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"Water has no shape, it's nature is to flow. If you put it into a vase it will take shape of the vase. In this cup, it has assumed the shape of a cup. If poured into my cupped hands, it will take the shape of the hands. But water has no shape. It is the same with the consciousness, which is subtler than water. It similarly has no form, but it assumes the form of whatever concept it is poured into or identifies with, but it will never be the form. It remains ever its formless nature." ~ Mooji

8 1 Apr 25, 2017

It was so good seeing this chick again. Could have been longer tho. . Hitchhiking today didn't work out very well. Made it just from Leon to Rivas. Tomorrow we're leaving to Costa Rica as early as possible. Hopefully we'll make it to Tamarindo by noon.

3 1 Apr 25, 2017

Fifty shades of green and a coconut . . . This view 😍 If you ever go to the Philippines, visit Banaue! It's so beautiful! . . . #itsmorefuninthephilippines #banaue #ricepaddies #fiftyshadesofgreen #coconut

1 1 Apr 25, 2017

..and this is the part where you find out who you are.

3 1 Apr 25, 2017

Cheers to lazy days at brunch in the sunshine! This is a housemade strawberry basil balsamic soda (virgin because after a weekend of drinking this girl's liver needed a little detox!) 😅 Austin, I'll miss you 😘 #atx #austintexas #brunchgoals #karashoedown

33 1 Apr 25, 2017

La vita e bella 🍕 There's probably a million reasons why I love Italy... but pizza is the first! What's your favorite food? wearetravelgirls #wearetravelgirls

59 6 Apr 25, 2017

Mais uma foto do Yosemite National Park. Esse é um dos meu lugares preferidos do parque. Fica no Yosemite Valley, perto da Chapel. Na última vez que vim, em setembro de 2016, o clima e a paisagem estavam bem diferente. Apesar de algumas partes do parque estarem fechadas por causa da neve, foi incrível passar mais uma noite aqui! É difícil explicar esse lugar, ele é mágico: Vale Sagrado! 🙌🏻 #tetefedertravel

237 9 Apr 25, 2017

I fall in love. His name is the Philippines! . . . How can you not fall in love with such a beautiful place with friendly people?! . . . #itsmorefuninthephilippines #lovetotravel

1 1 Apr 25, 2017

Inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs 📷 arielletiangco

22 3 Apr 25, 2017

3 days full of art, music, dust, and magic with the dopest squad out there. Cheers to surviving my first 'Chella ✨ #coachella #maskoff #coachella17

25 1 Apr 25, 2017

Peep me joshuatreenps ✎ (link in bio)

20 1 Apr 25, 2017

The golden gates of Versailles

30 3 Apr 25, 2017

Sweet heat arielletiangco

17 1 Apr 25, 2017

Sunsets never get old and neither will traveling. Thanks to everyone supporting my adventures!! Woke up to 1k followers after only just starting... so cool!

27 3 Apr 25, 2017

So nice, I had to post it twice! So much love for Maine sunsets.

24 2 Apr 25, 2017
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