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Duality!/Photo by: Mohammad Shamkhani/30 November 2017 دو رنگی!/عکس از: محمد شمخانی/9 آذر هزار و سیصد و نود و شش ✔ "هنگامى كه نيكى و نيكوكارى، زمانه و اهل زمانه را فرا گرفته باشد، اگر كسى بی دلیل به دیگری گمان بد ببرد، به راستی ستم کرده است. و هنگامى كه بدى و بدكارى بر زمانه و اهل زمانه غالب باشد، اگر كسى به دیگری خوش بین باشد در حقیقت خود را فريفته است." (نهج البلاغه) پ.ن 1: این نقل قول را در واکنش به حسن روحانی آوردم که او هم متاسفانه بنفش آمد و توزرد از آب درآمد! پ.ن 2: دیروز پشت وانت باری خواندم: "می خوای سبقت بگیری بگیر، ولی جون مادرت قیافه نگیر" #shamkhani_mohammad, #photography, #iran, #gilan, #landscape, #trees, #valley, #instadayli, #heavenly, #duality, #autumn, #forest, #colors, #instagramer, #nature, #naturelovers, #normallens, #daylight, #sunlight, #composition, #fire, #colorcomposition, #colorphotography

101 10 Dec 14, 2017

Find yourself a friend who will play you Oliver Shanti's greatest hits on the shamanic drum, even when the demonic forces have you chained to a sick bucket for 8 hours ♡ . 🦄 . 🍃 . 🦄 . #ayahuasca #typical #areweweird #takeyourpower #notheretotolerateyourshit #purge #bucket #spiritual #drum #kundalini #shamanic #shamanichealing #memes #dmt #journey #trip #trippingballs #highvibrations #lowvibrations #girlswhojourney #soulsisters #love #duality #dreamcatcher #universe #power

6 0 Dec 14, 2017

Dichotomies that morph and heal, flirting with integration and oneness whilst being whole by themselves, individuality knocks at their doors. ❤ Dichotomies that eat, breathe and love. ❤ I am the light on my path, the rules to follow and the ones to break. ❤ I am my balm and tormentor, my highest tunes and the deadliest of silences. ❤ I am a living mystery and an open book, waiting with full pages under the graze of your fingers. ❤ A dichotomy in itself that is allowed to breathe, live and thrive. ❤ I am the heaviness of existence and the joy of freedom. ❤ I balance myself between opposites dancing from one extreme to middle ground and then to the other. ❤ An ever changing contradiction that has made peace with it's parts. ❤ I love to see and taste where the poles become one, where it's differences become points for synergy and collaboration. ❤ I thrive in balance as a constantly flowing, ever morphing state. ❤ Balance can be eating chocolate while painting at midnight and humming your favorite tune, or it can feel like waking up at 5 to chug in the greenest smoothie available while setting up your yoga mat before sunrise ❤ It can mean wearing fancy dresses for 3 days in a row or sporting your favorite, oldest PJs nonstop. ❤ What for some looks like balance for others might seem like madness. It's only for you to decide what feels right. ❤ For you something might look like self care and striving for sanity whilst for others it might seem like nonsense. It's your life to create. ❤ You can dance with ups and downs and middle grounds, painting with every color of the spectrum. ❤ You can be a living, breathing contradiction and the most unified congruence. ❤ It's okay. No right way to go but your heart's, listen to it. ❤ Every shade, taste and color, the brightest light and the deepest of darkness, you are it all and yet you haven't got a glimpse of the vastness of who you really are. ❤ Play with existence. Have fun. Be. ❤ I'll be here, watching you shine, watching you be and cheering for you. ❤ I love you. Namaste babe;) ❤

49 5 Dec 14, 2017

We’ve all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we REALLY are. ❤️ - - #twowolves #polarity #duality #maya #backyardchickens #vs #pale #storebought #eggs #nourish #goodness #recognizethenegative #andthepositive #aimforneutral #middlepath #getrealtoheal #yoga #breath #guide #pavanguru #nonattachment #itiswhatitis

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3 0 Dec 14, 2017

artdigs no. 7 selfselfselfself itsallabouttheself

4 1 Dec 14, 2017

Floating through life like...

26 1 Dec 14, 2017

Regranned from reigningraven - A Great Day - #TakeMeBackTuesday #13 - #regrann Yin & Yang 👽👾 #Duality

27 0 Dec 14, 2017

“The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” neildegrassetyson I do not have to explain myself to you, and I do not mind if you do not understand. You can only see me from your level of perception and I can only see you from mine. Both are true and both are illusions.

13 1 Dec 14, 2017

Today's cards came out as a pair. The 8 of bones reminds us it's time to slow down. Fern sprouts are almost ready to bloom. A butterfly will soon emerge from its chrysalis. They wait patiently, protected by a rib cage, knowing the time they have to burst is infinite. Remember that settling into yourself, your growth, takes time. Patience. It takes gestation in your truth until you're ready to emerge. Recognize and honor the time growth takes. Reflect and meditate on this today. The year is almost at a close. Are you ready to burst into it? Or do you need a bit more time to gather yourself? It's no surprise these cards came out together. The universe and your Ancestors are urging you to take the time to go inward. To explore our hearts so we can recognize our fullest potential. In this next card, we see someone unlocking the heart center. The 2 of keys is a call to go within. To dig deeper into your heart and what it wants. To remember to explore and honor ourselves and our truths. However, it is reversed. Are you doing the work to unlock your heart? What are you burying in there? Why is it hidden so deep? Unlocking all this at once is not advised, especially if you're keeping things repressed. Spend time going within to release what's hidden under there. Why is it hidden? Things that hurt or hinder us do no good being kept it the dark. We must face them so we can release them. The Apprentice of bottles this week is someone who is in the process of doing both these things. They have emerged, but haven't gone into the depths of their heart yet. With the moon currently in Scorpio, now is the time to do the work of both these cards. Gear up for movement and reevaluation as shown in the 8 of bones. Strive for balance and duality that the 2 of keys represents. Do the work today of centering yourself so that you may dig a little deeper into what ails you. Pull it out and purge so that you emerge ready and at your fullest potential. 💜 Aché 🔮

6 1 Dec 14, 2017
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