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.Kaisen Pokē - Sushi bowl with salmon, tuna, ponzu, edamame, avocado and nori tombo_londonTombo Pokē and matcha bar£7.15(small) £9.55(reg)8/10 #另類魚生飯 呢個魚生飯同平時食開既有啲分別 佢用左紅米 比較健康 三文魚同呑拿魚非常新鮮 仲加左牛油果同枝豆 呢個唔啱你胃口? 唔緊要 佢仲可以 #buildyourown sushi bowl 實有一款啱你 #hungrytummiesinuk


今日は山村の保健センターで勤務。自転車出勤の途中、暑いのでひと休みです。向こうの森は信玄の菩提寺恵林寺。そこの山門で快川禅師は「安禅必ずしも山水を用いず、心頭滅却すれば火も亦た涼し」と言って織田に焼き殺され、武田に殉じましたが、10kmそこそこで休んでいるようでは、とてもそんな境地にはなれそうにありません。-Attendance by bicycle today . There is an old famous temple in that forest . Once upon a time , high priest Kaisen was sentenced to the stake with his disciples . At that time , he said to everyone . " Restful Zen does not need a beautiful environment . If finished the heart and head fire is also cool . " And he died .- #ロードバイク #roadbike #恵林寺 #erinji #快川紹喜 #kaisenjoki #心頭滅却

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