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6 new Malolo just hit the CA coast. 7 more coming in June! Just like in the bump these bad boys are gone, gone, gone... #puakeaunlimited #lighterstrongerfaster #itsaboutlifestyle #malolooc6


If you are thinking of investing in a new OC6 - check out this post that gives a wide angle perspective on the Malolo OC6 by Puakea Designs (link in bio)Excerpt: "..I sat Stroker, which was cool as I could set the stroke rate and put my attention to the wa’a. Three strokes in and I knew something was different. Yup, it’s not just hype. My sense of feeling the water was heightened by 10x. You know when you’re on the plane and your ears pop? Suddenly you can hear the cabin noise so clearly. It was like spider sense, I could feel the power zone like I have never felt before. Not just mine, but the paddlers behind me. You know when that veteran paddler up front looks back and says “you’re off”, he/she can feel when your plant, drive and recovery are not in sync. In this canoe, we all had that ability to feel this nuance, as it was pronounced."

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