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Modern, openplan living areas, spacious bedrooms and stylish facades are what makes the Menser Views town house development a stand out investment opportunity. Located in Calamvale, only 17km from Brisbane and 45 minutes from the Gold Coast this development is close to completion. Call us today for details of how you can add Menser Views apartment to your property portfolio. #modern #openplan #Menserviews #queensland #Calamvale #investment #property #Goldcoast #dinaestateagents #portfolio #entrepreneur #house #apartment #financialfreedom

3 0 Oct 24, 2017

Single mom's and dad's join us on our call tonight at 10pm. This single mom of 5 found another way. My marketing Director Tashauna Richardson was homeless on food stamps. Until she was Introduced to Surge365 not even a year ago. She was the first 50K bonus earner. Come hear the story from her and her son tonight that can change your life. #singleparent #singlemoms #singledads #extraincome #financialfreedom #travel #travelatwholesale

2 0 Oct 24, 2017

As a millennial woman, it is my goal to empower other millennial women to take control of their finances and build wealth. We are capable of being financially savvy, smart and successful so here are 3 money tips all millennial women should implement. Click here to view my newest blog --->

1 1 Oct 24, 2017

Week 4 of the handstand challenge. 90% of success is just showing up and practicing consistently. I still have a long way to go till I can do handstand walks but I will get there. 🤸🏽‍♀️ #zacsfitnessjourney

2 1 Oct 24, 2017

What To Do If Sued By Cavalry Portfolio Services? Find out how to fight back a #DebtLawsuit by visit our blog at

1 1 Oct 24, 2017

I have just •FOUR• personal coaching spots available for October🍂 I’m looking for someone in: -Iowa -New York -Cali -Illinois -South Carolina -Arizona I have positions for a $200/mo income & $800/mo income!! If you aren't in one of the listed states but you're interested comment below or message me with where you’re from & I’ll send you info!! #entrepreneur #life #dreams #goals #success #team #businesswoman #businessowner #financialfreedom #hiring

8 1 Oct 24, 2017

Are you in your 30s and can’t pay off all of your debt? With each payday, tackling excessive amounts of debt is faced with challenging choices. Please read our article to distinguish which debts you should prioritize (link in bio).

1 1 Oct 24, 2017

"Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do." Oprah Winfrey #successstarshere #financialfreedom #dreambig

0 0 Oct 24, 2017

I'm so grateful for the freedom due to the forex markets! 🙌🙌🙌📈📉💰😎 yesterday I gave my kids day of from school and kindergarten and we all went to a water them park just because! ❤ I remember beating myself down again and again for the little family time I could give my family due to my 9 to 5 😨 I'm so glad I can give them as much time today as the need and I want! ❤❤❤ Want similar freedom? Send me a message for a solution! #forex #NoMore925 #financialfreedom #familytime #opportunity #blameforex #Forextrader #forexlife

1 0 Oct 24, 2017

Excited to be a guest speaker at the "Create Your Home Buying Vision" workshop this Saturday! So many people think becoming a homeowner is impossible but the truth is its not as hard as you may think. In order for you to start the journey towards homeownership you first need to have the vision. RSVP to the event now. See you there! capt_watson shanispeaksnow realtor_jen #yourcents #financialfreedom #financialcoach #money #homeowners #orlando

4 1 Oct 24, 2017

Some days you are covered in snot and food, or dancing on the precipice of tearful meltdowns. And some days you are spontaneously twirling to Tchaikovsky in sticky barre socks. And it's marvelous. 😍✨ YES I work. But it happens on my terms- before breakfast or during naps, or whenever I choose. I gave up being tied to a desk so I can enjoy moments like this. I've never looked back. . . . . . . . #moming #momlife #realtalk #stickysocks #barre #barresocks #thebarmethod #momstyle #improvising #tchaikovsky #mondaymotivation #mondays #workanywhere #financialfreedom #workfromhome #bestjobintheworld #dancing #danse #dance #pieds #feet #babyfeet #ballet #swanlake #twirling

7 0 Oct 24, 2017

My friends, just one week ago, I was hanging with my best friends at an amazing all inclusive resort in Jamaica. PARADISE. 🏝 My sweet friends had their trips paid for via credit card points, which is its own kind of amazingness. 💃🏻 But Chris and I procrastinated a little too long and didn't get anything for free. 🙄 The only reason we were able to say yes to this incredible trip was because of Young Living. My paycheck in the month of September alone covered the entire trip. 😱😭🙌🏻 I cannot express enough that this business is for everyone. Whether you're just wanting to get your oils paid for, or have big dreams of adopting a child, paying off debt, retiring your husband, or being able to give in radical ways, this business is for you. It is NOT too late, it's NOT a fad, and it's NOT a scam (a lot of excuses I hear). If you're ready to join me, shoot me a message. I can promise you we have all the resources you could ever want to help you succeed. All you have to do is bring a willing attitude and a believing mindset. 👊🏻 #financialfreedom #debtfree #jamaica #mlm #sahm #wahm

8 0 Oct 24, 2017

Get it💯 #entrepreneurdose

90 1 Oct 24, 2017
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