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I love this cat....❤️

10 1 Sep 21, 2017

When life doesn’t go as planned, when the unexpected happens, when we enter into deep hurt or suffering where we think “this is not how it should be,” when we ache for closure that isn’t there, we wrestle and struggle. And these feelings we’re left with consume, entrap, and entangle us. We feel them wrapping tightly around our necks like a boa constrictor squeezing the very breath from us. We want out. We want to be free. But how? As much as we hate to admit it, we can’t control everything that happens to us in our lives. Life doesn’t always offer us satisfying closures like we find in the conclusion of our favorite book or wrap up everything nicely for us like in a series finale of a TV show. No. Life is unpredictable and messy. And sometimes we’re left with a loose end that leaves with it a gaping wound. So what do we do? Have you ever been there before? If yes, take heart. I have a new post on my blog sharing 3 practical ways to help us find closure when there is none. These three practices can help us move forward and come alive again even when the loose ends in our lives can’t be tied neatly in a bow and we’re feeling stuck or held captive. And I know because they're tried and true time and again in my own life. (Hint: the first tip has to do with writing - but even if you're not a writer this is for you too). (Click the link in my profile or go to to read this latest post.) #anexpectantheart

5 1 Sep 21, 2017

Few things in life annoy me more than opening a pack of fruit snacks and seeing it being mostly two lame flavors. #LifeIsHard #fruitsnacks #Lemon #Orange #IAteTheGrapeOne

3 0 Sep 21, 2017

Thought of the day! #lifeisbeautiful #lifeishard #keeppushing

3 0 Sep 21, 2017

Happiness is the blessing life brings forth from the ashes. When people say to me you don't seem happy because of this or that I sort of want to freak out on them. Look, life has ups and downs. If you think you're put together and that it'll last it's an illusion. Sorry but it's the truth. Don't buy what you're sold looking at people's lives from the outside. This experience is like the tide. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes life is hard. Sometimes I'm both. Imagine can experience life as hard AND beautiful at the same time. Happiness can exist with pain. I'm happy AND life is and has been hard lately. I'm blessed, stoked on what I'm up to, and I feel like I'm running up hill a lot of the time. Embrace the suck and you'll be happy no matter what 😉 #embracethesuck #lifeisbeautiful #lifeishard #lifeisstrange #lifeisshort #letsgetreal #openheartopenmind #feelyourpain #stophiding #holdtight #massagetherapist #intuitivehealer #herbalistintraining #yogateacher #yogi

20 4 Sep 21, 2017

This explains my life just this one sentence. #lifeisshort #lifeishard #makethemostofit #leavealike

1 0 Sep 21, 2017

One of those days... #lifeishard #dogtired #dogstagram #Stella #bassethound

10 0 Sep 21, 2017
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