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Shoutout to Batman for reminding me to give myself the Phuel I need to get through the rest of the chaotic afternoon 😂 . . For me, 1stphorm T-21 and the Micro Factor pack is my routine afternoon pick-me-up. All about maximizing that metabolism, which leads to the energy kick that I need to get through the rest of the day 💪💪 . . #IAm1stPhorm #NeverSettle #LegionOfBOOM #1stPhorm #T21 #MicroFactor #Phuel #MyTransPHORMation #100to0 #WeDoTheWork #Phamily #NoExcuses #TooStrong #StoneCutter #5amcrew #RiseandGrind #mytranphormationstartstoday

25 2 Feb 21, 2018

I feel a cold coming on, so the first thing I do is be proactive about the PH level in my blood. . An imbalance of acidity (lower ph) and alkalinity (higher ph) allows for unhealthy bacteria to flourish, damage tissue and compromise our immune system this resulting is colds and flus. . Proper PH levels in our blood are actually critical to our health. A balanced PH will protect our body from the inside out. . There are a lot of things in our daily routine that change the PH levels. Things like some make-up, low fiber diets, artificial sweeteners, stress, and much more! . Fruits and veggies contain potassium - which is a natural buffer to acidity. Fruits and veggies also promote an alkaline PH! Makes it pretty important to eat a lot of them in as big variety as possible! . Since our western diets often do not contain near enough fresh fruits and veggies, I use ACV, opti-greens, a full spectrum multi daily to help keep my body balanced and immune system strong! I also lots of fresh produce! I also work to flush out the bacteria with extra water! . Thus far this winter, I’ve only flirted with a cold twice and it hasn’t ever produced anything. So I’ll be keep it up! Everyday! . Balancing a PH isn’t complicated, and it is important. If you have questions about that, please feel free to reach out! I can be reached directly at fitliz1611 . #health #wellness #optigreens50 #microfactor #greens30

28 6 Feb 21, 2018

Preparation is key! . Spent last night packing as I leave tonight to head to Colorado to snowboard for 4 days. . I am going to enjoy my time and not stress over meals to the point I don’t enjoy the trip and the friends I am with. That’s doesn’t mean I’m going to binge eat, I will still be cognizant if what I am putting in my body. Definitely a couple of alcoholic drinks will be included in that consumption 🥃🍻 . But I can be prepared and make sure I’m staying as healthy as possible and getting the micronutrients my body needs. I started taking these three products months ago and haven’t stopped since. . They have improved my overall health, increased energy, and cleared up some minor stomach issues I was having. So I packed a daily serving of 1stPhorm #OptiGreens50 in bags, grabbed the super simple daily packs of #MicroFactor, and packed up some #FullMega and stuck in a shaker for easy packing. . Opti Greens will make sure you hit your daily intake of veggies and greens by packing 11+ servings of these in just 2 scoops! These will help balance your body’s pH levels, detoxify the body, and help increase energy! . Micro Factor is a full range of micronutrients. It includes efficacious (maximum effective amount in a serving) doses of multivitamin, EFA, antioxidant, fruits and veggies, CoQ10, and probiotic. These will ensure your body is operating at peak performance. . Full Mega is your fish oils. No bad fish burps or taste, and gets you your Omega-3 fatty acids. This product has efficacious doses of EPA and DHA, 720mg and 480mg respectively. These have many benefits such as lower blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, helps regulate insulin sensitivity, and keeps cortisol levels moderated. . Don’t let traveling be an excuse to risk your health. If you have any questions, shoot me a DM or email. I’ll put links for these products in my linktree, and you’ll get free shipping!!

36 6 Feb 21, 2018

Lets talk CONVENIENCE How does your day start every morning? I dont know about you, but Every morning before going to the gym, it takes me a HOT minute to get out the door. After psyching myself up to get out of bed, getting dressed and taking my dog out I have managed to drain a solid 45 mins. I have found that I'm typically STARVING by the time I get to the gym and my workouts STRUGGGLLLLEEEEE. Since I don't really want something hella heavy on my stomach before the gym, I like to take a scoop of my greens, a scoup of phorm 1 and about 6oz of water, and drink that while I'm walking the pup. By the time I get the pup back in, take my #Microfactor and Fish Oil, grab my gym bag, and get to the gym, I'm fueled up and ready to go. I can always tell a difference throughout the day if I forget just ONE of either the Greens 50 or Microfactor. I'm sluggish, tired, even moody because of lack of energy (shocker lol). Need help? Need encouragement? Let me know! I know the struggle, let's push eachother together! #Iam1stPhorm #neversettle #1stphorm #legionofboom #pushharder #keepgoing #100to0 #fight #OneDayAtATime #buildingabetterbody #HealthyLiving #Noexcuses #actoutoflove #Goodvibes #helpeachother #love #phamilygoals andyfrisella will2win50 mrfrisella jarrettwbond22 1stphorm dannyjonesfitness

22 0 Feb 21, 2018

I am not a breakfast person, (or a morning person in general), but I know how important it is to fuel and feed my body appropriately. Because of that, this is the simple way I start my day. I have a #Level-1 meal replacement shake, (recently I’ve been adding #optigreens50), and have my #microfactor micronutrients and my #fullmega Omega 3s. I generally have banana as well. This starts my day off on the right foot without having to eat a complicated breakfast or having to put time or thought into it. It also doesn’t overfill my stomach making my morning workout uncomfortable. I feel great and know my body is getting what it needs. #iam1stphorm #legionofboom

3 1 Feb 21, 2018

Breakfast of champions. 3/4 cups oats, 1 tbsp Natural PB, 1 scoop #Level1 ice cream sandwich protein, 1 pack of #Microfactor, and 1 cup of coffee in the #hubbycup. • I’ve had oats every morning for as long back as I can remember. They are an excellent carb to start your day as well as packed with fiber to keep you full. (Our daughter draws on every Quaker’s box we get... she’s 14) • Real food is always the best option for nutrients, but when you have early morning starts, sometimes cooking an omelet isn’t in the cards. This is where 1stphorm Level-1 Sustained Assimilation Protein comes in. The sustained elimination of the Level-1 allows me to digest this a little slower to keep me full longer so that I’m not hungry again right away. • Micro Factor is a complete daily nutrient pack. In one little bag you get #antioxidants #multivitamins #coq10 #fruitsandvegetables #probiotics and #efa. Everyone should have a vitamin or nutrient pack every day. It’s a sure way to get an optimum dose of nutrients that your body craves each and every day. • All of these supplements and more are available when you click on the link in my bio. As always FREE SHIPPING available when you use my link. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

59 2 Feb 21, 2018

How do you start your day??? #neauxexcuses #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #microfactor #dailydose #mytransphormationstartstoday #1stphormlife 💥Click link in Bio💥

15 5 Feb 21, 2018

I always prep my supplements before going to bed when I have to be up early. It not only saves me time, but gets me excited for my workout in the morning. 💪 #iam1stPhorm #teamfail #1stphorm #prep #microfactor #optigreens50 #ignition #phormula1 #project1 #earlymornings

26 0 Feb 21, 2018

Breakfast of champions! It may not be the prettiest but I made this bagel in the air fryer!!! I used the skinnytaste easy bagel recipe and threw an egg on there for extra protein. I'm definitely going to try in the oven next time, I'm not sure my air fryer is the best kind for the recipe. Paired with some coffee, 1stphorm #microfactor and #fullmega Ps: The micro factor vitamin packs are the most convenient things EVER. I'm all about routine routine routine and these packs are the icing on my cake to make sure I get in all the nutrients I need. Quick and easy. #makemylifeeasy #healthtips #morningessentials #healthyrecipes

24 0 Feb 21, 2018

• • • Lineup for the day is pretty fucking lit if you ask me Got some tasty ass #LEVEL1 #ICECREAMSANDWICH protein with 5g added BCAA, got my #FULLMEGA fish oil of course #verynecessary got my #MEGAWATTV2 #FRUITPUNCH pre workout since I’m about to get these gains in a few #facts got my #OPTIGREENS for tomorrow morning after work #FULLSOURCEOFVEGGIES and finally the most important thing here #MICROFACTOR #NUTRIENTPACKS come with antioxidants, multivitamin, probiotics, fruit and veggie pills, EFAs for better mental clarity and improved joint health and some C0Q10 to support your heart.. this is more than likely my daily rotation. #KEEPUP #IAM1STPHORM #1STPHORM #KEEPIT100 #LEGIONOFBOOM

21 2 Feb 21, 2018

I’ve had tons of comments and questions about Micro factor and I’ll just explain it real quick. How are you supposed to perform your best if you’re not getting the right micronutrients(minerals & vitamins) for your body to use the macronutrients(proteins, fats, and carbs) you’re counting? M-factor includes: •3 multivitamins (helps recover and promote energy) •antioxidant (supports immune system) •probiotic (for a healthy gut) •fruits & veggies (reduce cholesterol) •EFA (lowers inflammation, improve joint health & mental clarity) •CoQ10 (healthy heart & improve cellular energy production) If you don’t think M-Factor is for you, ask yourself: do you consume 11 different fruits & veggies a day? Do you eat high quality fish with omega 3s at least 3 times a week? Like me, probably not. That’s why I take this simple little pack EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It fills the gaps in my diet and helps me feel better, it’s not just for athletes, young people, or old people. It’s for everyone! If you have anymore questions just message me and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you! And if you use the link in my bio you get free shipping! #mfactor #microfactor #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #neversettle #littlepacket #legionofboom #legionnaire #thebest #worthit

34 3 Feb 21, 2018

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.” Excerpt from “World Class Fitness in 100 Words”- Greg Glassman • Notice nothing in there said that food had to be boring or taste like cardboard. It is very possible to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and still eat food that tastes good and fuels your body to perform. • That also means you need to pay attention to your Micronutrients as much, if not more than, your Macronutrients. I eat pretty good, and I still have trouble hitting my micronutrient goals on a daily basis. That’s where 1stphorm Micro-factor comes into play. In one, simple, grab-and-go pack you get all of this • Complete Antioxidant EFA CoQ10 Fruits & Veggies Probiotic Complete Multi-Vitamin • #microfactor #micronutrients #fillthegaps #hydrate #E28Fitness #Ephesians2verse8 #E28 #BSFH2K #oldline #1stPhorm #iam1stPhorm #itsalifestyle #LegionofBoom #phamily #duespaid #wedothework #Bethe1 #poweredby1stPhorm #runningonmegawhatt e28fitness 1stphorm armyfreshfitness armyfresh oldlinecrossfit hydroflask

36 0 Feb 21, 2018

Let the gains begin

26 2 Feb 20, 2018

Do you remember growing up with your parents telling you to take your Flinstone vitamins?! I do🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ But I never understood why, I just thought they were attempting to try to give me a nummy treat (we all know they didn’t taste that great 🤣) I stopped taking them about the time when you think nothing your parents tell you to do is cool and even into #adulthood the only time I took any kinda vitamin was when I was #pregnant 🤰🤰🤰 - I didn’t start taking any kind of vitamin until a year or so ago when I realized they were a daily essential to my overall health and even to my fitness goals! Then I upgraded to “big girl” vitamins 😉 #qualityvsquantity - We should all know that taking a multi vitamin should be a priority.... but why 🤷‍♀️ - Your body NEEDS a variety of vitamins and minerals to function at optimal levels and in the proper ways. Many of us walk around having vitamin deficiency and we don’t even know it. But it will show in ways you don’t even think about! Lack of energy 😴 Fatigue 💤 Poor immune system aka get sick a lot 😷 Irregular 🚽 habits Brain fog 🤦‍♀️ I won’t list everything because that’s a LONG list! But all those healthy and energy issues can be fixed! By taking a QUALITY multi-vitamin like the Micro-Factor daily packets from 1stphorm You can be 100% sure you’re giving your body EXACTLY what it NEEDS and thrives on everyday! What will happen when you start taking these?! - Energy levels will increase 💃 - Hair skin and nails will become healthier 💅🏼💇🏻‍♀️ - Your immune system will get a boost! - You will have better 🚽 habits - You will overall feel better! With Micro-Factor you will be giving your body 6 different essential! 💊 Multi-Vitamin 💊 Fruit and veggie supplement 💊 Probiotic 💊 EFA ( essential fatty acids) 💊 Antioxidant 💊 CoQ10 Your health will thank you 😘 For more information send me a msg or click the link in my bio!! #doitforyou #flinstones #giveyourbodywhatitneeds #healthfirst #fitnessgoals #weightloss #fatloss #yourbodywillthankyou #iam1stphorm #neversettle #gummyvitamins #parentsarentcool #yestheyare #wedothework #microfactor #dailyessentials

31 13 Feb 20, 2018

Go get it! Go get your Nutrients go Get what you need! Micro Factor is My new go too Daily Must have. (If I️ could could only bring 3 things to a island with me #MicroFactor would be one) 🚨 As you may know for a Fact we are not getting enough of The Micro nutrients we need from the food these days. idk wtf going on. I try to get my chicken organic and most of my foods. 📌That being said you Have to get those Micro Nutrients that’s your missing it’s. Factor in your life and Wellness. It’s been a month since I’ve implemented Micro factor into my Fitness . Undeniable difference through out the day it’s a great feeling. Containing 3- multi vitamins 1- Coq10 1- fruits&veggies 1- EFA Fishoil 1- Probiotic and 1- Antioxidant. for you ladies who love to detox lol. For men and Women old and young. Athletes of all sports, Mom, dads and Grandparents just maintaining and condition or Iron addicts like my self! Everyone NEEDS there Micro Nutrients . Be The best Version of yourself ⚔️🏆 Check out the Link in the bio and also DM for help or questions #LetsBegreat 🔸 🔸 🔸 #investinyourself #sciencenature #missingnutrients #Instafit #instaspiration #dailyMotivation #legionnaire #1stphorm #classicphysique #healthynfit #yourjourneyawaits #npc #Gymrat #Dedication #helpothers #knowledgeispower #donthesitate #iam1stphorm #multivitamin #EFa #Fishoil #Probiotic #antioxidants

29 0 Feb 20, 2018

People always talk about MACROS🙃 (daily consumption of protiens, fat, and carbs)... But when do you ever hear someone talk about the importance of MICROS 🤔🤔(DAILY consumption of vitamins and minerals)???? There are 28 essential vitamins and minerals our body needs to survive. Lacking of these MICRO-nutrition can lead to your body losing strength in your bones, affect your muscle growth, AND eats the muscle away to subsitute for the lack of vitamins and minerals! 😲 CRAZY RIGHT? That is why i take my daily essential nutrition pack from #1stphorm #microfactor. This comes with 6 essentials in the pack! .Complete Multivitamin .Antioxidant .Fruit and Veggie Superfood Blend .Essential Fatty Acid .Probiotic .CoQ10 Since i have started taking these, my mood, digestion, energy levels, overall function of my body has been 4x better than ever!!! - - - - #iam1stphorm #micros #nutrition #nutritionfacts #microfactor #1stphorm #dailynutrition #vitamins #breakfast #healthylifestyle

29 1 Feb 20, 2018
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