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Her ölüm üzücüdür. Ve hayatımızı yeniden sorgulatır. Hırslarımızı, koşturmacalarımızı, egomuzu..? Kimine göre sonrasinda ne olduğu bilinmeyen ve oksijen alışının durması ile vuku bulan olay. Benim için ise ölüm, birşeyin yokolması değil dönüşmesidir. Yeni bir dünyaya, yaşama, yeni bir bedende, yeni bir varlık olarak doğuş...Sonu olmayan bir başlangıç. Nasıl ki uyurken ruh faaliyetlerine hala devam ediyorsa, beden şalteri indirildiğinde de yaşam farklı bir formatta devam edecektir. Yorulmamacasına çalışmayı küçük yaşlarda senden etkilenerek öğrendiğimi henüz fark ettim. Işığın bol olsun dayıcıım.🙏 P.S. Çocukluğumuzda az mı tırmandık bugün bize leziz cevizlerini ikram ederek bizi hatırlayıp karşılayan canımız ağaç arkadaşımıza asliibilge 🌲❤

52 7 Dec 13, 2017

Krusty is one complex man - the funny ones retain the most sadness #krustytheclown #simpsons #dvd #complex #yinyang #funnyguy #sadness #duality #flowers #thoughtswhilehigh #thinking #baked #420 #420life #childhood #greenhair #flowerhead

12 3 Dec 13, 2017

The Haunting (acoustic) is now on repeat..along with the whole #duality album..makes my red blood pump happy #setitoffband #musictherapy #turnitup

1 0 Dec 13, 2017

Some shade, Some light... Everything is moving... We are dual... Beauty is in the eyes of the one who looks #filters #lightandshade #cloud #photographer #goodtime #goodfeeling #duality #strange

5 1 Dec 13, 2017

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WHEN DARKNESS CREEPS IN That moment you feel the shadow of life is about to come over you, like an intense black cloud that extinguishes all light around. Making you want to hide somewhere deep down in a cave of isolation for all that is penetrating your whole being and weighs so heavy. Colors you black and takes you to nomansland, down into this black hole and you never seem to hit the ground. That what is sucking up your soul and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The light has gone out. It's just a shadow. A heavy cloud that is passing by. It's not you. You are not darkness, although it might feel like since your whole system is drenched in it. You experience it. But it's not yours. So don't make it your own. Because if you do that, it will hold on and this makes it even more difficult to let it go. Don't run away. It will follow you. Don't hide. It will find you. Don't push it away. It will come back Don't numb. It will become even more alive. All it asks for is that it wants to be seen for what it is. Just a black cloud. Nothing more, nothing less. One that comes, and may hamper your sight for a while, but always goes if you allow it to. It demands a lot of courage to stand strong in the midst of a storm. Being vulnerable. Open to all there is. Acknowledge that life isn't all about sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. It can be rough, rude and extremely painful. But you don't have to be swept away by suffering. Pull yourself back into the present moment. Breathe. Know that this cloud will pass. Focus on the present moment. And sure, there will be big waves wanting to lift you up and smash you against the shore and threatening big thunderstorms declaring the end of the world. It is not. It’s the flow of life. The start of something new. The gateway to the light. We live in a dualistic world, consisting of opposites on an endless continuum. Light and darkness can exist in the same time. When darkness creeps in, the sky cracks open and light shows itself in a much more powerful way than you've ever seen before. If you stay in your self created cave you will never see. In the midst of the storm is the place to be. 💙

27 1 Dec 13, 2017

Here, in my soul, are all the words I was given, Sublime, insufficient, pensive, gentle, riven With necessity and the burden of yearning, Flickering and swaying like a flame in burning, Ceaseless, this restlessness of life in time and space, Only succour in the memory of your face - Even in the painful haze of time's distortion, Holding your hand, kissing your mouth, an extortion Of such precious truth from the ever-shifting world We are imprisoned in, from cruel destiny, hurled Into bewildered lives, the tender, the gentle Unions in touch the true route to elemental Primal truths about the beauty of existence Underneath the darkness, behind the persistence Of consciousness that there can be no elevation; You, in those few hours, a profound revelation Of the power of two lost souls, found, in knowing Briefly, unspoken, that the cosmos is glowing When souls connect. #poetry #poem #poems #wisdom #dreams #beauty #dreams #allure #mystery #memory #memories #time #past #present #future #writing #love #attraction #connection #truth #souls #existence #timeless #unity #duality #cosmos #mystic #touch #kiss #tenderness

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Jeune vieille ou vielle jeune ? Hum hum... Elle devient compliquée cette routine #beauté 😂 #avene #beauty #skincare #drjekyllandmrhyde #duality #morningroutine #confidence

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Both play a huge part in our lives. Too much of either is detrimental. Too much order and we become a tyrant, a dictator lacking in spontaneity. Too much chaos and we become lost in anarchy to ourselves, wild and lawless. Day to day, order is essential to facilitate organisation, stabilisation and growth on to the next level. Order brings us fluidity. Order can be used for high quality results in health, professional career, relationships, parenting, spiritual growth and the acquiring of new skills. Imagine any of those things left on a whim, would you advance in them? Chaos brings unbalance, distraction, confusion, wildness. We have all been in this state and know it well. But a little bit of this is good for us as with any new change there is always the first few steps in chaos, which is also a reason why we can struggle to adopt new habits, learn new skills or fear change. We must be willing to embrace chaos as we can soon regain order after our venture into the unknown. A stable, meditative mind helps greatly in this. An example of a positive of chaos can be seen similar to an improvised jazz riff, free but with skill. Without skill and awareness it is a mess. Order and Chaos work together, but to remain in chaos is to remain unbalanced which benefits no one in the long term. Order is creation. Chaos is destruction (of good and bad!). Life cannot exist without either of them. #order #chaos #love #mindfulness #meditation #balance #wildness #wild #happy #sad #philosophy #mindset #success #failure #thought #life #duality

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"Duality" done yesterday at cloakanddaggerlondon ! Next dates: LONDON 🇬🇧15/18 - 22/23 Jan cloakanddaggerlondon NORWICH 🇬🇧 19/20 Jan fivekeystattoo For appointments: alboytattoo #tattooillustration #bricklane #bricklanetattoo #grotesque #londontattoo #tttism #duality #demontattoo #demon

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• B O T H S I D E S • Hay tantas bromas que hago en clase sobre los lados! Que no sale o no llegas con la izquierda, a ver... probemos con la derecha que a lo mejor es el lado bueno... 😂 Y hay veces que me contestan, parece que es peor... hahaha Me encanta bromear en clase! . Siempre siempre siempre repita la postura con los dos lados, trabajando la lateralidad! EQUILIBRIO!! 🙏🏼✨😊 Y en 🏠 casa, o para fotos... si un lado sale mejor, no dejéis de practicar el otro, es el que MÁS LO NECESITA! 👍🏼 • There are so many jokes that I do in class about the sides! That doesn’t come out with the left, let's see ... let's try with the right that maybe it's the good side ... 😂 And there are times when students answer me, it seems it's worse... hahaha I love joking in class! . Always always always repeat the posture with both sides, working laterality! BALANCE!! 🙏🏼✨😊 And at 🏠 home, or for shootings... if one side comes out better, never stop practicing the other, it is the one that NEEDS THE MOST! 👍🏼 . . . . 📷 cruces_alex boxbarcelona #balance #sidestretch #yogaasanas #badass #yoga #yogachallenge #yogavariations #yogateacher #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #yogateacherbarcelona #barcelona #barceloneta #barcelonetabeach #nike #nikegirl #nikegirl #nikegirl #yogagirl #beachyoga #beachyogagirl #goodmorning #sunrise #startingearly #duality #balanceyourlife

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The Ancestors just wanted me to convey that message i mean even ms baduIZM📖📚 will tell ya or for you tippy toe hoes that got out the game and think we still don't know na sis wake yo game up b4 you get locked in a room with a shark like me 🌚 #GodMade16 #Izm #Alchemy #WakeUp #Rhgo #Duality #Pgo #WeAllOne #GodMade304'sOnly 💅🔮

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C O A T L I C U E = Virgen de Guadalupe. Summary in brief, La Virgen comes from Coatlicue, the Aztec goddess of duality, birth and death. When the Spaniards came to “America” they replaced coatlicue with “coatlaxopeuh” which sounded like Guadalupe, their European version of the Virgin. Although coatlicue was the embodiment of duality, she was dismembered by separating her into light and dark, sexed and desexed. La Virgen becoming the desexed aspect of this ancient powerful representation of divine feminine qualities. This is a prime example of how colonization influenced consciousness and culture. Wombyn for centuries have become victims of dismemberment. Seen as virgins or whores, good and evil, when in reality our truth and power comes from the embodiment of this dual aspect. We are the virgins and the whores... we are light and dark matter.. we are it ALL. We are stepping into a time we are remembering where we come from and who we really are. _ #virgendeguadalupe #coatlicue #aztecgoddess #duality #herstory #ourstory #symbolicrepresentation #healingjourney #ancestralhealing #culturalheritage #december12

30 0 Dec 13, 2017
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