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Iran-Azerbaijan border at Nakhchivan نخجوان , from the side of Iranian Azarbayjan آذربایجان looking to Azerbaijan across the Aras River (if you look closely you can see the border fence). The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is an interesting 5500 sqkm landlocked exclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan basically surrounded by aggressive Armenian borders on all sides facing its motherland (Azerbaijan) and Iran to the south. The region continues to suffer from the effects and fallout of the 6-yr long Nagorno-Karabakh ethnic conflict ending 1994 between Armenia and Azerbaijan, both former Soviet Republics. Further complicated by ethnic differences between the predominantly Christian Armenians and minority Muslim Azerbaijanis, it has also resulted in claims of ethnic cleansing by both sides. Today, Nakhchivan is internationally recognized as a constituent part of Azerbaijan, but the area is still heavily contested with the worst clashes since the 1994 ceasefire just recently in April 2016. Security along the border is pretty tense. #Azərbaycan #Naxçıvan #Азербайджан #Нахчыван #آذربایجان #نخجوان #ايران #nakhchivan #azerbaijan #armenia #nagornokarabakh #conflictzones #borderzones #iran #azarbayjan #travel #instatravel


Нахичевань - удивительный, колоритный и чрезвычайно гостеприимный город в горах с многовековой и, местами, кровавой историей, столица Нахичеванской Автономной республики. А здесь на одном фото можете видеть границы сразу трех государств - Армении, Турции и Ирана / Nakhchivan is the capital of Azeri exclave and a fascinating mountain city bordering simultaneously on Armenia, Turkey and Iran.

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