PISCES♓ and enter the first sign of the Zodiac, ARIES♈ on March 20th at 12 15 pm EST. The Ram symbolizes birth and new beginnings as this is the Spring Equinox and the first day of Spring. ARIES♈ is ruled by Mars...which is where the month of March gets it's name. #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #aries♈ #springequinox #PsychicWayne1 #astrology #zodiacsigns

57 2 Mar 16, 2018

Go Get 'Em Serena Serena Williams has started her mission to make a comeback in tennis after giving birth to her daughter. Well, her current transits are just ok, not brilliant. When I look for athletic performance I look at Mars which currently is in a weak trine to her natal Mars. Other than that, there aren't any big impressive transits. I think this effort shows how much of a warrior spirit she has, her natal Mars is in LEO♌. That placement indicates she hates to lose and will fight until the end. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Beyonce' were also born with Mars in LEO♌. Williams comeback isn't impossible, but looking at the star alignment it will be anything but easy. #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #tennis #serenawilliams #PsychicWayne1 #astrology #zodiacsigns

38 0 Mar 15, 2018
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