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My good friend and bandmate Antony Hämäläinen and I have started a new project called Forever Burn. I’ve always loved Antony’s voice since he and I met on the Armageddon and Framework tour in 2015 and it’s a no brainer for us to put some tunes out for you guys. Let’s start with this cover of Carcass’s “Heartwork.” Enjoy! Full video available on YouTube: or search for Forever Burn Carcass Heartwork #carcass #heartwork #armageddon #framework #meridiandawn #nightrage #caparisonguitars #dimarzio #sitstrings #horus #dellinger

22 4 Feb 20, 2018

I‘m not really active on here anymore sorry. I‘m more active on my other account now

38 1 Feb 18, 2018

Oi Eustass you forgot your underwear~

106 2 Feb 18, 2018

Ship or skip? For me it‘s definetly a ship

142 7 Feb 18, 2018

_ #Dellinger 👍 OR 👎? - وحش 😈🔥 - Episode : 712 رقم الحلقة - - - #لوفي #زورو #سانجي

3614 61 Feb 16, 2018

The back of the Dellinger Prominence in Trans. Spectrum Red. #caparison #dellinger #caparisonguitars #madeinjapan

739 1 Feb 15, 2018

You... you made my day today and you know excatly why 🖤 thank you so much... it really means a lot... happy valentines day cutie

142 2 Feb 15, 2018

Happy valentines day to the best friend and bunny there is 🖤 my god how can you live with an annoying girl like me? Anyway thanks for beeing here for me after all 😋 you can‘t get rid of me anymore you little witch

91 3 Feb 14, 2018

Just hold still! It won‘t hurt... for long

97 1 Feb 13, 2018

Every Caparison guitar is handmade by our master craftsmen, using intelligent design that’s based on the experience of world class, professional musicians. We have been building electric guitars and basses since 1995, always with the finest quality materials and your requirements at heart. The total package is everything to us: stability, tone, playability, reliability and aesthetics. At Caparison Guitars we want to build you an instrument that, from the hand-applied colours to the unique fingerboard inlays, feels like it was made specifically for you. Using the best woods, pickups and application of finishes, we ensure the functionality and aesthetics that would traditionally be reserved for custom instruments is applied to every one of our creations. At Caparison Guitars no detail is too small. #caparison #caparisonguitars #madeinjapan #japanesequality #guitar #horus #dellinger #clocks #craftsmanship #woodworking #masterbuilt

1498 15 Feb 13, 2018

this pic is on my story but idc bc I love it AHAHA EXCITED FOR MY DONQIXOTE FAMILY GROUP SATURDAY MORNING!!! I'll be at the one piece shoot!! #Katsucon #dellinger #dellingercosplay #onepiece #onepiececosplay

476 13 Feb 12, 2018

Can we keep them

170 1 Feb 11, 2018

It’s so hard to choose which one piece character I want to use for an account but I’ve decided on Bellamy because he needs more love :3 like all the one piece characters are great and it’s so hard to choose who you want to be? 😫😩 —- Anyway so this is a fan page for hyena Bellamy because he is precious 💕 if you want to be friends then dm me don’t be afraid :) —- #onepiece #bellamythehyena #bellamyhyena #bellamy #hyena #dressrosa #skypiea #doflamingo #bartolomeo #cavendish #luffy #law #dellinger #rebecca #sabo

20 3 Feb 11, 2018
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