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Ishita comes home.She comes to Ruhi and sees her changing. She says you changed on our own, you have grown up, good girl. She asks her to ave milk as she did not had dinner. Ruhi asks you told a story in my school and you told that Papa loves you, but … Ishita says yes, he loves us. Ruhi says no, he made you feel bad. Ishita says it does not matter, look at me, I m the same. Ruhi says why does Papa get so much angry and how did he talk to you like that. Ishita says Papa loves you and his family a lot. Ruhi says does he not love you. Ruhi tells about her friend whose parents always fight, then her mum went away leaving her and her husband. Ishita says I won’t leave you. She says I love Ruhi and sometimes I get angry on you, in the same way husband and wife love each other.Ruhi says I don’t see love in you and Papa. Ishita says its in you. We see love in you. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Raman hears all this and is sad. Raman looks at Ishita and Ruhi. #episode93 #trowback #oldyhm #yehhaimohabbatein #yhm #ishitabhalla #ishimaru #ishima #ishru #divru #ruhibhalla #ruhaanikadhawan #divyankatripathi #motherlove #motherdaughter

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