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"I used to envy my best friend because I wanted to be just like her. As I grew older, my perspectives changed. I began to respect and admire her for being such a warm person. For being someone with a heart of gold, always finding joy in helping people. She’s taught me the values of kindness and empathy. We’ve been friends for about 18 years now, and all these years of friendship has helped me grow and become a better person. Friendship can be simple and 'boring'. We don’t have to make it look fancy by posting photos on Instagram with “ #friendshipgoals”. It can be equally meaningful to not say a word to each other, yet understand what the other person is thinking. As said in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, intimate relationships and friendships are important psychological needs. To me, friendship is an important part of my life because it helps me feel a little less alone in this world." - Charis #millennialsofsingapore #millennials #singapore #yoursingapore #igsg #sgig #instasg #qotd #youth #singaporean #millennialsofsg #sg #inspiration

75 5 Feb 9, 2018

"My life became really interesting after I turned 17. That was four years ago, and a lot happened at the time. That was when my passion for food and boxing came together. After my parents separated, I started living with my dad. I depended a lot on him for money because of our living arrangement. As I grew older, I wanted to ease his financial burden, so I decided to get a job once I was done with secondary school. To earn some money, I worked with my mom at the SMRT canteen in Woodlands. She was a cook there, and working with her sparked my passion for cooking. I told her I wanted to be a chef, and after giving it some thought, I enrolled at Shatec. I was still working with her when I was training to be a chef. I’d wake up at 3am, reach the SMRT canteen at 4, cook breakfast for the staff and then rush off to school at 6.30am. School was from 8 to 6.30, and once I was done, I’d return to the canteen to help her again. That was my daily cycle until I stopped working with her to focus on my internship at Shatec. It was around the same time I picked up boxing. It was mostly an outlet to release stress. There’s always heat and anger in the kitchen, and boxing was a good outlet when I felt like punching someone on certain days. I also wanted to lose weight and stay healthy. You work at least 12 hours in the kitchen, and boxing gave me the energy and stamina I needed. The more I trained, the more boxing became a passion, and soon after I was preparing for my very first fight. It was back to my balancing act. I still had six months of school left after my internship ended, and this time I was helping my mom at her new café in Ang Mo Kio. I’d wake up at 3am everyday to cook and help out from 4 to 7. Before school started at 8, I’d go for a 5km run. I’d run another 5km during lunch and again after school ended. I’d then go for boxing training in the evenings and ended my day with one final run...

36 3 Feb 6, 2018

"If I could change one thing about myself, I would choose not to be an introvert. I've always been known as the 'quiet kid' in class, and I wished I could be a little more outspoken sometimes. When I’m with a group of people, I’m usually (if not always) that person sitting in the corner quietly, using his phone or just observing. It's not that I have nothing to say. I just tend to have a conflict of thoughts in my head. I'd question if my input would have any relevance in the conversation, or whether it'd just be brushed aside. But being a 'quiet kid' isn't always that bad. I enjoy spending time alone and doing things that I like, for myself. For example, people will look at me weird when I tell them that I go for movies alone sometimes, or choose to stay within the confines of my own room instead of going out. But these are things that make me who I am, and I’ve begun to realise that they may never change." - Shaanan #millennialsofsingapore #millennials #singapore #yoursingapore #igsg #sgig #instasg #qotd #youth #singaporean #millennialsofsg #sg #inspiration

88 1 Feb 6, 2018

" I still remember the shine of my late grandmother’s pearl white hair. She was a fantastic mum to six kids. Back then, education for girls wasn't highly-valued. And in a time where it'd cost a lot to ensure the education of her kids, she made sure to give all her children the best education she could despite financial struggles. In the later part of her life, she suffered from multiple strokes and had a few major surgeries. But throughout it all, she has always been there for every one of her children and grandchildren. Her compassion and adventurous spirit left a mark on us all. I remember times where she would even take rollercoaster rides with us! I still think about her every day, even through the tough times in my life. When I am faced with difficult situations, the lessons she's taught me guide me till this very day. I am who I am today because of her and I wish she was still here with us." - Yong #millennialsofsingapore #millennials #singapore #yoursingapore #igsg #sgig #instasg #qotd #youth #singaporean #millennialsofsg #sg #inspiration

48 0 Jan 31, 2018

"The words "libertas" and “pax” came to me on my first night in Oklahoma City. “Libertas" means liberty in Latin. It reflects how I felt about travelling alone for the first time. I had paid for the air tickets myself, made all necessary reservations myself, and transited in three foreign airports myself. It was the first time I felt so free, and coincidentally, in the Land of the Free. I’ve had to give up on things I really wanted as I saved up for this trip to complete my uni modules. So, I sought to find inner peace on that trip. That inspired "pax", which is Latin for peace. One night there, I just decided to get these two words inked. I texted my mum on the way to the tattooist. She was livid, I was apologetic. But at the same time, I felt that I would miss out on an experience if I didn't do it. These tattoos are a souvenir that I got for myself as a reminder to live free and be at peace with myself and what I have." - Victoria #millennialsofsingapore #millennials #singapore #yoursingapore #igsg #sgig #instasg #qotd #youth #singaporean #millennialsofsg #sg #inspiration

72 1 Jan 29, 2018

"Sometimes, I ask myself if I made the right choice. Going in to college, my parents wanted me to pursue a major in management, finance, or accounting. Something more conventional. They wanted me to graduate with a ‘good’ degree and get a stable job. Despite their disapproval, I persisted and took up a major in filmmaking. I found this interest by chance when I was a teenager. Back then, I rode the BMX bicycle with my friends a lot and would always document our tricks and stunts on video. When I told my parents about my wish to pursue filmmaking, they couldn’t understand how that could even be a career, and they weren’t very supportive. Because none of our family or their friends had any knowledge or any association with the arts at all. I worked hard to prove myself and to my parents that filmmaking is an equally viable career, and still am doing so. Even though it's tiring and frustrating, I enjoy the journey. For at the end of the day, I'm doing it for me." - Simon #millennialsofsingapore #millennials #singapore #yoursingapore #igsg #sgig #instasg #qotd #youth #singaporean #millennialsofsg #sg #inspiration

78 2 Jan 26, 2018

Question: Any advice for others with big ambitions of saving the environment or impacting society in some positive way? Shi Han: When you want to do something, you have to act on it. You can’t criticise the world and then just wait for change to happen. Even if you think you might fail, you have to try. Only then will you have a chance at success. Jie Hui: Just go out there and do it, but disabuse yourself of any notion that you’re a saviour of the world you are not the messiah. Understand your insignificance and then understand that your actions might impact someone, and that’s probably good enough. Hui Shan: If you’re going to have this grand idea of changing the system – especially if you’re a young person – the idealism will eat you up over time, and you will lose motivation. It’s important to stay grounded. __________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

37 2 Jan 20, 2018

Question: Jie Hui, you work as a sustainability advisor at Forum for the Future. What does your job entail, and how has it shaped your thoughts about the work you do with Save That Pen? Jie Hui: I approach companies like Pilot and make them believe that it’s in their best interest to design something recyclable. My challenge, however, lies in how sustainability is so out of reach, even for something as simple as a pen. It just shows how broken the system is. What I have learnt is the value of ground work. If you’re stuck in your ivory tower talking about strategy all day long but don’t understand the pains and importance of executing a plan at ground level, forget about making change. You do become disillusioned and depressed along the way, but I’m still committed to the challenge. I can only hope that out of the 500 youths I’ve spoken to about Save That Pen, at least five people listened and plan to make the environment their cause when they’re older. __________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

33 0 Jan 19, 2018

Question: Tell us more about how Save That Pen gives back to underprivileged students. Hui Shan: Locally, we’ve been working with NTUC Fairprice. They run this programme where they collect old school textbooks and redistribute them to low-income families. For the past two years, we’ve been giving out refurbished pens through this avenue. Shi Han: We also tag onto groups that are going overseas for educational projects. For example, if a group has plans of visiting a Third World country to help build a school library, we’ll give them our pens and have them distribute the pens to the underprivileged students. __________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

41 0 Jan 18, 2018

Inspired by Beauty & the Beast 👑💛

42 4 Jan 17, 2018

Question: What prompted your decision to launch a starter kit? Hui Shan: When we started working with corporates after graduating, we realised that they only wanted bins for their used pens, and then have us clear their bins for them on a regular basis. Collecting as many pens as possible is not the sole intention of the project. Jie Hui: We wanted more groups to be self-organising. You learn more when you’re involved in every stage of the project, and that’s why we developed the starter kit for students. They can download the kit and find out how to launch the project at their own schools. Hui Shan: It made more sense to target schools. Corporates look at us as a waste management company, but students can take ownership of the project and operationalise it. They can start it, run it, do the publicity around it, design the bin and customise it to their own culture. __________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

38 1 Jan 17, 2018

The Little Mermaid - Princess Ariel inspired

28 5 Jan 16, 2018

Question: When you launched Save That Pen back in 2010, you planted recycling bins at nus_singapore to collect used pens. What was the reception like? Shi Han: In the beginning, we worked with the Office of Environmental Sustainability at NUS. They helped us get permission to place the bins around campus. Back then, they also sent out weekly email blasts to the entire school, and that helped in publicising the bins. Hui Shan: I think the reaction we got was quite mixed. A lot of students were filling up the bins, but NUS being an academic and intellectual space, people were also questioning why we wasted our time on pens. Some of them expressed how pens are so unimportant. Jie Hui: There was this misconception that the project was just about collecting used stuff. A lot of education was involved, and we had to explain that it’s a lot more than that it’s a commentary on how we live our lives in this consumable world. __________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

44 2 Jan 16, 2018

Question: How did the idea to start Save That Pen come about? Hui Shan: It all started at NUS where Jie Hui, Yiteng and I were part of the scholars programme. One day, Jie Hui brought up the idea of raising funds for refills because there was so much pen waste, something which we all related to as students. Jie Hui: We continued discussing the matter and realised that the problem wasn’t just about the refills perse but, the entire mindset behind our disposable culture. We buy pens and we throw them away we are not conscious about environmental sustainability at all. Hui Shan: We slowly unpacked the idea and eventually kickstarted the project with a vision and mission in mind. In May 2009, Shi Han responded to our recruitment call and joined us as part of the core team. _____________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

38 3 Jan 15, 2018

Question: Can you explain how Save That Pen as an initiative actually saves a pen? Jie Hui: It’s pretty straightforward, conceptually. We collect unwanted pens that people dump into our recycling bins, and we sort them out into two main categories: pens that can be reused, and pens that inevitably become trash. Hui Shan: Pens that can be reused are essentially pens that can be refilled. We work with generous brands like Zebra, Pilot and Uni-ball who sponsor us with refills, and together with our volunteers, we refurbish these pens. ___________________________________ For the full interview with the founders of Save That Pen: #Environment #Environmentalist #Activist #Activism #Volunteer #Volunteering #CarbonFootprint #WasteFree #Waste #Recycle #Recycler #SaveTheEnvironment #SaveTheWorld #EnvironmentallyFriendly #Passion #SGIG #SGInstagram #InstaSG #Millennial #MillennialsOfSingapore #GenY #GenerationY #SaveThatPen

40 2 Jan 14, 2018

Inspired by the colors of Disney Frozen

40 4 Jan 3, 2018

Merry Christmas!

32 2 Dec 25, 2017
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