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I didn't know what I didn't know until I learned from iamashleygilbert and her husband. Trust me, every parent needs to attend. So before you scroll on, tag at least 3 friends who are Moms, Dad, Aunts, Grandmas who love the children in their life and register NOW. .... Did you know that the age a kid will get exposed to pornography is about 7 and many times even younger? If your children have access to any form of electronics, you need to be empowered and aware of how to protect your kids online. It's not if they get exposed,it's when! Don't miss this opportunity to ask questions and gain resources! #internetsafety #protectourchildren #webinar gzrestored link in bio

4 1 Oct 19, 2017

You just got served...a better home security system 🏓

9 4 Oct 19, 2017

We're quick to give our kids a tablet or smartphone, but don't underestimate the benefit of a good old-fashioned desktop! Hand-eye coordination, programming skills, etc. And you can get a cheap, refurbished one for less than $100!

11 2 Oct 19, 2017

On iPhone or iPad, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access (at the bottom), and turn that on. Set a passcode and turn on "Accessibility Shortcut". Now if you open up a kid's app, like a game or Netflix, and you push the Home button 3 times real quick. Then they won't be able to exit out of the app, and you don't have to worry about them going into a different app. You can even set a Time Limit in your settings for how long they can use the app until the phone or iPad locks.

10 1 Oct 19, 2017

Our #Experts are out on the roads today installing the highest-quality products in the security industry today! Tag us if you see one of our vans! #KeyedInLLC #🔐

2 1 Oct 19, 2017

Winter is coming...change your passwords!

9 1 Oct 19, 2017

What IS clogging your #DryerVents anyways? A combination of clothing fibers, hair and (eek) dead skin! #DryerVentCleaners

5 1 Oct 19, 2017

It's #GettoKnowYourCustomersDay! A re you a dog person, or a cat person? You can vote on our insta-story too!

30 2 Oct 19, 2017

Hart Alarm introduces mobile personal emergency response service. Visit our blog to learn more about personal emergency response systems. Link in bio. #homesecurity #peaceofmind #burglaralarm #homeprotection #security #homesafety #personalemergencyresponsesystems #pers

1 0 Oct 19, 2017

👻🏡🎃 • So you’ve got your Halloween decorations up and all the candy is ready for the enslaught of trick or treaters... • Here are 5 essential home safety tips to think about before the 31st. • 1. Make your home safe for trick or treaters. Make sure your front yard, walkway, and steps are swept and free of debris and remove anything, like flowerpots or hoses, that could cause people to trip in the dark. • 2. Use Christmas lights to illuminate the path to the door. Finally, those Christmas lights have another use besides adorning the tree. If only someone else could untangle them for you... • 3. Make sure scary gags are harmless. Having lots of decorations that pop up and scare trick or treaters is great — just make sure they’re safe. Instead of shovels or pitchforks, opt for rubber/fake alternatives. • 4. Keep pets locked up. Even friendly pets can become a handful when costumed kids keep showing up at the door. Even if they would never bite, they might scare children enough to run away causing the potential for danger. • 5. Make sure your Jack o’ Lantern isn’t a fire hazard. Place the candle inside a small dish to prevent it from becoming a hazard if it tips over inside the pumpkin. Or even forego the real candle altogether and use a battery operated one.

1 1 Oct 19, 2017

We're entering into #SweaterWeather which means overtime for your dryer. Cleaning your dryer duct is the best way to prepare & help prevent a dryer fire. #FirePreventionMonth - - - #AttackOfTheSweaters #FallJacket #WinterCoat #Quilts #Blankets #CloggedVent #Lint #FirePrevention #DryerFire #IESNYC #NorthForkDuctCleaning #DryerVentCleaning #HomeSafety #FireSafety

3 0 Oct 19, 2017

Did you know that an identity is stolen every 2 SECONDS? We’re proud to announce that we are partnering with FamilyIDRestore to give you another way to protect your family… and we’re giving you a 60 day free trial to get started. Just use the code: SEN40 Link in bio! . . . . . #familyfirst #burglar #homeownerproblems #homeowner #security #safety #homesecurity #homesafety #firsttimehomebuyer #homebuyer #neighborhood #burglary #homeinvasion #harrisburg #manheim #identityfraud #darkweb #identity #identitytheft

11 0 Oct 19, 2017

Need to ensure your kids are safe around your closed combustion fire? Chat to us for bespoke fire screens. Made to measure with special designs so they cannot be pulled over. We will help meet your budget. #Firesandbraais #firesafety #firescreens #warmhomes #fireplace #woodstove #homesafety #bespoke #cleverdesigns #foryourhome

10 0 Oct 19, 2017
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