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Patti and I have had a lot of giggles together over the last couple of years, partly because every time I ask her to lay on her back she asks me which direction she should be facing. The ceiling Patti, the ceiling. Point and case, here she is on shoulder bridge. Cheers my friend. .... #marchmatness #marchmatness2017 #pilates #shoulderbridge #pilatesforrealpeople #matwork #fitness #moveme #pilateseverydamnday #michiganpilates


"The emotional pertinence of the set is truly exceptional." I wrote about how spectacular both Patti and Massive Attack were on Friday at #bsthydepark #massiveattack #pattismith #tricky #horaceandy #eurochild #wereinthistogether #livemusicreview #gigslutz #youngfathers


Shared From instagram2,600. That’s the number of unique cookie cutters that Patti Paige ( bakedideas) has shaped. It started when she couldn’t find the right acorn-shaped cutter for a customer’s request. Armed with icing in every color of the rainbow, Patti challenges herself to take an existing shape and transform it into something unexpected; an ice-cream cone metamorphoses into a caterpillar, or a baseball hat becomes a chair. “I like to make an outline of a cutter on a piece of paper and turn it this way and that until I start to see things differently,” says Patti, who is based in New York City. “A cookie cutter is just an outline that can suggest many different images if you focus on it and let your mind wander.” The festive parade of emojis and characters filling her photos may look perfect, but on closer inspection, each one is unique. “My goal is to make sure you can see the texture and imperfections in the icing and feel that the cookies are handmade,” she says. For #NationalCookieDay, Patti plans to get into the holiday spirit by filling her kitchen with the warm scent of gingerbread — and some surprising twists on familiar shapes.Photo by bakedideas


Iris for Patti


Cobra Lily thank you Patti


Patti Smith, fucking hero.


Tonight21:30Hangover Radio #SportivaMente In questa puntata Analisi sulla sfida tra orlandinabasket e #juvecaserta e Considerazioni sulla legabasketaAnalisi sulla sfida tra Sport é Cultura Patti - Cuore Napoli Basket e considerazioni sul Campionato di serie B e A2Commenti e riflessioni sul campionato NBAConducono in studio Marco e Oscar #StayTuned #radio #sport #basket #basketball #talkingaboutbasketball #webradio #patti #capodorlando #


Two fresh Patti Slim Purses soaking up some rays


A rock icon, Patti Smith at Liseberg 2014.


Non si fanno patti tra leoni e uomini...


Patti. Otherwordly powerhouse, with the highlights before you even. #leagueofextraordinary #thebluebells #1968


Shag Haircut + Balayage By Colour Specialist Patti! #longshaghaircut #modernshag #colourstudiosalonkc


Patti Hansen, killing it, in a white shirt. #hot #naturalbeauty #whiteshirtchic #love

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