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When you are truly in alignment, you WILL work but it shouldn’t feel like a struggle or overwhelming. Things should flow. Are you there?

23 2 Feb 23, 2018

Nothing like a blank page to invite some creativity for your content planning! Who else uses analog tools to plan digital campaigns? 👋🏼 Everyone has their preference, but sometimes putting pen to paper is the best way to let your most strategic and creative thoughts shine.✨ #contentplanning #content #socialmedia #marketing #digital #analog #tools

17 0 Feb 23, 2018

⚡️Hoe ziet jouw content planning eruit? Is het een strak schema of is het just go with the flow?✔️Ik probeer 1x maand een nieuw blog te schrijven en 1x per maand een mailing te versturen. Maar dit is geheel afhankelijk van mijn inspiratie.🌿Soms is het ook weleens 2 blogs achter elkaar. Ben benieuwd hoe jij dit doet, let me know. Fijne dag! #content #contentcreatie #contentmarketing #contentplanning #planning #bloggen #blogschrijven #media #onlinemarketing #marketing #nieuwsbrief #mailing #mailinglist #focus #todolist #girlboss #powervrouw #ondernemen #eigenbedrijf

51 1 Feb 23, 2018

Koska video on tunnetusti pysäyttävintä ja sitouttavinta somesisältöä, aattelin perjantain kunniaksi tarjota kevyen videoinstallaation Content Plannerin normityöpäivästä. jopikeravalt kiittää ja kuittaa, hyvää viikonloppua!🌞🚀 #daguarki #contentplanning

54 8 Feb 23, 2018

New emojis make me happy! 🤬🤮🧟‍♀️🧚‍♀️ are some of my new faves and have already been put to good use this morning! 😂🤪 . Are these really new, or have I been living under a rock?! 😆

58 9 Feb 23, 2018

Double entendre to be exact. Today I'm working on a meme package for a product-based client. ⠀ ⠀ She has requested 10x branded memes, created in her own template, sized for Instagram and Facebook. ⠀ ⠀ As a little value-add, I've also put together a list of relevant people to tag and some caption ideas to make the posts more "meme-ingful" 😉 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

49 2 Feb 23, 2018

New blog post is officially up!! Writing tips for the Soul! Check it out at Be sure to follow my blog to receive my posts to your inbox. #newpost #blog #blogpost #write #writers #writingtips #writingtips101 #blogging #writers #tips #guide #authors #bloggers #writingcommunity #freelancewriters #poets #lwoam #writingconsultant #writingservices #smallbusiness #757 #hr #bossbabe #bosschick #bosswriters #content #contentplanning #contentplanner

17 1 Feb 23, 2018

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about Instagram it’s stories! I’m addicted to watching them and can become a bit obsessive about posting them. By watching stories I feel like I’m getting to know more about the business and the people behind it. Stories are a great way to humanise your brand so I thought I would create a free and fun weekly challenge using our stories and GIFs to get to know each other better, and for your followers to get to know you better too. 💙 I believe that people buy from people they know, like and trust, and using stories in your social strategy is a great way to provide your followers with the opportunity to get to know you, work out if they like you and trust you, and ultimately buy from you. 💜 Each week I’ll prepare a new template for you to use and post to your stories. If you’d like the template sent to you via DM just comment below or send me a DM letting me know, or you can just screen shot the blank template from my stories each week. 💛 If you tag SOVA_Social and #SOVASocialGIFChallenge I’ll receive a notification and will be able to pop on over and check out your story. Not only will it be a great way for me to get to know you better, but it will also give your followers a chance to get to know you better too. And remember… people buy from people they know, like and trust and this challenge will give your followers a chance to do just that with you. 💚 Your followers may even like to take part in the challenge as well! Feel free to post the blank template in your stories and suggest others take part by screen shotting and posting to their own stories. The more the merrier! ❤️ If you follow the hashtag #SOVASocialGIFChallenge you’ll also receive a notification whenever someone else posts a story using that hashtag which will allow you to get to know even more amazing Australian business women and extend your community even further. Who knows where this will lead, but I’m excited to see where it goes from here! Do you want to be part of it? It’s free and fun, so why not right? 🖤 So let’s get it started! The first template is up now on my stories. Save it down and get your GIF on!

42 6 Feb 22, 2018

Who are you talking to on #socialmedia? Where do they live? How old are they? Are they male or female? Parents? Millennials? What are their passions, hobbies, interests and social media habits? 🤔Knowing the answers to all these questions is crucial for you to plan an effective content strategy and captivate your customers. Sounds like a daunting task? I can help! 👩🏻‍💻 . #socialmediatips #socialmediaaddict #socialmediamanager #socialmediamarketing #contentplanning #gowiththepro #digitalmums #knowyouraudience #instasave_92P

42 2 Feb 22, 2018

Between work and personal projects, I manage content for two blogs, (soon to be) two newsletters, and two Instagram accounts. And that doesn't even include what I handle for my clients!⠀ ⠀ So how do I keep it all straight and make sure everything's scheduled and ready to go? The answer, my friends, is trelloapp! This week on the blog I am breaking down exactly how I plan and organize content in Trello without going totally bonkers! Link in profile!

43 8 Feb 22, 2018

Today has been ALL about content planning for launchyourdaydream. 🎉⠀ ⠀ Every month, Britt and I dedicate a day to planning out our content for the following month. We’re talking Instagram, blog, newsletter, and even freebies. It’s one of our favorite days.⠀ ⠀ Content planning in this way made a HUGE impact on our business. We’re more organized, more productive, and MUCH more intentional about the content we’re providing our audience. It’s allowed us to share a LOT more beneficial content because we’ve given ourselves the time to create it with intention.⠀ ⠀ Just wait till you see what’s in store for March! 😏

46 5 Feb 22, 2018

Consumers rarely buy anything of significant value on the spot anymore. They spend considerable time doing extensive research in just about anything that they need to purchase. This is where content enters which will play a huge role in the buying decision of your customers. - Are you creating enough valuable content to engage your customers? Leave a comment and share what you think about the importance of offering the right content for your business success. - Are you finding it difficult to come up with the right type of content for your business, drop a comment below 👇🏽 Let’s help out💻📱 . . . . . . . . . #contentisking #contentmarketing #internetmarketingtips #onlinebiz #laptopbusiness #onlineentrepreneur #anitasolonline #laptoplifestyle #onlinecoaching #contentplanning #businesscoachingforwomen #nigerianbusinesscoach #femaleblogger #lekki #lagos #calabar #empoweringwomen #nigerianbusinesswoman #naijastartups

127 22 Feb 22, 2018

Stuck for ideas when planning your social media content? 💡 I've got just the thing for you... social media content calendars for March and April. Tap, type and nab your copy - link in bio... karen_vivarelli ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sent via planoly #planoly

76 12 Feb 22, 2018

👩🏻‍💻 My workspace is anywhere my computer is - so you’ll often find me hustling at a local coffee shop, complete with an Iced Americano or Latte in tow. I work best in the afternoon with lots of music and people around (anyone else hate too much, quiet?). The best thing about my workspace is that I get to share it with other people who are writing, creating or simply enjoying the company of others. I’m inspired by the people around me and just love the energy shared spaces bring. What do you love about your workspace? What is your ideal place to work?

46 4 Feb 22, 2018

👆... the amount of work I have to get done today & tomorrow. Starting work with a new client today! 💃🏻 . Also, one of the 101 weird things you start doing when you have kids is using other words that kinda resemble swear words... like ‘shite’ and ‘fruit loops’ 😆 Just me?

62 17 Feb 21, 2018
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