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" Na estradaa da dorr, e só caixão dessendo nas cordaas, na estrada da dor, é só necrópsia , rota, sangue vitima mortaa ... " #ILoveRap

5 2 Feb 19, 2018

The 90's was the year the world witnessed a very special moment in hip hop when a young hungry rapper entered the game born in Mount,Vernon ,New York but raised it Yonkers New York this rappers name was DMX in 1991 he received a shout out in one the biggest hip hop magazine at the time THE SOURCE MAGAZINE in the unsigned hype section the same year he recorded his first two demos in 1992 he signed to Columbia Records where he realeased his debut single Born Loser the single did not do so well achieving very little airplay DMX & Columbia Records parted ways and they realesed him from his contract throughout years to come he would feature on tracks with other popular artists such as Jay Z LL Cool J & a lot more showing off his versatile skills building respect & popularity amongest his peers in the hip hop arena in 1997 he had landed a deal at Def Jam Records in Feb 1998 he released his albulm ITS DARK AND HELL IS HOT and the single He realeased GET AT ME DOG went gold his albulm debuted at No1on the Billboard 200 Chart US & sold over 5 million copies later that same year he realesed his 2nd albulm off Def Jam Records FLESH OF MY FLESH BLOOD OF MY BLOOD it debuted at No1 on the Billboard 200 & stayed there for 3 weeks straight its sold 670,000 copies its first week and eventually went certified platinum four times allowing DMX to be the only rapper in history to realese to number one albulms the same year ,he then went on to realese a number of studio albulms and also stared in number of movies such as ROMEO MUST DIE ,BELLY ,CRADLE TO THE GRAVE and few more silute DMX #👑🔥🔥💯👍👌🙌 #newyork #yonkers #hiphop #Dmx #dmx #ruffryders #iloverap #iloverapmusic #ilovemusic #music #sucessful #homage #hiphophead #ilovehiphop #musicismylife #legends #legendary #hiphoplegends #hiphopislife #homage #platinum #raplover #rapgods #iloverap

20 1 Feb 19, 2018

#idze #grześ #przez #wieś 😂😂 #lece #z #pomoca #muza 🎛 #sluchawki 🎧 #kali #iloverap A wy czego słuchacie???😉

9 0 Feb 19, 2018

Wonderful Hip Hop track 'Talk To Me Nice' by #ZayHulsexJamci will Make Your Day. #newjersy #hiphop #hiphopdancers #hiphopartist #music #rapper #rapmonsterbts #iloverap #rapismylife.

73 0 Feb 19, 2018

From East point Alanta Georgia 2 high school students started to rap and believed they had what it takes to make their mark within the hip hop arena in 1991 they decided to form a 2 man rap group called OutKast which consistsed of Andre 3000 & his good friend Big Boi pushing out good content consistently allowed them to be in a position to singing their first record deal they signed to La Face records in 1992 & realesed their debut album SOUTHERNPLAYERLISTICADILLACMUZIK in 1994 which was a smash creating a distinctive sound with a mixture of Techno Funk Gospel & catchy melodies combined with high versatile lyrical content they earned the respect with all their peers in the hip hop game their song Players Ball reached No1 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart gaining them popularity propelling them to success they continued to make good music and realeased a number of albulms over the years in 2003 they realesed a doubble albulm called SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW which gained much success with 2 smash hit singles HEY YA & THE WAY YOU MOVE the albulm would eventually win a Grammy Award for best albulm of the year and was certified as Diamond they followed up with more studio albulms & remain Legends in the game to this day silute OutKast 💍💍💯👌🔥🔥👍🙌 #hiphoplegends #legends #hiphophead #hiphop #hiphopislife #rap #rapmusic #rapmusicislife #raplife #rapper #atlanta #atl #outkast #iloverapmusic #iloverap #ilovemusic #musiclover #raplover #homage

26 6 Feb 19, 2018
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