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PISCES - With Mercury and the Sun joining Venus and Neptune in Pisces, it’s easier to dive into the healing waters of Pisces and swim in a more beautiful world of fluid understanding. . Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is the final sign of the zodiac. Pisces holds the mystery of your spiritual walk on an unknown road. . Symbolized by the duality of two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces is influenced by the outer world and all the feelings around them. But they also know there is more and the infinite truth within. . Navigating the contrast of profane and sacred in life is everyone’s challenge. Pisces seeks to live in the exalted expressions of beauty, inspiration, infinite compassion, and faith in universal love all the time. . Pisces mirrors this same hope of our collective humanity. Somehow, if everything were going right externally we could all find peace. . The sense of deep collective abandonment when things go wrong is what Pisces or anyone with a strong natal or transiting Neptune experiences. . Where Pisces is in your chart shows where you merge your idealism and innocence with the greater reality. And it’s also where you feel like a victim, fallen with deep disappointment. . Betrayal is a Neptunian experience. Reflect on the times you’ve been deceived and/or abandoned in your life. . And now reflect on an experience that was so divinely connected and enchanted beyond description. Do you feel the similarity in the intensity of experiences? . However necessary, Pisces connects you with the cosmic current of your divine existence. . Let the current influence of Pisces help you develop your most inspired creative projects this week. . Mercury entered Pisces Saturday at 9:17am PST/12:17 EST/5:17pm GMT Sun enters Pisces Sunday at 9:15am PST/12:15pm EST/5:15pm GMT . #astrology #horoscope #lifecoach #mentor #psychic #reiki #healer #piscesseason #bosslady #ladyboss #pisces #compassion #inspiration #faith #universallove #imagination #affirmations #meditation #yoga #spiritual #mindfulness #zodiac #knowthyself #clarity #synchronicity #positivethoughts #positivevibesonly #answers #weareallone #answers

19 0 Feb 19, 2018

. WELCOME TO PISCES SEASON :: ✨🌊✨ . . ✨the Sun has entered our most MYSTICAL + MERGING sign of Pisces. The end of the zodiac. The place where all energies meet and become one before being reborn as the independent “I am” of Aries. . . ✨MERCURY travels closely with the Sun now, which adds to the NEBULOUSNESS — things may feel UNCLEAR. We are all about to go for a DEEP swim ruled by Jupiter+Neptune where COMPASSION + HEALING reign supreme with FANTASY, ESCAPE, and ADDICTION also being likely as this sign and these planets BLUR BOUNDARIES. . . ✨The ARIES MOON for the next few days helps us move past inertia, also bringing FIRE+WATER as the dominant elements:: fire and water make steam, so be prepared for some INTENSITY. . . ✨We all know PISCES SEASON doesn’t bring with it pure SWEETNESS and sensitivity — also often there’s some TEARS, DRAMA, and a SLIPPERY feeling. Let your emotions cleanse you like a WAVE now. Don’t fight them. FEELING is not something to find a workaround around for. It is by going through/deep into the feeling that we gain the wisdom of EXPERIENCE. #thevoluptuouswitch . . Art by heyjenbartel

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#pisces♓ #teampisces #horoscope #astrology #february19 , people in your life can surprise you but in a good way. You need to trust your intuition today. You can be a bit gullible and falling for other people's SOB stories. You can benefit through others today. Or you can be receiving recognition or rare opportunities that others are not so privy to receive #justinbieber #chadmichaels #rihanna #camilacabello #younghollywood #dailymail

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Hello yes I have been very productive today and I'm proud of myself?? And last night when I went to bed I felt super happy??? Like??? Yes me!!! [ID: A photo of a street in orange lighting. It's covered by a zodiac post that reads "current advice for the signs. Aries: you're not okay, make a diagnosis. Taurus: get more rest for this upcoming decision. Gemini: let yourself feel sad, reflect on it. Cancer: it's time for a new plan or position. Leo: nurture a relationship with a loved one. Virgo: take a new perspective on what pains you. Libra: allow yourself to move and change.Scorpio: be direct and go for it. Sagittarius: someone needs to hear your apology. Capricorn: calm down, take a step down from it. Aquarius: genuinely confide in someone. Pisces: know your limits for the next stage of life."] 🌟Tags🌟 #zodiac #aesthetic #libra #gemini #cancer #capricorn #sagittarius #scorpio #pisces #taurus #aries #leo #aquarius #virgo #astrology #astrologyaesthetic #zodiacaesthetic #sun #moon #ascending #horoscope #starsigns #astrologypost #tumblr #tumblrpost #textpost #orange #yellow #orangeaesthetic #yellowaesthetic

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