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Thinking of Doing an Anodized Edition of the Monkey Barrels... what better way to choose a color then by asking you, the customers and my friends what color you want. Whatever color gets the most votes will be the color I decide to produce...Comment your choice Below.


Color color color color Speed art video coming soon! #lulubeas #artjournaling


The after picture of the fun color we did yesterday on brittanyykt. We worked with Kenra color and used a creative color placement to create this vibrant, fun hair color that is UV reactive.


Cut, corrected, and styled was done here book an appointment by calling 12126289770. Color correction is a service performed used to rid the hair of unwanted color. Consultation is required before booking this appointment. Color Correction is only the labor charge being done to remove or correct color, additional cost for color will be added to achive targetted color.original price$350.00 discount price$175.00


Channeling PINK VIBES today for all my girls that are running for their promotion, and I may have just found my new favorites for SPRING••• #younique Products used -.Face - #GLORIOUS face and eye #primer, #BBFLAWLESS in the color honey, #moodstruckmineralpressedblusher in the color sweet applied to cheekbones with #blusherbrush, #touchmineralpressedpowder in the color taffeta applied with #powderpuffbrush all over..EYES - #splurgecreamshadow in the color Hopeful applied with #creamshadowbrush, #precisionbrowpencil in the color medium, and of course #3dfiberlashmascara .LIPS - #precisionlipliner in the color punchy all over topped with my favorite tinted #bonbon in the color red velvet.•All products can be found at


Chakras are your internal life force, your human energy points. Each of the centers of spiritual power within the human body. There are 7 to 12 depending on which chart you use. "To be awake is to be asleep amongst the sheep but to live in full knowledge of the sheep "7.Color: Violet • Location: Top of Head 6.Color : Indigo • Location: Forehead5.Color: Blue • Location: Throat4.Color: Green • Location: Center of Chest3.Color: Yellow • Location: Stomach area above the navel2.Color: Orange • Location: Below the navel lower abdomen1.Color: Red • Location: Base of the Spine the coccyx


Red is the color of love, the color of fire, the color of anger, the color of passion!! Can you tell I love red?lml.. Some of the few pick ups of the past few months.


Color , color, color ! Indulge yourself with our mani/ pedi , we are just going to pamper you and give you The best service because every client is just part of our family


Which one are you? A solid color wooden ring or multi color?Click the link in my bio for more color and wood options!


Color inspiration for the new year! Going big and bold with color!! #lucyinteriordesign #studio #lucylovescolor #designinspiration #moodboard #sketchbook #color


Baylayage color by Rachael using Color.Me by love_kevin_murphy and beachy style by Rainer. rainerschneck365 composed.color #PINsalon #DallasHairSalon


Color Correction turned Fun and Bold, using Kenra Color of course! Where else could you get such beautiful shiney color? Gah! I love it!! #KreativeLooks


Color Correction. What box color does to your hair. Left- after stripping the color out and Right picture was the outcome. #colorcorrection #wella #wellalife #nomoreboxcolorplease


We are loving these weekend toiletry bags from our friends at Coastline! Color, color, color! #handmade #maineroots #design #kennebunks #lovekpt #lovemaine


Diseño de color #babyhiglights #balayage Y color completo Un color super IN #bronwsugar nos fascinaDesde $39.99


Cant get enough of this water! Can you guys believe this color? elewanacollection________________________________No supero el color del agua! Pueden creer que este color es real? elewanacollection


Look at this gorgeous raspberry color, used #alfaparfrevolution color blended into a violet base color. #balayage #fantasycolor #raspberryhair #newhair #salon77 #hairstylist


Everyone is always asking me "why 3 layers?" Here is why my lovelies! Of the color you love is just too bold you can always use a lighter more neutral color for one of your layers! Want a darker color layer one with a darker lip color! The color combos are ENDLESS! Have fun with it ladies! ...... #lipsense #senegence #makeup #lipstick #layer #stay #waterproof #kissproof #longlasting #lifeproof #lifeprooflipstick #sales #shareswoman #momlife #mac #mylipstickhassuperpowers


¡Más color! Esta vez californianas Rojas ¿te gustan? ¡Ven a hacer tu cambio de color! #color #paratodalafamilia #panama #tubellezanuestraespecialidad

In the process of going Blonde! 1st did a Color balance and toned with 7A 3 blue color shots, next week is all over highlights ~ #thetemple #paulmitchell #pmtslife #color #soapcap #cancledcolor


Good morning from under the teal green sheets…..Now this is one beautiful and calm color….. quite unusual too. There are many interesting things you can do with this color too…..Only one set remaining. Look out for subsequent posts on this color  #TealGreen #LuxuryBeddings #BeautySleep


"Color is life, for a world that appears to us without color is dead. Colors are primordial ideas, the children of light." - Johannes Itten #lumenprint #plantcomposition #color #alternativeprocess #altprocessphotography #fineartphotography


I BET MY HEAD ON A COLOR: CABRIO OF597The color strength is now on your head. The color you select, the one that suits you best, the one that is most identified with your ideas, your preferences and your look. A touch of color to your lifestyle, to the way you move, to your personality.Orange, yellow, purple, black and white. For the boldest, for the most funny, for those who want to be different. For you.CABRIO HPFC OF597 full color! #LS2 #LS2Helmets #LS2AlwaysHead #LS2moments


Color fix! Previously balayaged over red box color, then after a huge color correction ended up like the before pics(not by me). #colorcorrection #goldwellcolor #luxsalonandspa #balayagetechnique #hairbyjennied #bestsalontacoma #ilovemyjob #holidayhairmakeover


OSMO Colour Psycho Wild about color? OSMO Color Psycho Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream will challenge your inner crazy to the limits. With 10 outrageously wild shades to choose from, Color Psycho knows no boundaries!

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