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1) Ambiance (0.5/1) - Dimly lit, warm and the seating arrangement can get a bit too packed on busy days. 2) Food (0.75/1) - Their portions of meat is massive! Went with the lab bunch here and most of us had one if their #burgers along with their #fries (normal fries/swine fries/sweetpotato fries etc! Their meat (chicken/pork/beef/ mix of more than one meat) and veggie burgers both were loved by their respective eaters! The only thing I didn't really enjoy were their chicken wings - chewy, way too much bone for wings and felt unfres. This was completely opposite to the fresh and delicious burgers they served us😅😅 3) Service (1/1) - Very friendly and on time 4) Innovation and technique (0.5/1) - An american style bbq joint that has kept up their work in serving generous portions and well cooked meaty food! A few more combination of meats & sauces would be great! 5) VFM (0.75/1) - I don't remeber how much the total bill for the 9 of us was but I do remember paying nearly £15 for food and drinks (buy one get one or BOGO) and with 40% off for students. Overall - 3.5/5 , Definitely recommended for a #meatfeast or even for their vegetarian #beanieburger along with friends/family redstruebbq #Redstruebbq #FoodInLeeds #Redsbbqleeds #Burgersandfries #ChickenBurger #Onionrings #Foodporn #GourmetGanguly #Nomnomnom

43 1 Feb 1, 2018

#FridayDinner labesirestaurant near the #UniversityofLeeds main campus. 1) Ambiance (0.75/1) - A small and cozy restaurant that can probably house upto 40 people at a time. But they are laid out very neatly and the entire feel is home-like and that of comfort! 2) Food (0.75/1) - We were 2 of us and we had their #PizzaGarlicBread 🍕 for starters which was different from what I am used to but their tomato and garlic base sauce was packed with flavors! Next we had a plate of #PenneAlPollo (Penne pasta with chicken) in a white sauce with mushrooms. 🍲The portion was decent and the taste was good too. We had two #Desserts: #TortaSelvaNera - or a frozen dessert with cake sponge soaked in liqour with cream whivh was quite easily the dish of the night for us🍰😀 and finally their #CoppaPistachioaCrema which was a cup of pistachio and butterscotch oce creams topped with #pitachios and #chocolate sauce. 3) Service (1/1) - Very friendly, timely and homely 🤗 4) Innovation and techniques (0.5/1) - If I am not mistaken, this is a family run restaurant for #ItalianFood and inspite of being small in size, they were quite busy! While a few more options or meal deals would be nice, but they are delivering really good food to their customers! They also do 10% student discount😉 5) VFM (0.75/1) - 1 starter, 1 main, 2 desserts between the 2 of us and with the student's discount, the bill was nerly £25 (£12.5 pp) which is quite nice for a #FridayNight Overall (3.75/5) - Want a comforting Italian meal for high #ValueForMoney , visit #LaBesiRestaurant in #Leeds 🍝 In pictures: 1- Torta selba nera, 2- Penne Al Pollo, 3- Pizza garlic bread, 4- #BananaandStrawberrySmoothie , 5- All food - desserts 😛6- Coppa pistachio a crema and 7- (ceiling) ambiance #LaBesiLeeds #ItalianCuisine #FoodinLeeds #FoodInYorkshire #Nomnomnom #LaBesi #GourmetGanguly #ItalianFoodInLeeds #RestaurantsinLeeds😍😍

59 1 Jan 20, 2018

Fantastic #SaturdayLunch the_reliance 🍸 1) Ambiance (0.75/1) - Spacious, large group friendly, welcoming and really cozy. They have quite a few different sections for seating and the couch seats are just so comfy! 2) Food (1/1) - We were 2 of us and while my friend had #FishandChips with some #PineappleJuice I had their #SalamiSandwich in #Ciabbata with #PestoMayonnaise #tomatoes and some #rockets🥙 Soft fish, crunchy batter, seasoned chips, fresh bread and meat with a lovely sauce and #applecider What a nice lunch that was! By the time we finished our lunch, they had run out of their Rhubarb mille-fuille so will ned to go back for that 🙊 3) Service (0.75/1) - Very friendly. Though it took a while for the food to arrive, it was worth the wait :) 4) Innovation and techniques (0.75/1) - I've been here before with my lab mates and have noticed that they update their menu quite often keeping the food exciting for customers. Their food looks fresh and appealing and the efforts are clear on the plate served to you! 5) VFM (0.75/1) - The sandwich was nearly £6 and the fish and chips were nearly £11. The cider was another £5. A decent meal with cozy ambiance and good service - I would call that a good deal :) Overall - 4/5 Do visit reliance if you are looking for some interesting #PubFood 🥂 #TheReliance #FoodinLeeds #PubsinLeeds #EnglishFood #ThingstodoinLeeds #GourmetGanguly #Nomnomnom #FoodInYorkshire

32 0 Jan 14, 2018

Much awaited dinner with prajaktamatkar and sumedh26sawant at the happening thebombaycanteen 😍 1) Ambiance (1/1) - Warm, elegant, welcoming and was done up for christmas when we went there for dinner. 2) Food (1/1) - OUTSTANDING FOOD! Their #cocktails were well made. We had their #Tarbooze (warermelon based) and #IncredibleIndia (video in post) both were yum! Sumedh had #MasalaCoke as he was driving 😛 but that too had a good punch of the #masalas 💁‍♀️ We had their #smallplates for snacks that included #chips and #eggminidevils and they were perfect with the drinks. For dinner, we started off with #KeralaFriedChicken which was hands down our favorite dish of the night! Crunchy, spicy, succulent and strong flavors- represented Kerala well🍛 We also had #TandooriPorkRibs and #MyUnclesCoconutCurry (lamb curry with #TibetianTingmo soft and sweet bread - dish of the north east part of India) both of which were absolutely delicious! 🥘And of course, we ended with their showstopper #Gulabnut❤❤ We personally loved all the dishes except (ironically) their much hyped #EggKejriwal 3) Service (1/1)- Friendly and timely 4) Innovation and techniques (0.75/1) - Loved the way they have incorporated dishes from different parts of us a taste of cuisines other than the typical North Indian or South Indian dishes. They try their best to ensure the dishes are as authentic as they can be! 5) VFM (0.75/1) - 3 drinks, 3 small plates, 4 mains and 2 portions of dessert was a total of about Rs.4500/- including taxes (Rs.1500/- pp for the 3 of us) It might be expensive and definitely having deals/discounts would be good.However, we could not really complain about the quality of food- it was really better than what J had expected (except Egg Kekriwal) In pictures: 1- Kerala Fried Chicken, 2- Tarbooze, 3- Incredible India, 4- Small Plates, 5- My uncle's coconut curry, 6-All mains, 7- Egg Kejriwal, 8- Gulabnut, 9- Hazy image of ambiance 😛 10- bar Overall 4.5/5 - Would definitely recommend #TheBombayCanteen for getting a taste of India 😊😊 #FoodInMumbai #IndianFood #MumbaiRestaurants #ThingstodoinMumbai #LowerParel #TrendingRestaurants #GourmetGanguly #Nomnomnom

60 2 Jan 13, 2018

Amazing #IceCream flavors by hauteartisan 😍😍 While their options can leave you confused, they are happy to blend in two different flavors to help! prajaktamatkar and me were all for their boozy ice-creams😀🍦 Prajakta tried #JamaicanKiss and the #IrishCream both with a touch of #chocolate I went for fruity flavors by choosing #DrunkenApple (apple in vodka) and #RaisinMonk (raisin soaked in #OldMonk) 1) Ambiance (0.5/1) - Neat, cozy but should have another table or so. They have their #TestKitchen behind the counter 😀 2) Food (1/1) - They absolutely smashed all the 4 flavors..totally loved the beautiful infusions 🍨 3) Service (1/1) - Friendly, helpful and timely 4) Innovation and technique (0.5/1) - Even though their flavors are SPOT ON, they might face strong competition against those using ice-cream foams or against those who prepare ice-cream using liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes..taking gastronomy to a different level! 5) VFM (1/1) - Their scoops are expensive but its totally worth it!! However, I do think, having student's or corporate discounts will be useful. Overall 4/5! Craving a good scoop of ice-cream/ a good boozy #dessert ? Do put #Hauteartisan on your list 🍧 #HauteArtisanCreations #BoozyIcecreams #Flavors #Powai #FoodinMumbai #HandCraftedIceCream #Nomnomnom #ThingstodoinMumbai #trellingfood #Gourmetganguly

37 2 Jan 11, 2018

Kerala special banana chips freshly being prepared 😍😍 love it...and of course - I LOVE boomerangs 🤣🤣 #KeralaHotChips #IndianSnacks #FreshFood #Nomnomnom #GourmetGanguly #BananaChips #Boomerang 🙈

35 5 Jan 7, 2018

#ChickenChettinad is very well known and loved by the people in #Kerala for its robust flavors and use of beautiful but strong spices! 😍 We loved it too and we enjoyed it with some rice/parathas and chapattis! Even though it seemed to vary in different parts of the state - it was still absolutely delicious almost everytime we had it! The family favorite however will be the one we had in #Kochi at the beginning of our trip and in #Alleppuzha or Alleppey house boat at the end of our trip. #Kerala #Chettinad #Freshfood #SouthIndian #GodsOwnCountrtly #GourmetGanguly #Nomnomnom #HolidayHangover 😅

40 6 Jan 6, 2018

Probably the only restaurant that I've been to at least 7 times by now! mirchiandmime has been a personal favorite of mine not only for the concept of empowering people communicating using sign language (hence 'Mime') but also for the DIVINE quality of food that they prepare. I haven't felt let down a single time! Among my favorites are Murg Angara and shown in this video, their #SufiyanaBiryani ❤ Soft but the rice remains separate, flavorful, creamy, perfectly cooked with big chicken chunks and comes in a pot with really good quantity- Its my absolute favorite! 1)Ambiance - 1/1 : Contemporary,well lit, spacious,happy! 2) Food - 1/1 : Except for the portion of starters, their chicken, lamb, vegetarian options,desserts - Everythjng that I've tasted til now has been brilliant! 3) Service -1/1 : Friendly, warm and quick! 4) Innovation and technique - 1/1 : New concept, their menu card auds you to order in sign language as well and stunning presentation of simple food😍 5) VFM - 1/1 : In the recent visit - we were 6 of us and we had 4 portions of mains and atleast 2 rotis each. (Drinks were complementary as we booked using #easydiner ). The total bill was around Rs.3000/- (Rs.500/- pp) which is totally worth the ambiance and quality of food😀 Overall - 5/5! If you still haven't visited them - book your table now! #MirchiandMime #FoodinMumbai #ThingstodoinMumbai #Biryani #Powai #GourmetGanguly

38 0 Jan 2, 2018

Gulabnut - Gulab Jamun soaked in generous amount of Old Monk with a mesmerizing pistachio cream served in the shape of a doughnut 😋😋 I am not a huge fan of gulab jamun, but this dessert delivered even more than the hype and our expectations! Soft and boozy gulab jamuns with perfectly homogenised pista cream - probably a match made in heaven 😄😄Gulab jamun has never tasted any better❤ thankyou thebombaycanteen for a fabulous dessert!! 😍😍 #TheBombayCanteen #Gulabnut #Sinful #ModernIndianKitchen #FusionFood #NoFilter #Desserts #GourmetGangulySelects #ThingstodoinMumbai #Dessertporn #MumbaiRestaurants #GourmetGanguly

53 0 Dec 15, 2017

Sometimes, neighbours and their families are more than just neighbours. Sometimes, they are the extended family you didn't have in your city 😊 Also, aunty makes the bestest #Kebabs in whole world😍 #AboutLastNight #Homemadefood #Biryani #Nomnomnom #FoodComa #ChickenEverything #GourmetGanguly 🍗😍😄

64 6 Dec 13, 2017

Finally ticked off lupes_cantina_mexicana off 'the (never ending) list' 😄 Amazing food and perfectly ended that with the #treslechesrumcake or the cake in 3 milk and rum👌Soft,creamy and #meltsinyourmouth kind of #dessert 🍰 💕 Definitely my current favourite place for #mexicanfood 😍 Review coming soon! #LupesCantina #Leeds #FoodinLeeds #GourmetGangulySelects #RestaurantsinLeeds #Nomnomnom #GourmetGanguly

39 1 Nov 24, 2017

CINNNNAAMON 🌟💓😍 If you know me - you know HOW MUCH I Would have LOVED this 😄 This was the first thing shellypathak and me tried here. Theyy are best when eaten hot #CinnamonChimneyCake #Cinnamon #GourmetGangulySelects #Chimneycake #Budapest #NoFilter #BudapestDiaries #Gourmetganguly

53 5 Nov 10, 2017

Had the BEST Indian food in UK till date!💚 dishoom 1) Ambiance (1/1) - Old B/W photos of Indian families, traditional square wall clock as seen in many Udipi restaurants back home, good use of space and an interesting balance between traditional and modern Indian Kitchen 2) Food *OMG SO GOOD* (1/1) - Their #PrawnKoliwada was 95% spot on!!Could taste the flavours and spices! Their #PavBhaji was a little more tamato-ey but still yumm!! Next was their #LambKebab which the showstopper for me! Not a huge fan of lamb but these were soft,aromatic and pretty much #hotnessonmyplate 😍 We had that with #ChesseNaan which is not to be missed🤣 Finally, their creamy warm and smooth #BaileysChai was the perfect ending to the #Fabulousmeal 3) Service (1/1) - Had to wait for 40 minutes to get a table, but it was totally worth it! Service is quick and friendly. Also, they served a proper #Chai to all their customers waiting in the queue outside 👌 4) Innovation and techniques (0.75/1) - Every aspect has been taken care of but I cannot say about the dishes that I didn't try.The efforts of providing as authentic food as possible was quite evident in the food that imaparajita and me tried. Student/NHS discounts would be nice though. 5) VFM (1/1) - 4 dishes and a drink cost us around £18 per person and we were absolutely full by then. Overall 4.75/1 - will definitely take my family here when they visit😃 so it's 👌👌👌 #Dishoom #Foodporn #Foodgasm #Nomnomnom #London #IndianFood #GourmetGanguly #BestIndianMealInUK #IndianFoodinLondon

41 1 Oct 17, 2017

When a #salad looks so good and #tastesbetterthanitlooks 😍 The #GoatCheeseSalad and the #TunaSalad at this restaurant beside #lakeBanyoles were colourful,flavorful,crunchy,nutty and everything you want a salad to be! I don't think I can rate the restaurant based only on salad but the fish salad was 4/5 and the goat cheese salad was 5/5! #Throwback #Girona #Banyoles #Healthystart #Foodlover #GourmetGanguly

36 1 Oct 8, 2017

Among the best places to eat not only in #Haworth but probably in #Yorkshire too 💕 Cobbles_Clay was almost too good to be true! 1)Ambiance 1/1 - Bright, colourful, soothing, warm,inviting with 2 levels and outdoor seating and absolutely adorable interiors😍 2) Food 1/1 - All 5 of us had #Soup and shared one piece of their sinful #ChocolateFudgeCake. While their #SoupOfTheDay was simple yet flavorful, their #TuscanSoup was more tomato-ey with a good dose of vegetables. Both had beautiful textures and were served with bread. The #dessert was decadent and we all went for it altogether ( #Boomerang) 🤣 3) Service 1/1 - Big group and family friendly, timely service. They also have painting activities that you can buy and then paint in the restaurant itself. Loved the entire atmosphere! 4) Innovation and technique 0.75/1 - Their soup, hospitality, dessert and extra-activities are #OnPoint 👍The place was almost full and the staff had to be on their toes!! 5) VFM 1/1 - 5 dishes shared among 5 of us and the total bill was around £30 (£6pp) Overall 4.75/1 - Highly recommended on your #TriptoHaworth An absolute #HiddenGem and definitely worth a try! #FoodInYorkshire #BrunchScenes #CobblesandClay #ThingstodoinUK #Goodfoodguide #GourmetGanguly #nomnomnom

45 6 Sep 21, 2017

#FridayNightDoneRight with dinner turtlebayuk along with shellypathak right before the #VirDas show 1) Ambiance (0.75/1) - Fun, colourful, spacious, lively 2) Food (0.75/1) - Shelly ordered a mushroom and cheese but without the bread and they customised it as per the demand. I ordered their one pot #Chickenincoconutcurry and rice. We both enjoyed our meal - quality and quantity were appropriate. We also had their #ChocolateFudge with rum and #CoconutIcecream While I enjoyed the combination or dark chocolate and spiced rum 😍, Shelly just enjoyed the ice cream. 3) Service (1/1) - They were happy to customise, friendly and were quick too! At one point when the bar wasn't as crowded, the bar tenders had a quick dance which was such a delight to everyone who noticed it! 4) Innovation and technique (0.5) - They are known for their #CarribeanFood and we did enjoy it too but having lived with a Jamaican family friend for almost a year, I do think the food here is adjusted to fit in the public domain which works in their favour 5) VFM (0.5/1) - 2 mains and a dessert cost us around £22. While you can get food with greater VFM, the entire experience was quite nice - especially for a Friday night. Total - 3.5/5 and a must try for a fun meal night👍 p.s. The last #Boomerang is my friend doing the #happydance after ordering food 😄💃 #TurtleBay #RestaurantsinLeeds #FoodInLeeds #ThingstodoinLeeds #Nomnomnom #GourmetGanguly

35 2 Sep 18, 2017

'Rum-n-Raisin' has got to be one of my favourite among the #IceCreams 🍦❤ That was all I needed while walking along the peaceful #Riverdee 🏞 #RumandRaisin #GourmetGanguly #Chester #WeekendGetaway

44 1 Sep 14, 2017
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