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Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween 🎃! . Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ . #EllinaRaisovna . #halloween #treakortreat🎃 #treakortreat #happyhalloween #october #halloween2017

128 6 Nov 1, 2017

Today, according to the plan, should be published an article under the hashtag 📚 #EllinaRaisovna_AboutBooks, but ... Today is My #Birthday 🎊🎁, so #today I prefer to receive #congratulations and enjoy my #life! 😍 Me and giraffes wish you a great and cozy #Sunday! 😘 . . . 🇷🇺 Сегодня по плану, должна была быть опубликована статья под хэштегом 📚 #EllinaRaisovna_AboutBooks, но… Сегодня мой #ДеньРожденья 🎊🎁, поэтому сегодня я предпочитаю получать поздравления и радоваться жизни! 😍 Мы с Жирафами желаем Вам отличного и уютного воскресенья! 😘 Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ . #EllinaRaisovna

124 18 Oct 29, 2017

Recently, the first time in my life I visited the famous #American "Garage Sale". 🛍 I know that this kind of #sales has been copied and organise in #Russia, but nevertheless, it was my #first #experience. 😇 The sale was in the usual sleeping area of ​​the city. What #surprised me: 🛒 Road signs. Beginning from the main road and to the house, signs were placed, along which it was easy to get to the garage in which the sale was. (I remind you that the sale was made by ordinary people, not by the company). 🛒 Cooperation. There were several sellers in the garage. These are people who have previously cooperated and agreed to organise a sale. There are some groups in social networks and web sites on which it is possible to mark out the announcement about sale. 🛒 #Goods. It was the biggest shock. I thought that in the Garage Sale they were selling unnecessary goods, like furniture, clothes, utensils, something weighty. It turned out that in addition to all of this on Garage Sale you can buy: Pins! Coils from threads, with threads and without! Old Christmas tree toys and etc. In general, everything that is lying around at home and does not work. 🛒 #Buyers. There are people for whom visiting Garage Sale is kinda sport. They deliberately attend every sale, with a view to simply look, or buy something interesting. The sale I visited was organised by older people, so the goods were not the first freshness. Perhaps, if I saw the Garage Sale, which is organised by young people, then the goods would be more new. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But in general, I liked the #idea 💡. We so often throw out in the trash or just distribute unnecessary things, then why not resell them?! 😎 . . 🇷🇺 Недавно, первый раз в жизни я побывала на знаменитом американском «Garage Sale». 🛍 Я знаю, что подобного рода распродажи уже давно скопировали и проводят и в России, но тем не менее, это был мой первый опыт. 😇 #Распродажа проходила в обычном спальном районе города. Что меня удивило: Продолжение 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼:

70 1 Oct 28, 2017

Yesterday I visited an interesting event called "The State Fair of Louisiana". 🎪 #TheStateFairofLouisiana has been held annually since 1906. Initially, this fair was held with the goal that experienced farmers 👩🏼‍🌾 could share their agricultural experience with young farmers 👨🏼‍🌾. To date, the number of farmers has decreased significantly, that's why the fair nowadays is made more for fun. 🎊 But nevertheless, one of the programs of the fair is an exhibition of cows 🐄, sheep 🐑 and chickens 🐓. At The State Fair of #Louisiana there are located: a circus, a mini zoo, an amusement park, an animal show, various show programs and lots of food, literally at every turn. 😎 By the way, about food, this fair is famous for the fact that local culinary people like to cook deep-fried. 🍤🍟Therefore, at the "The State Fair of Louisiana" you can try such strange products as bread, watermelon and pineapple in deep-fried, or chips from pigskin. 😅 I refrain from tasting local delicacies, but if you have tried a fried watermelon, please describe your feelings in the comments. 😎 Such a #fair is held in every state of the #UnitedStates, only at different times. For example, recently ended in #Texas. 🤠 . . . 🇷🇺 Вчера я посетила интересное мероприятие, которое называется «The State Fair of Louisiana», что в переводе с английского называется «Государственная сельскохозяйственная ярмарка штата #Луизиана». 🎪 #Ярмарка «The State Fair of Louisiana» проходит ежегодно с 1906 года. Изначально эта ярмарка проводилась с той целью, чтобы опытные фермеры 👩🏼‍🌾 могли поделиться своим опытом ведения сельского хозяйства с молодыми фермерами 👨🏼‍🌾. На сегодняшний день, количество фермеров значительно уменьшилось, поэтому ярмарка больше носит развлекательный характер. 🎊 Но тем не менее, одной из программ ярмарки является выставка коров 🐄, овец 🐑 и кур 🐓. На «The State Fair of Louisiana» находятся: цирк, мини зоопарк, парк развлечений, выставка животных, различные шоу программы и много много еды, буквально на каждом шагу. 😎 Кстати про еду, данная ярмарка знаменита тем, что местные кулинары любят готовить во фритюре. 🍤🍟 Продолжение 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼:

95 5 Oct 27, 2017

How long before the #flight do I need to arrive at the #airport❓ According to the generally accepted rules, if you make an internal flight 🛩, then you should come to the airport 1.5 hours before departure, if the international flight, then for 2 hours. Then everything depends on which airport and at what time of year you fly: ❗️If you are flying during the holiday season, then it's better to arrive at the airport in advance. ❗️If you travel with children, it is better to arrive in advance. ❗️If you live in a metropolis and the airport in your city is a hub, then you should come in advance. ❗️If you live in a small city, then set 1,5-2 hours you will be enough. Wish you a pleasant flight! 🛫 . . . 🇷🇺 За какое #время до полета нужно приезжать в #аэропорт❓ Согласно общепринятым правилам, если вы совершаете внутренний перелет 🛩, то вам стоит приехать в аэропорт за 1,5 часа до отлета, если международный перелет, то за 2 часа. Дальше все зависит от того, из какого аэропорта и в какое время года вы вылетаете: ❗️Если вы летите в сезон отпусков, то лучше приехать в аэропорт заранее. ❗️Если вы путешествуете с детьми, лучше приехать заранее. ❗️Если вы живете в мегаполисе и аэропорт в вашем городе является хабом, то стоит приезжать заранее. ❗️Если вы живете в маленьком городе, то установленных 1,5-2 часов вам будет достаточно. Приятного полета! 🛫 . Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ . #EllinaRaisovna #EllinaRaisovna_Flights

51 7 Oct 26, 2017

Does your #family have a #cooking #culture❓ One of my last discoveries in America is that the phrase COOKING, in #America has a slightly different meaning than in #Europe. 🍽 To be even more clear, in America, COOKING means UNFREEZE and HEAT UP. 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳 Their love for frozen food was explained to me, by the lack of time for cooking, and also by the fact, that buying frozen food they have the opportunity to taste dishes from different countries, without being confused as to how to cook them. Another alternative to "cooking" dinner, is to visit restaurants or fast food restaurants. 😎 Exceptions are immigrants who cooking food at home. Because it was so accepted in their families, in the countries from which they came. 🥘 . . . 🇷🇺 Принято ли в вашей семье готовить❓ Одним из моих последних открытий в Америке является то, что фраза ПРИГОТОВИТЬ ПОКУШАТЬ, в Америке имеет несколько иной смысл, нежели в Европе. 🍽 Если быть еще точнее, то в Америке ПРИГОТОВИТЬ - значит РАЗМОРОЗИТЬ И РАЗОГРЕТЬ. 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳 Свою любовь к замороженной пище мне объяснили отсутствием времени на готовку, а также тем, что покупая замороженную пищу у них появляется возможность попробовать блюда разных стран, при этом не заморочиваясь как их приготовить. Еще одной альтернативой «приготовления» ужина, является посещение ресторанов или фаст-фудов. 😎 Исключением являются иммигранты, которые готовят дома еду, в привычном для нас понимании слова ГОТОВИТЬ. Потому что так было принято в их семьях, в тех странах из которых они приехали. 🥘 . Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ . #EllinaRaisovna #EllinaRaisovna_AboutNations

205 15 Oct 25, 2017

Do you like Farmers Market❓ I have heard many times about American Farmers Market 👩🏼‍🌾👨🏼‍🌾, and only a couple of weeks ago I finally saw them with my own eyes. 👀 The #FarmersMarket in #America have no different from the Farmers Market in any other country, like #Austria, #Russia or #Italy. In the #market you can buy various #vegetables 🌽🥕🥔 and #fruits 🍉🍎🍐, fish, pickles 🥒, souvenirs, etc. Usually, they are organise Farmers Market on Sat or Sun. In America, visiting the Farmers Market is an excellent opportunity to buy organic fresh vegetables and fruits. Keyword: #organic! ☝🏼 PS: Everyone earns money on the Farmers Market in his way, for example someone is sings 🎤. 😀 . . . 🇷🇺 Вам нравятся фермерские рынки❓ Я много раз слышала об американских фермерских рынках 👩🏼‍🌾👨🏼‍🌾, и лишь пару недель назад наконец-то увидела их своими глазами. Фермерский рынок в Америке ничем не отличается от фермерского рынка в любой другой стране, будто то #Австрия, #Россия или #Италия. На рынке можно купить различные #овощи 🌽🥕🥔 и #фрукты 🍉🍎🍐, рыбу, соленья, сувениры и т.д. Обычно фермерские рынки устраивают в сб или вс. В Америке посещение фермерского рынка это отличная возможность приобрести натуральные свежие овощи и фрукты. Ключевое слово: натуральные! P.S.: На фермерском рынке каждый зарабатывает как умет, кто-то например, поет. . Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ . #EllinaRaisovna #EllinaRaisovna_WhereToBuy . #travelblogger #BDTeam #traveldeeper #TLPicks #lonelyplanettraveller #IamATraveler #beautifuldestinations #nytimestravel

87 6 Oct 22, 2017

Have you ever been in the #USA ❓What surprised you in this country❓ I remember how, before the first flight to the USA, I was sitting in a cafe and talking with a girlfriend who was already in this country. And that day she described America with just one phrase, but this phrase is the most accurate. She said then: "America is like a cinema", meaning that real life in America does not differ from the life, which is shown in the films. And now I see this. 😊 Take for example, a contest with eating hot dogs 🌭 for time ⏱. Until last Friday, I was convinced that this contest was just a director's idea, but it turned out that it was real contest. 🙈 See yourself 👇🏼. . . . 🇷🇺 Вы были в #Америка❓ Что вас удивило в этой стране❓ Я помню как перед первым полетом в Америку я сидела в кафе и разговаривала с подружкой, которая уже была в этой стране. И в тот день она описала Америку всего одной фразой, но эта фраза самая точная. Она сказала тогда: «Америка вся киношная», имея ввиду, что реальная жизнь в Америке не отличается от жизни, которую показывают в фильмах. И я убеждаюсь в этом ежедневно. 😊 Вот, например, конкурс с поеданием хот-догов 🌭 на время ⏱. До прошлой пятницы, я была уверенна, что этот конкурс просто режиссерская задумка, оказалось что это правда. Посмотрите сами 👇🏼. . Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ . #EllinaRaisovna #EllinaRaisovna_MustSeeIt . #travelblogger #BDTeam #traveldeeper #TLPicks #lonelyplanettraveller #IamATraveler #beautifuldestinations #nytimestravel #GQTravel #GoThere #traveltips #thetravelpro #letsgosomwhere #cntraveler #globetrotter #seetheworld #travelingtheworld #LoveTheWorld #worldtravelpics #travel_captures #ilovetravel

72 3 Oct 20, 2017

Let's talk about the #airline #companies. 😎 What is your favourite airline company❓ For example, I like: 🛩 #SingaporeAir. This airline deservedly bears the name of one of the best airlines in the world. When you flying with Singapore Airlines, you can always be confident about the quality of service. ✈️ #EmiratesAirline don't need special representation. One of my favourite things at #Emirates is that, there are several cameras on the aircraft: one in front, one from below (Maybe more than 2, I'm not sure). Therefore, during the whole trip you can observe in real time what is happening outside of the aircraft. It is especially interesting to watch during the landing. 🛫At #Lufhtanza I like almost everything. The exception is business class flights to short distances. I mean an hour or two of flying. In general, there is no reason to buy them, because the chairs are no different from the seats in #EconomyClass. The only bonus is that on the middle seat no one will be seated and they will give you with drinks and food for business class. But I almost never eat in airplanes, so for me this is not a bonus. Bonus is the chance to entry in the lounge. 😊 😜 But justice is worth noting that for traveling over long distances, Lufthansa has good and comfortable seats and service in #lufghansabusinessclass and #lufhtansafirstclass. 💺 But for example, #Aeroflot provides very comfortable seats for flights for short distances in the #BusinessClass, but they have a convenient seats also in Economy Class. Sufficiently wide armchairs, wider than in some other airlines, and generally the service is good. 🛬 I like #TurkishAirlines because of the comfortable seats and its attractive bonus program #MilesandSmiles. . . . 🇷🇺 Продолжение 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼:

143 14 Oct 20, 2017

#Americans are a very interesting nation that amaze me every day. 😁 The other day, we agreed to meet with an American friend of mine. Just before our meeting, she sent me a message, in which she asked: will I not mind if she brings a GLOBE 🌎?! Of course, I was surprised 😳, but agreed 😇. And after our meeting, I was glad that she brought a #globe with her. 😍 The fact is that: 1️⃣ The globe that she brought was produced in the 1960s, so you can see countries that do not exist in 2017. For example, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Democratic Republic of Germany, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union. 🤓 2️⃣ It turns out very interesting, during the meeting to spend time not for idle chatter, but to learn something new. For example, my friend K. after our meeting learned that Yugoslavia no longer exists, and instead of it now there are #Croatia, #Serbia, #BosniaandHerzegovina, #Montenegro, #Slovenia, #Macedonia. I, also, learned from K. about the consequences of the #hurricanes #Maria and #Irma, which recently collapsed in the #Caribbean region. 😔 3️⃣ I also learned that such meetings are possible in principle. Because if you will come in one cafe in #Russia or in #Italy with a globe, and start discussing geography, history, climate, anything, and if you are not a geography teacher, then most likely that people who will surround you will call in psychiatric hospital. 😂 Of course, I deliberately exaggerate, but nevertheless the reaction will be 💯 inadequate. 🤣 In #America, it's possible! The most interesting thing is that no one was even surprised to see two ladies in a cafe, who carefully examine the globe and talk about something. 😎😂 ✅ My advice to you: travel and settle for strange at first glance, suggestions from local residents! Of course, if these suggestions do not threaten your safety. . . . 🇷🇺 #Американцы очень интересная нация, которая не перестает удивлять меня каждый день. 😁 На днях, мы договорились встретиться с одной моей знакомой американкой. Буквально перед нашей встречей она прислала мне сообщение, в котором спросила: не буду ли я против, если она принесет с собой ГЛОБУС 🌎 ?! . Продолжение ниже: 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

99 5 Oct 9, 2017

My most favourite 😍 #store in the #US is #barnesandnoble. 👏🏼 I basically adore all the bookshops of the world and I'm ready to stay there for hours, but I have a special love for Barnes & Noble ❤️. In Barnes & Noble you can buy all kinds of books, notebooks, magazines, postcards, souvenirs, comics, toys, etc. 😎 Also in the store Barnes & Noble located Starbucks, where, attention ☝🏼❗️: you can take any #books or magazine, buy coffee and sit and read them right in the cafe, and when you will tired bored, you can go and put back the book, or buy the book. 😍Alternatively, you can buy coffee for take-away and walk with it in the store, or sit down on one of the chairs that are in the store and read. 🤓 Also worth noting the children's department, it's just a fairy tale ✨. In the children's department you can find even a small stage, on which sometimes arrange the performances. And on ordinary days you can come there with children and buy books or sit and read them right in the store. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Barnes & Noble is the bookstore of my dreams! 🙌🏼 . . . 🇷🇺 Мой самый любимый 😍 #магазин в #США это Barnes & Noble. 👏🏼 Я в принципе обожаю все книжные магазины мира и готова находиться там часами, но к Barnes & Noble у меня особенная любовь ❤️. В Barnes & Noble продаются всевозможные книжки, блокноты, журналы, открытки, сувениры, комиксы, игрушки и т.д. 😎 Также в самом магазине находится Starbucks, где, внимание ☝🏼❗️: вы можете взять любые #книги или журнал, купить кофе и сидеть и читать их прямо в кафе, а когда надоест пойти положить обратно, или купить. 😍 Либо наоборот, вы можете купить кофе на вынос и ходить с ним по магазину, либо присесть на одном из кресел, которые находятся в самом магазине и читать. 🤓 Также стоит отметить детский отдел, это просто сказка ✨. В детском отделе есть даже маленькая сцена, на которой иногда устраивают представления. А в обычные дни вы можете прийти туда с детьми и либо купить книжки, либо посидеть и почитать их прямо в магазине. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Barnes & Noble - это книжный магазин моей мечты! 🙌🏼 Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ #EllinaRaisovna #ellinaraisovna_wheretobuy . #travelblogger #BDTeam #traveldeeper #TLPicks

85 1 Oct 8, 2017

One of my favourite stores in the #US is the 👌🏼 #WorldMarket. In this store you can find products produced in different countries of the world. For example, food imported from Italy, Russia, China, Germany, Holland, Korea, India, etc. 😋 Plus, this store sells interior items, dishes, postcards, children's toys, jewellery, scarves, alcohol, etc., also brought from other countries. 😻 Sometimes, I go to this store to see what's they have interesting there for sale. A visit to this store expands the world outlook and empties the credit card 💸 😂. It is impossible to enter the World Market and buy nothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️😇 . . . 🇷🇺 Одним из моих самых любимых магазинов в #США, является 👌🏼 World Market. В этом магазине вы можете найти продукцию произведенную в разных странах мира. Например, продукты питания завезенные из Италии, России, Китая, Германии, Голландии, Кореи, Индии и т.д. 😋 Плюс в этом магазине продаются предметы интерьера, посуда, открытки, детские игрушки, украшения, шарфы, алкоголь и т.д., также привезенные из других стран. 😻 Иногда, я захожу в этот магазин чтобы посмотреть что интересного там продается. Посещение этого магазина расширяет мировоззрение, кругозор и опустошает кредитную карту 💸 😂. Невозможно зайти в World Market и ничего не купить. 🤷🏼‍♀️😇 #EllinaRaisovna #EllinaRaisovna_WhereToBuy Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ 💭 #thediscoverer #beautifulapparel #travelandlife #lonelyplanet #ForbesTravelGuide #DarlingEscapes #intrepidtravel #ladieslovetravel #womenwhoexplore #womenwhotravel #WeAreTravelGirls #Girlsborntotravel #TheTravelWomen #girlswhotravel #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #global_ladies #passionpassport #girlsaroundtheworld #girlsabroad #femmetravel #магазин #советы #shop

115 13 Oct 7, 2017

💭 Flying is movement, and movement is life. Being "on the ground", after about a week I start to get bored "across the sky" and watch carefully every flying airplane. 🛩 I have a hard time imagining the times ⏱ of our ancestors who spent several days and even weeks to get from point A to point B. And today in 10 hours you can fly through the half of Europe, cross the Atlantic Ocean and the half of America. 😍 And all this is possible thanks 🙏🏼 to the Wright brothers who invented the world's first airplane. And on December 17, 1903 this plane made its #first #flight. 🛩 . . . 🇷🇺 💭 Полеты - это движение, а движение - это жизнь. Находясь «на земле», уже примерно через неделю я начинаю скучать «по небу» и внимательно наблюдать за каждым пролетающим самолетом. 🛩 Я с трудом представляю себе времена наших предков, ⏱ которые тратили несколько дней, и даже недель, чтобы добраться из пункта А в пункт Б. А сегодня за 10 часов можно пролететь пол Европы, пересечь Атлантический океан и пол Америки. 😍 И все это возможно благодаря братьям Райт 🙏🏼, которые изобрели первый в мире самолет. И 17 декабря 1903 года этот самолет совершил свой #первый #полет. 🛩 Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ #EllinaRaisovna #EllinaRaisovna_Flights 💭 #IamATraveler #lonelyplanet #TLPicks #travelandlife #BDTeam #fodorsonthego #allnipponairways_official #WidenYourWorld #TKMoments #lifewelltravelled #AirNZShareMe #GoingPlacesTogether #QuatarAirways #EmiratesAirline #FlySQ #SingaporeAir #SQavgeek #LivingGrand #TravelBrillianty #WorldOfUnderstanding #fly #flying #lufthansabusinessclass #lufthansa

99 4 Oct 6, 2017

📚«I recently read Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code”. The screen version of the book “The Da Vinci Code” I looked in 2006, in those days when he went out. This film made a great impression on me, but in the time when I was reading the book in my memory were remind only weak memories of the plot. 📗Therefore, reading the book “The Da Vinci Code” I learned again all the situations that happened to the characters. And after reading the book I immediately reviewed the film, and once again convinced that it is better to read the book than to watch the film. 📕It was very sad to watch how the filmmakers ruthlessly threw out very important parts of the book, and without them it becomes generally unclear what is being discussed in the film. And all the dialogues in the film lose their meaning. And of course the fact that the plot was slightly changed in the film also make me sad. 📘The publication of the book “The Da Vinci Code” and its filming were accompanied by a big scandal. In the book “The Da Vinci Code”, Dan Brown questions the divine origin of Christ. This question undermines the already undermined authority of the church. He describes the facts that actually take place, but are carefully hidden by the interested persons. And if you look at the cover of the book, you will see on it an inscription stating that all the facts described in the book are true. This is the only cover with a similar cover. …» 📌Continue to read 👉🏼 Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️ #EllinaRaisovna 💭 #worldtraveler #timeoutsociety #adventurethatislife #darlingescapes #worldtravelpics #mybestcityshots #travelgram #instapassport #prettylittletrips #travelphoto #worldtravelpics #femaleblogger #travelinspiration #travelforlife #traveladdicted #travelstyle #femaletravel #travelgoals #bestseller #book #bookstagram #books4life #aboutbooks #danbrown #thedavincicode #readmore #lovereading

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«As you can understand, this time the idea of a romantic canoe rowing has disappeared by itself. Despite the fact that during a canoe trip you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sequoias opens, and you can swim between them. 🐊To be honest, it was very scary even to walk in the park. Near the lake, I constantly turned around and waited for the alligator to creep out from somewhere. 🐊Nevertheless, I can say that the rest of the park visitors were not at all embarrassed by the neighbourhood with the alligators. Some of them quietly had fun on the shore of the lake, having arranged a barbecue there. Others rode on their motor boats. Others took a canoe for hire and fished from it near the shore. ...» #EllinaRaisovna Continue to read 👉🏼 Link in my Bio: ⚜️⚜️

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