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Desayunar ligero no es una opción cuando, conduciendo por una de las carreteras de #Missouri, te topas con un sitio tan auténtico como este. Sí, en los alrededores del lago Ozark hay mucho que ver, pero también hay mucho qué comer. • #ozarks #funlakemo #missouri #visitmoldova

11 1 Sep 20, 2017

Had to stop off for a visit while traveling through Uranus, Missouri...and the... Fudge Factory... lol..... I know, I'm like ten. #instagram #funny #Missouri #uranus #ozarks #traveling #route66 #i44 #humor #roadsideattraction #vacation #uranusmo

4 0 Sep 20, 2017

Kayaked 14 miles over the weekend down the Big Niangua River in the Ozarks. I got to represent Alpine Shop in the Kayaking Fun Run event. It was a beautiful day and a great way to spend your weekend!! #kayaking #ozarks #hahatonka #AlpineShop #goboating

5 1 Sep 20, 2017

Taking a min to shoutout how amazing this sweet tea salad was from the University of the Ozarks!!! Gosh how I wish I had lived close enough to addend this amazing school!! #university #ozarks #college #salad #salads #wishes #shoutout #branson #food #foodie

14 1 Sep 20, 2017

Talk about the perfect personality pic! 😉🌼📷 • • • • • • #flowers #photography #photoshoot #springfieldmo #ozarks #417 #missouristate #photooftheday #portraitphotography #springfieldmophotographer #cannon #cannonrebel

62 4 Sep 20, 2017

There's always money in the banana stand in the #ozarks #jasonbateman #drawing #pencil

2 0 Sep 20, 2017

(3/3) Another pair, also a father and son, came to see the Haflingers. I led them to the pasture and realized I’d left my sweet feed, used to lure the horses, in a pickup parked a few minutes away. When I got back the men had already caught up Gretel and were nearly singing with excitement. The father was an old mule-skinner who grew up skidding logs in the woods a few miles away. To find such a team, so beautiful, so perfectly matched, and already broke is a blessing from God, he declared, and looked up at the sky. Now that he’s retired, he’s looking for something to mess with, hitch to a wagon and skid rocks. The old teamster ran a loving hand over Gretel. These mares would be his babies, he said. If there were a really heavy rock, he continued, he would get the tractor, he’d not ask them to pull it. // I’ll buy them back if you need, I told him, five years, ten years—if one’s old and it comes to it, don’t sell her to slaughter, please promise you’ll put a bullet in her head. // I know what you’re saying, he answered, but it won’t happen. // To the evangelists, then. // You have to believe. I’d never sold horses before. Decision, decision! I don’t want them to be employees. Or forgotten pets. I grew up around horse people of all kinds, and I love their peculiarity and color and imagination. I love the way they talk. But there’s only a few I’d want to sell a horse to. // The men returned with a trailer and loaded the horses, and I stood alone in the pasture.

22 3 Sep 20, 2017

(2/3) But a person looking for a pet can be a disastrous owner. You sour on an animal you can’t handle. The mares hadn’t been harnessed in a couple of years, and they were salty. Over the phone, Dad said he wanted the horses to go to a good teamster, but I wasn’t listening to him as much anymore. // Several people answered my Craigslist ad, bewitched by Heidi and Gretel’s fairytale looks. Heidi wasn’t broke to saddle, and a buyer who couldn’t drive a team might sell her, separating the sisters. // A father and son from Oklahoma said they had 36 years of experience with teams, but when I led them to our remote pasture, 8 miles of dirt roads, they were already nervous at the gate. Boy, you weren’t kidding when you said you were out there, they called from the cab. Even so, I thought this was it. Gretel came to my calls and I held her neck and kissed her and thanked her. But the younger man got tangled in her lead rope and halter when he tried to catch her up. I’d be jumpy around big strange horses, too, but I was selling, not buying. // His father hung back. It’s wild out here, he said. He was looking to pull a buggy in a parade with 40,000 people around and fireworks going off. He was afraid country horses would shy in such a situation. Likely they would. Most horses would.

19 2 Sep 20, 2017

Wyoming has me thinking about the horses again. For my new friends, and old, here is the last picture of the last horse…. (1/3) I could’ve taken the two Haflinger mares to the auction in Diamond, Missouri, where the Amish would probably buy them, or help me to show them in the ring. They had helped before, even though we’re English, as they’d say—once, when my dad broke a leg and couldn’t show a draft mare himself, an Amish man nodded to his son and the boy throw a harness on the mare and drove her through. // I liked the idea of this adventure, but then I wasn’t sure I wanted Heidi and Gretel to go to the Amish, who use draft horses in place of motor vehicles on their farms. The Amish know how to take care of horses, and horses, like us, take pride in a certain amount of labor. But I couldn’t have Heidi and Gretel harnessed to a Protestant work ethic. We all have to earn our keep, but we our own purposes, too. And what is my purpose? And what is a horse’s purpose?

17 6 Sep 20, 2017
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