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I just wanted to extend a huge Thank you!! to all of you who have stopped by and liked a pic or five, left kind comments, or even followed. It makes continuing this account so much fun. I wish you much love and peace. 💖 From Sebastian's Gold Derby interview Nov 20, 2017. #sebastianstan #jeffgillooly #itonya #thismancanact #givethismananawardalready #sebstan #384 #chubbydumpling #funwithfilters #gottalovesebastian

3 0 Nov 25, 2017

For my best bad boyish-lady walk I am tossing it under a Walker category. I am a huge Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fan. I’m also an absolute oddball so I am submitting my pregnant Gothic Bride Walker video. I’m not really pregnant just overweight so there is no threat of GOT’s Night King claiming another kid 😉. The song accompanying the video is a Royalty Free Rock Instrumental. I’m actually a classic rock kinda gal. I just crossed the threshold into my 50’s so I am working through my Bucket List. Getting to meet Sebastian Stan is on my list. He is one of my favorite actors and definitely my favorite Marvel Super Hero of all-time. Sorry the video is in two parts, but it is short overall. I’m just awful at putting stuff like this together. itonyamovie #itonya

0 0 Nov 25, 2017

Bringing peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire like... #itonya itonyamovie imsebastianstan pwhauser

4 0 Nov 25, 2017

Still upset I won't be able to see I,Tonya till next year 😭 #Sebastianstan #itonya

8 0 Nov 25, 2017

If Seb were to play Luke Skywalker, I’d prefer like before mid-age. Space dad Skywalker with this stache idk 👨🏻 - #sebastianstan #buckybarnes #thewintersoldier #memeit #markhamill #lukeskywalker #thelastjedi #itonya

41 0 Nov 25, 2017

Ahhhhhhhhhh Seeeeeeeb!!!!! I wanna see this movie 😭😭😭😭😭why I'm in Asia why #Itonya imsebastianstan . . . . #sebbystan #sebstan #sebastianstan #sebby #sexyseabass

5 0 Nov 25, 2017

K but you ALL KNOW my life is wild enough to be a sitcom, and you ALL KNOW this would be the theme song • • • • • • #iliketuh #tarynmykween #iwannagotoLA #missionbridge #beautifulbc ;))) #itonya #ITonya tarynpolishchuk bekaday imsebastianstan margotrobbie kyliejenner fettywap1738 stoptaggingfamouspeople imsebastianstan

67 11 Nov 25, 2017

🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ #itonya itonyamovie imsebastianstan pwhauser

17 1 Nov 25, 2017

got that game day feeling #itonya itonyamovie imsebastianstan

518 16 Nov 25, 2017
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