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18 1 Nov 20, 2017

I want to let you in on a little secret that took me a few years to learn- and it’s something that changed my life once I realized this: You do not have to live life in a way that makes you unhappy. You do not have to do a single thing that you feel makes your light dim. In fact it’s once you let go of all of these weights and expectations on you do you truly let your light shine. Walk away from people who tear you down, make you feel inadequate or aren’t respectful of you. Who you let into your life, reflects on how much you value yourself. Listen to your body and yourself. Not social media. If a certain diet works for your friend but not you, IT’S OK to stop it. If you don’t love working out every single day, then DON’T. I promise your progress won’t end, and if you’re creative about adding movement to your day you won’t need to take a single step inside a gym if you don’t want to. Do your research, and be wary of “influencers”. Surround yourself with LOVE. Life is so short and I feel like we all know how my loss reminded me of that. Take more time making memories with your loved ones and less time worrying about things you can’t change. One day you’ll look back and wish you had spent more time being silly and going on car drives to see the sunset than sitting with your nose in a phone. Worry less about where you think you’re supposed to be in life. If you aren’t making 6 figures, if you’re not married yet, if you don’t have kids- it’s OK. I promise you there’s no timeline on any of these things and we don’t get a trophy by hitting these milestones. Where someone else is on their journey should have no effect on yours. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in this moment, so don’t try and rush right through it. #rsa_outdoors #liveauthentic #chasingemotions

71 7 Nov 20, 2017

Impossible beauty of nature. Mount Tamalpais state park, California, USA. Photo by nicholassteinbergphotography Tag #theglobe_usa

24 2 Nov 20, 2017

Do what you love! Love everyday! ❤️🤗☕️☀️

1 1 Nov 20, 2017

In her book Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte says that it’s not really our goals that we are after. Rather, it is the feeling that achieving those goals gives us. Think about it. 🌟 We are not chasing the goal itself. We are chasing the feelings that we hope attaining those goals will give us. 🌟 :: I don’t know about you, but when I first heard of this, I thought “What?!” Who thinks about feelings when they’re setting goals, right? :: Goals are about ambition, and raising the bar, or getting to the next level, or making the income/revenue target, or losing the weight, or finishing the home project, and so on so forth. :: But if you pause, as LaPorte suggests, and ask yourself how you would feel when you’ve achieved those goals… well, there’s something there, isn’t it? :: In fact, she suggests that we turn the whole goal-setting process upside down. Rather than starting with what we want to achieve, we start with how we want to feel—our core desired feelings—instead. 💥 Figure out how you want to feel… and then come up with goals that lead you to that feeling. 💥 :: If you want to feel connected, come up with goals and plans that will help you feel that way. If you want to feel creative, come up with goals that will help you feel creative. If you want to feel masterful, come up with action steps that will help you feel masterful. :: The main question, therefore, that goes into your goal-setting process is this: What do I need to do to feel the way I want to feel #breakfree #goalsetting

2 1 Nov 20, 2017

Some people ask and ask, and then they turn away from the very opportunities that are brought to them to fulfill the answer! Your answer may not come to you in exactly the way you expect, so be open to looking at every option and every opportunity that comes your way when you've asked for what you want in life. We've got to let go of skepticism, and replace it with an open, excited, and discerning expectation toward everything that's brought your way! . . #51yearsyoung #grateful #inspired #excited #livefree #entrepreneuriallifestyle #abundance #manifesting #lovecanchangetheworld #focus #enjoylife #liveyourpassion #makeadifference #leaveyourlegacy #elliswellness #changetheworld

1 0 Nov 20, 2017

Found a new staple in my daily routine today with the new downtown coffee shop/wine bar/coworker space. #stlouisgram #covostl

15 4 Nov 20, 2017

WARNING: Gushing mama alert 🚨 My daughter Madison drew this for an art project at school. She was to draw one of her favorite animated characters and she chose Aurora. When Madison was little she wore tiaras 24/7, we played with her Sleeping Beauty dolls most of the day, watched the movie at least 4 times a day, sang songs from the movie continuously and read the story every night before she laid down her sweet head. Loved every moment of watching the world through her little princess eyes. Everything was a magical fairytale and her answer to everything was to sing and dance. I will always remember her sweet little voice singing and twirling around the kitchen in her lil Sleeping Beauty costume! Not a care in the world 💖 It made my heart melt to think that my baby remembered these things too. 💞🙃 I can only hope that one day she has a lil girl who believes in fairytales just like her 💖 #disneyprincesses #willalwaysbemyprincess

4 1 Nov 20, 2017

Happy Monday! Get out there and CRUSH IT! 👊🏼💥

7 1 Nov 20, 2017

This BIG, silly, can’t keep your eyes open kind of a smile on my face just shows how blessed I feel about these people. Who really knew what God was planning when our lives connected! Through Stoneybrooke first, then Young Living we are forever connected and blessed to have them in our life! 💚💚 . . . #teampeppylime #blessed #oolafun #datenight #nicks #grownupdinner #freebabysitting #liveyourpassion #lularoe #handupglobalgoods

13 0 Nov 20, 2017

Today’s agenda: redefining limits and stepping outside my comfort zone...

16 3 Nov 20, 2017

We had a wonderful weekend at the arts & crafts Winter Fair in Bellurgan Park selling our prints. And what a beautiful setting this was! .. Thanks to Louth Craftmark for the well organised event and for inviting us along. Thanks to the massive crowds for coming to the fair. Thanks for the many compliments and wonderful words about our work. . And of course, we are delighted to see many of our prints will add pops of colour to new homes!

21 2 Nov 20, 2017

there’s a better way...

8 1 Nov 20, 2017
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