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Chairil Tanjung Siapa yang tidak kenal Chairil Tanjung atau biasa akrab di sapa degan CT? Ya dialah salah satu pengusaha besar di Indonesia Dengan kerja kerasnya CT mempunyai beberapa usaha yang menguasai pasar Indonesia. Pada masa kuliah Chairil Tanjung sudah mulai berjualan buku kuliah stensilan, kaos, dan membuka usaha foto copy. Dengan kegigihannya akhirnya dia bisa membuka perusahaan dengan tiga rekannya, akan tetapi karena belum puas dengan apa yang diraihnya pada saat itu CT pun mendirikan perusahaannya sendiri. Dengan para groupnya CT mengembangkan bisnisnya ke segala bidang. Salah satunya bidang keuangan CT mengambil alih Bank Mega. Perusahaan yang dia beri nama Para Group ini membawahi beberapa bisnis lainnya, diantaranya; Para Global Investindo (bisnis keuangan), Para Inti Investindo (media dan Investasi), Para Inti Propetindo (properti), dan di bidang penyiaran & media ia memiliki TransTv, Trans7, Trans Studio. #pengusahamuda #pengusahaonline #pengusahaonline #pengusahamuslim #pengusaha #entrepreneur #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurmindset #bisnis #bisnisonline #bisnismudah #indonesia

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Your happiness won't last if... . Love this post from tonyrobbins . ⏩ Follow paulomahony_ ⏩ Follow paulomahony_

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Stay consistent in whatever it is you do 💙

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"Your vibe attracts your tribe" ~ Kristy Morrison-Bowen . Over the last month or so, I've gone on a listening/mentor/networking tour. . I've been amazingly fortunate to get time with some of the brightest, resourceful, and respected entrepreneurs in all of New York State. . I've learned about myself, my business, my family as well as their businesses and their families. . I've tried to become a better listener during these meetings. I'm fully aware that I talk a lot and talk too fast sometimes and I'm working on slowing down a bit. . In this picture, I'm proudly standing between Adam Sabol and his FIRST employee Shannon in their brand new offices of Key Branding Labs. They are doing amazing work in the Southern Tier and I walked out of our meeting ready to run through a brick wall. . Adam is one of the youngest in my "tribe" but has quickly become a trusted confidant. He tries new things without the fear of failing. And this alone is why he's succeeding. . And, to: . Jason Price, Abigail Henson, Paul Daly, Travis Bort, Kevin Hassett, Chris Fowler, Arel Moodie, Jeff Knauss, Matthew Masur, Eric Hinman, Chris Bily, Matt Godard . It was awesome to see you I appreciate you I admire everything you've accomplished . Thank you for being in my "tribe". I dig your vibe. . #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurial #entrepreneursofinstagram #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurmotivation #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurstyle #entrepreneurtips #entrepreneurmom #entrepreneurship101 #entrepreneurspirit #entrepreneurtip #entrepreneurmind #entrepreneuress #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurquote #entrepreneurialspirit #entrepreneurwomen #entrepreneuriallife #entrepreneurmagazine #entrepreneurlyfestyle #tribe #networking

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Isn't it time you start checking all of the boxes so you don't have to work so hard? Not all books will do 80 percent of the work for you. It's time you have an expert positioning💋 ​ #femaleempowerment #femaleboss #femaleceo #femalehustler #womenpower #womenpowerday #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurslife #entrepreneurmom #entrepreneurtips #solopreneur #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingsavvy #hustle101 #businesswoman #bizscope #digitalmarketinglife

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El sonreír le da más valor a tu vida!

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If you live in Atlanta and have yet to make a visit to The Gathering Spot, you are definitely missing out. atlgathers is a private club at its core, hosting events, everything from lectures to discussions, coworking space and has a full restaurant and bar. All in 25,000 square feet in the heart of the city. Watch my full conversation, link in bio, with co-founder Ryan Wilson and hear more about how these 23 year old friends made this happen. -Blue

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Have you peeped the new MFCEO Project Podcast that dripped last week?! If not, get it up there on your “to listen list” it’s 🔥🔥🔥 . Andy brings on guest Ed Mylett, head of World Financial Group! They go over everything from money to the power of god and realizing your full potential! . They also go over steps and stars of success as well as their most critical moments! This is a can’t miss! . I like to listen either in the car or at the gym, if you have yet to try podcasts these are a great place to start and an even better podcast to start with! . Stay learning and stay hungry fam! If you aren’t part of the community yet, throw a follow and we can start helping ya out!🔥💚👇🏻 profitingtools . profitingtools

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