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Petak je! Ko želi sa nama da pobegne iz grada, barem na kratko? 🤔🏞 #Fruškagora #priroda #hiking #mojasrbija #myserbia

294 0 Aug 18, 2017

Looks like yesterday was #nationalblackcatday and I couldn't not share about my beloved NINJA 🖤 I received news that he was attacked and didn't make it yesterday, so my heart feels heavy but alas, our time together was quite incredible and this lucky kitten truly had the best last days.. he partied with my squad and joined us for a day at a resort! What a life 😇 • A bit of back story...This sweet baby was crying for help, so n.vujadin and I picked him up and fed him some meat, just like a real Serbian kitten would like! (I tried bread first but Ninja chose to go primal with the protein lol) • Even though most of my friends don't care much for cats, this little dude grew on us quickly! It broke my heart to have only found each other two days before I was leaving (just like when I met one of my closest friends two days before leaving the first time I visited! 🌀) If you look closely, you'll see his eyes even resemble my own! Instant soul connection 😻💚 • Here's to all the black cats out there ~ an ode to these witchy little devils that actually aren't so bad after all. I think cats are great because they're independent 🖤 don't give AF 🖤 and sometimes like Ninja, have incredible tiger stripes which is hella awesome 🐯 • Volim te lil Neeeenja - thank you for being my therapy animal when I needed it most! My heart was overjoyed to be able to cuddle and play with you before leaving. It made those moments magical and much less painful (because who ever really enjoys the last day of a vacation?!) 😎✨

95 6 Aug 18, 2017
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