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Voici la bande-annonce de «Forgetting Vietnam», un documentaire réalisé par la cinéaste féministe de renommée mondiale, Trinh T. Minh-ha. Ne manquez pas la projection du film au mbamtl le 18 février prochain!


Andrei Tarkovsky passed away 30 years ago, on December 29, 1986. "If you throw even a cursory glance into the past, at the life which lies behind you, not even recalling its most vivid moments, you are struck every time by the singularity of the events in which you took part, the unique individuality of the characters whom you met. This singularity is like the dominant note of every moment of existence; in each moment of life, the life principle itself is unique. The artist therefore tries to grasp that principle and make it incarnate, new each time; and each time he hopes, though in vain, to achieve an exhaustive image of the Truth of human existence. The quality of beauty is in the truth of life." #andreitarkovsky #andreitarkovski #андрейтарковский #themaster #filmmaker #cinéaste #thegreatestofthegreatest #russiancinema #cinémarusse #cinema #movies #ivanschildhood #andreiroublev #solaris #themirror #stalker #nostalghia #thesacrifice

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