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Sunny: So I guess it’s my turn to ask you what you’re working on? Monroe: I’m a Music Producer so I’m working on some tracks for Destiny. Do you know Destiny? She use to be a background singer for Ledisi but my brother just signed her for her first solo album. Sunny: ( thinking) Oh yeah, beautiful voice and isn’t she married to Houston, he’s a local DJ I believe or something. Monroe(laughing) Yeah that’s our cousin and he’s actually quite famous as a DJ. Sunny: Oh sorry! Monroe: It’s cool he’s a bit conceited so it’s funny that you just referred to him as a local DJ. ( Honor-they’ve been here for over 2 hours and haven’t ordered anything else to eat, I better get a huge tip for them taking up my only table for so long). Monroe: ( getting up to leave) I need to head back to the studio but I really enjoyed our morning together. Sunny: ( quietly) Me too! I’ll be calling you about that tour and maybe we can have dinner afterwards? Monroe: ( smiling) Yeah, I like that! So I’ll talk to you later ( as he slides a handful of twenties to Honor). Sunny: Yes! ( As Sunny gathers up her stuff to go she thinks about her New Year Confessional and how she wanted a bit of romance in her life ( smiling). Oh don’t think she was naive enough to think this was a random meeting. This whole setup smells exactly like her sister Dream but that’s okay she’s not the only one an expert in meddling. It’s time she has a chat with Kingston and she if he still needs her help. Looks like romance is coming for both of them this year).

9 1 Jan 18, 2018

the girl of your dreams ✨ #poppyparker

3 0 Jan 18, 2018

My talented friend spearger tagged me to show my favorite dolls! This was definitely hard, I truly love every single one of them, but I I guess this ones are a bit special🤫, just because most of them I customized them myself☺️ show us your favorite dolls! I tag The awesome and funny eric_joseph79 the super talented cutieerica the sweet goldenmirageprince #dollcollector #dudewithdolls #fashionroyalty #poppyparker #homme #ooakdoll #disney #disneyboy #geek #gamer #gayboy #gaylife #hotguys #prettyboy #malemodel #silverhair #gaybear #instaboy #guyswithbeards #guyswithpiercings #fashionphotography #fashionphotographer

50 11 Jan 18, 2018
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