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Did a trim and subtle Pintura highlights on katilady0 💕 Used innersenseorganicbeauty products- after washing with the Color Hairbath and conditioner, I put some conditioner back in her hair and put in I Create Hold! 🌿 . . . . #innersensetribe #innersense #curlyhairstylist #houstoncurlyhair #chinarysalon #thewoodlandshair #devacut #curlyhaircut #pintura #pinturahighlights

5 1 Feb 22, 2018

Reshaped this babes shag🔥

73 7 Feb 22, 2018

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to know YOUR OWN hair. It does take time. I'm not saying it'll be over night because this curly Journey has so many different facets...Porosity, texture curl pattern Etc. But you have to watch how YOUR hair reacts to products. I say that because normally after I see some Curlies straighten their hair they do a protein treatment to fix any damage. However I kept thinking to myself if I have any damage from straightening I'm going to get elongated curls. However when I use protein it elongates my curls. Overuse of Olaplex can have the same effect. (I only use it on "dye day") So I realize that in order to get my curls to bounce back what MY personal curls needed was moisture. So I just did a protein free moisture Mask. And to my great pleasure My Curls bounce back. Yay no damage! And it seems My Curls are even tighter than before. I did try a new application method called "squish to condish" because I saw a lot of Curlies doing it and getting tighter more moisturized curls. So I figured this would be a great way to really get moisture into my hair after straightening. I will talk about that in another post. I saw this method on powerdomi page (that she got from curlsandbeautydiary page). Moral of the story: Don't just follow the crowd. Don't just use a product because some gorgeous curly had great results with it. Know ingredients, know your hair. Choose will all equal beautiful healthy hair! . . . . . . . . . #cacheadas #cachos #curlynatural #naturalhair #howtonaturalhair #sheamoisture #curlyhaircut #curlyjourney #redhair #dyedhair #curlyhair #curlycommunity #healthycurls #healthy_hair_journey #naturallycurly #CurlyGirlsRock #hairgoals #makeup #curls #influencer #reviews #curly #damagedcurls #naturalcurls blessedwithkurls naturalmanecrush gocurls howtonaturalhair naturalchix kinks2curls amazingnaturalhair curlycomb awesome.curls curlyperfectly curly.pearls

240 25 Feb 22, 2018

I did a little somethin’ somethin’ 🔪 #curlyhair #curlyhaircut

29 1 Feb 22, 2018

When you Remove ALL Toxins.

11 1 Feb 22, 2018

Steam Therapy and great music in real time...☺️

23 1 Feb 22, 2018

OMGEEE!!!! I absolutely love my haircut by hairdesignby.s.b ! I’ve been holding on to dead ends of YEARS! And as a busy entrepreneur who works and works out all the time, I’ve been a high bun and go girl for the last two years! Not anymore. When i first came to Charlotte i was skeptical of anyone touching my hair, but then i found amazing women who know the true value of healthy hair. First, my girl baelife.neiko got me out my fear of hair cuts and helped me sooooo much through my frustrations. So much to the point that when i found hairdesignby.s.b i knew i was mentally ready to finally let go completely and not only embrace my curls but take care of them so i can keep them around. She did an AMAZING job! I got up from the chair today feeling free, Empowered and beautiful! Thank You SO MUCH! #curlyhair #curlyhairstyles #curlyhaircut #naturalhair #naturalhaircut #charlottehairstylist #curlybangs #curlygirlmethod #curlygirls

1200 174 Feb 21, 2018

Our stylist,Emy, refreshed these beautiful natural curls with a new cut 🧡

14 2 Feb 21, 2018
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