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6 1 Jul 28, 2017

d a y // f i v e 🐬 #YogaCampSummerSun ☀️ #dolphinplank / #forearmbalance / #pinchamayurasana 💙 . You can still join in the fun, see main image for rules.☀️🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏾‍♀️🏄‍♀️🌊 . I don't know o was so close to #pincha on my SUP (Kayla's SUP). I will have to practice it more. I have been playing around with it more this year, which is cool because it has been a nemesis posture for me. I feel like when I see this picture though I'm about two shakes away from pressing up. This is exciting. Thanks minnesotayogini for capturing this. You guys! I have been loving your posts!!! I also appreciate that you are commenting on each other's posts. It makes it so much more fun that way, THANK you!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! 😘 . Make sure to tag all hosts: ♥Kayla kb_sculpt ♥Lindsey maestralindsey ♥Lacey minnesotayogini ♥Sara lightfulyogini ♥Elizabeth elizabeth_camp . Make sure to tag all sponsors: ♥ fabletics + use #fableticsmoayogacampkb_sculptbangkokpants Each host will be showing different variations and modifications so it's worthwhile to check out all their posts. Always honor your body and do your best for today! Check my IG story for my dolphin plank. ➡️Join us for a Special Event at Mall of America in the Rotunda, THIS SATURDAY 10-11am, July 29th — Live Well Expo FREE YOGA led by Elizabeth Camp, Fabletics Master, with a chance to win a prize from Yoga Camp 🙌🏻!

19 1 Jul 28, 2017

#Repost crkeeper ( get_repost) ・・・ What a #team we have here at #CRK...We are on the river, in neighborhood streams, in classrooms, at the capitol, and out in the community working diligently to ensure that your right to clean water is protected. What can we say? We ❤️ what we do!!! #keepingwatchoverourwaters #waterislife #savethehooch #chattahoocheeriver #qualityhooch #workworkwork #liveyourpassion #watchdogs

0 0 Jul 28, 2017

What a #team we have here at #CRK...We are on the river, in neighborhood streams, in classrooms, at the capitol, and out in the community working diligently to ensure that your right to clean water is protected. What can we say? We ❤️ what we do!!! #keepingwatchoverourwaters #waterislife #savethehooch #chattahoocheeriver #qualityhooch #workworkwork #liveyourpassion #watchdogs

10 0 Jul 28, 2017

Newbies 🌝

21 1 Jul 28, 2017

It's a little cloudy and gray in my neck of the woods today, so I am REALLY feeling the laid-back, feminine, beachy vibes of the mood board we created for gypsetandpearl Counting down til the weekend and the sunnier, beachier weather that's coming my way. ☀️ 🌊 ✌️

22 1 Jul 28, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food. Cooking, ordering takeout, going out to eat, watching people cook, taking foodie pics...all of it! When I decided to change my lifestyle and be healthier...i realized my love of food didn't have to work against me. With the proper nutrition and MORE WATER, I can use that passion for good. To FUEL my body instead of holding it back. This change of perspective makes a healthy lifestyle so much fun... my creative outlet after staring at spreadsheets all day! I have a FOOLPROOF fitness program with a meal plan that is tailor-made for you...YOU just need to decide to join me!! You in?! Let's have some fun!!! #fuel #bodygoals #fit #absstartinthekitchen #homecook #livetoeatandeattolive #foodie #healthylifestyle #letshavesomefun #passion #liveyourpassion

7 0 Jul 28, 2017

🔎 a little #tbt to last week

33 1 Jul 28, 2017

My boss is cooler than your boss 😜 #workworkwork #lovemyjob #liveyourpassion

3 0 Jul 28, 2017

💗💗 love this pic. Post workout, post superfood shake, getting to check in with my challengers. I see everything as a blessing from God and when exercise helped changed my life, it was a dream to help connect others to fitness, accountability, & healthy eating. . Before beachbody I was really struggling to workout and care for my body, even though I wanted to-I had no time, and I felt sad and frustrated that even though I knew I needed to take care of my health -I just didn't have the time to do life AND to go to the gym. 🏋🏽‍♀️ Then I would constantly sabotage any progress with emotional over eating and stress eating. So I would be stressed because being unhealthy would leave me tired and feeling like I HAD to do something but that I couldn't, and then overeating- and getting MORE stressed, because clothes didn't fit, because I didn't feel strong enough, healthy enough for my future. . Through beachbody, I found a community of women all going for the same thing. Being healthier, being themselves but being their whole selves! confident beautiful selves! And a coach to give me accountability, and support, it was amazing. . So now, after seeing how strong 💪 I am inside and outside, I get to help other women gain that confidence, rock that Godfidence and reach their fitness and health goals. If you love helping people or want to get healthy and see how that changes YOUR life, comment or message me💗 #blessed #liveyourpassion

13 2 Jul 28, 2017

I'm still trying to get my fitness back! Lol but my legs are also sore from my new workout program, so I'm sure that's not helping! Lol . : #freeasabird #liveyourpassion #mylifemyway #writeyourownstory #bodsbyMODD #mylifebydesign #confessionsofarunaholic #runnerslife #bostonsomeday #chasingtheunicorn #marathontraining

3 0 Jul 28, 2017

Business cards mean you're official right?!? Loving my new vibe, loving my new name and I'm so excited for the future! #girlboss #endlesspossibilities #feelinginspired

17 1 Jul 28, 2017

I'm also incredibly thankful for this guy 🙏🏼❤️ Who supports me and stands by me as I live my passion!!! #soblessed #awesomehubby #gratefulheart #liveyourpassion #takecareofyourbody #wellnesswarrior #lifeisbeautiful #fitmom #boymom

5 0 Jul 28, 2017

InstructureCon is coming to a close. We have a lil break before the dinner and reception and I could find no better place I would rather be! #majesticview #instcon17 #nofilter #LiveYourPassion

13 2 Jul 28, 2017

Comment below if you’re a businesswoman who knows exactly where she wants her business to go!

36 5 Jul 28, 2017
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