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LA LEGGE DELLA NOTTE Ottimo film gangster ambientato in florida durante gli anni del proibizionismo. Un finale che rispetta la morale del del film che è : la vita alla fine ti presenta sempre il conto. 8/10 #laleggedellanotte #legge #notte #BenAffleck #gangster #proibizionismo #giocodazzardo #alcool #mafia #clan #boston #armi #vita #finale #morale #tampa #florida #bello #cinema #film #storiedelcinema #neri #sceriffo #boss #bianchi #casinò #KuKluxKlan #costumi #paesaggi

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Halfway between Selma and Montgomery, on a dark stretch of Alabama highway, a white woman was driving a sedan. In the seat beside her was Leroy Morton, a black man. It was 1965. Viola Gregg Liuzzo, a 39-year-old medical student and mother of five from Detroit, was transporting civil rights activists to and from the Freedom March. When she heard about the march she told her husband, “There are just too many people who stand around talking.” She got in her car and drove to Alabama. Before returning home, she called her husband and told him, “I’m very happy, don’t worry.” She didn’t realize that in Selma, she and Morton had been spotted by Ku Klux Klan members. They were now following her on the highway. They rolled down their windows, sped up beside Liuzzo’s car, pointed their rifles, and fired. Liuzzo was shot in the head. Morton lived, but Liuzzo would be the only white woman to die in the civil rights movement. It was this event — not the numerous murders of black people — that would cause President Johnson to urge the KKK to “return to decent society” in a televised news conference. He went on to say the FBI had located the murderers. Johnson then named four men as the perpetrators. But only three would be convicted of a crime and sentenced to a mere 10 years. The fourth man, Gary Thomas Rowe, Jr., would serve no time and never be convicted of that crime or any other. Rowe was an FBI informant planted in the Ku Klux Klan. If at first it seemed understandable that an informant might occasionally find himself at crime scenes during undercover work, Liuzzo’s murder dredged up several other incidents. Over the coming years, Rowe would be linked to some of the most atrocious attacks on civil rights activists, with the FBI playing the role of bystander at best, and abettor at worst. J. Edgar Hoover would tell Rowe, “You’re one of the greatest Americans this country has ever had.”

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The Alt-Right movement that has been so prevalent across America is eerily similar to the 1920s Ku Klux Klan according to a new book. Follow the link in bio for more. #1920s #altright #america #ethnicity #facism #farright #history #kkk #kukluxklan #nationalism #past #race #racism #usa

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HIT THE GAS NIGGA . . #kkkmemes #kukluxklan #fastandfurious #offensivememes

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