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Light morning rain and freshly fallen plumerias ✨ #bali

26 1 Sep 23, 2017

I often wonder what part I play in your life story, if I'm the villain, if I am the best friend, if I was your biggest supporter, did I push you to make better choices and expand your horizons. I often wonder if I even make it into your story, was I important enough? Did I make an impact? Do I still pop into your mind? Do you still think of me? Thought for a beautiful Saturday! 🤔 . . . #travelgram #travelpics #bexhill #quarry #travelphotography #instatravel #instagood #instadaily #explore #adventure #nsw #welivetoexplore #australiagram #roamtheplanet #stayandwander #weliketotravel #igaustralia #girlsborntotravel #thecreatorclass #liveoutside #cruisingaustralia #exploretocreate #openmyworld #simplyadventure #womenwhoexplore #womenwhohike #destinationnsw #sheisnotlost #travelgram #wow_australia

30 2 Sep 23, 2017

• Equinox Reflections • More than any other time of this yearly cycle, now, in this time of harvest and sewing, do I feel most abundant, full of life, in a brimming creative state. Every time around the Equinox everything that I work through throughout the year comes to fruition, juicy and ripe for me to pick and enjoy. For me, this is an exciting time where I walk forward without the need to look back and wonder all of the things I could have done differently. This is a time of forward movement, divination and manifestation. So many possibilities. So much work flowing, that it can sometimes be hard to juggle working for UberEats, photographing weddings, editing them, portrait sessions, events, studying herbalism and building up the vision of another business I have in mind for myself. But the good thing is that I can cultivate all of this income and bounty to tide me over for the winter months. As if this moment, the days will begin to get shorter and darker days will come. A time of inward reflection. A time of looking at our shadow bits. The period of inward journeying. Taking stock and inventory and honouring the journey that has brought me to where I am right now. • In so much gratitude for this abundance of flow right now. For having been a seed and sprouted. For taking the time to nourish myself with what I needed. The silent loving essence of Mother Nature. Of the star beings. And plant spirits. Back down into the soils I go, but in a new way, a different way, a peaceful way. 🌟 Equinox blessings to you all 🍂

18 1 Sep 23, 2017

Spread your wings and prepare to fly. . . . (Sugod mga Mulawin!!! Hahaha 😂)

22 1 Sep 23, 2017

Hoping everyone is enjoying the energy shift into the fall season today! Getting super excited to travel to some cooler weather over the next few months 🍂🍁// October 2014 📸: lomack_

65 2 Sep 23, 2017

Friday, Fall and Double Date Night with the Fredieu's! 👫👫Also, I'm obsessed with this clutch perfect for all season long 🙌🏻Pay no mind to my front door wreath acting as my crown in this photo 😂

40 5 Sep 23, 2017

So I'll spare you the standard 'thanks for the memories' post and just roll with the 'I miss Morocco' and 'here's me in a floaty dress in the desert' post ✌🏽

47 3 Sep 23, 2017

Moments like this at the stunning miramontiboutiquehotel 💙

32 1 Sep 23, 2017

This was the hardest hike we did on Oahu, but the view 👌 It was worth it 😊 #kokohead #kokocrater #oahuhikes #tourhawaii #nakedhawaii #hawaiiunchained

42 2 Sep 23, 2017

Hidden behind a row of shops in Fez is the second largest tannery in the world! Just make sure you accept the mint at the door...there's a reason! #stinky #chouaratannery

29 1 Sep 23, 2017

Day 22: Friends who Choco together, stay together. Thanks for an amazing two days exploring Connecticut and helping me cross the last state of the Northeast off my list. You're the best and I hope you had an amazing birthday💜 #bestieswhotravel . . . . . Welcome to Snaps of September! I know I've been a bit MIA lately due to adjusting to being home and working crazy hours in preparation for my big move. That being said, I have all of these lovely photos from the last few months that I've been dying to share with y'all! So over the next 30 days get ready for some of the highlights of my last few months.

22 1 Sep 23, 2017

流動世界裏 找你的頻率 🦋 準備 計劃明年整個夏天的行程 感覺安排好半年很快到來💪🏻 #iseetaiwan #vscotaiwan #igerstaiwan #bpintaiwan #exploretaiwan #amazingtaiwan #instameettaiwan #discover_taiwan #dametraveler #darlingescapes #femmetravel #girlsborntotravel #postthepeople

449 4 Sep 23, 2017

A Little Spark of Kindness Can Put a Colossal Burst of Sunshine Into Someones Day ☀️ Mr Sharma in his Colorful Shop

20 1 Sep 23, 2017

"Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the people of the world revere him. For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm. {Psalm 33:8-9}

92 3 Sep 23, 2017

#chezshotz shows the size of the trees in MacDonald Park.

26 2 Sep 23, 2017
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