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The black plum is known to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic and diarrhea..Women are god sent angels to heal this world.. Respect them. #thisinc #fitfull #jamunbites #women


Golden Milk. First try, thinking about this As the drink for the next BINGE. Everything we need tumeric. "The qualities of turmeric, in Ayurvedic terms, are hot, light, and dry, and it has a mild bitter taste. It’s an anti-inflammatory, a blood tonic, an emmenagogue (stimulates blood flow), and a carminative (relieves gas). It promotes ovulation in women, is great for the skin, and is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. It’s also a blood thinner and blood detoxifier, and will aid in eliminating worms or parasites. And it’s a pain-killer that also speeds up the healing of wounds. Turmeric has been shown to help in recovery from chemotherapy; may help prevent specific types of cancer; and can ease the effects of psoriasis and arthritis." #goldenmilk #tumeric #aryuvedic #binge #vsco #sofiaxiv #xivdinner


DIY recipe for you! This one is a cuticle cream using the Myrrh essential oil. Since cold weather can be tough on your skin and cuticles, this homemade cuticle cream is a great way to bring the moisture and healthy look back into your nails! Myrrh is frequently recommended for its cleansing properties, and is also excellent for calming the skin. Amazing recipe.Myrrh is one of my favourite oils, it has powers to boost your immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells. It fights infection and speedy recovery. Helps dry up mucous so great for any Kind of sinus issues. Other uses are #anti-microbial #expectorant #anti-septic #anticatarrhal #astringent #carminative #vulnerary #antispasmodic #antiinflammatory #hypoglycemic #cold #flu #cough #cankersore #sorethrought #halitosis #pharyngitis #respiratory #catarrh #gingivitis #mouthulcers #toothache #guminfection #wrinkles #beauty #cuticle #cuticlecream #natural #doterra #essentialoils Best way to buy your essential oils is go to my web page press join and save and pay a membership fee of $35 and you will get all your oils at wholesale price, like I do. To wave off enrolment fee just purchase one of the kits. Best book to have if your starting to introduce oils to your self and family is the Modern essentials buy at aromatools


If it is not in your kitchen cupboard right now, you’ll want to put it on your grocery list and make it a household staple after learning more about FENNEL.FENNEL is an aromatic and flavorful herb that has several culinary as well as medicinal uses. its popular use as a breath freshener, it helps relieve a number of ailments and facilitates better health due to its stomachic, carminative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, etcHealth Benefits of FENNEL SEEDS 1. Aids Digestion2. Beats Bad Breath3. Relieves Water Retention4. Reduces Obesity5. Protects Against Cancers6. Relieves Menstrual Problems7. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure 8. Fennel Seeds Reduce Asthma Symptoms9. Helps Purify BloodFENNEL SEEDS available @ Roots and Origins. For info, tips on healthy living and ordering your 100% organic natural, amazing healing and miracle whole foods visit us.... Contact us (details on profile)Kindly repost to all who will benefit... Thank you. Together we create the circle of Receiving: what U sow U shall Reap Healing with Love and Gratitude from our source to Me (You) and All... Have a Nice day! #fennel #fennelseeds #superfoods #supplementsthatwork #herbsandspices #organic #organicstore #organicnigeria #weightloss #healing #healthylifestyle #ketodiet #ketogenic #fitness #fitfam #rootsandorigins #circleofreceiving #loveandgratitude


Myrrh benefits #Antifungal: Myrrh essential oil acts as a fungicide as well. It can be used either internally and externally to fight fungal infection. #Stimulant: Myrrh essential oil stimulates thoughts, blood circulation, digestion, secretions, nervous activity and excretion. It stimulates the pumping action of the heart, the secretion of digestive juices and bile into the stomach, and it keeps you alert and active by stimulating the brain and the nervous system. #Carminative: This essential oil helps to relieve you of those gases which often result in embarrassing situations in public. It also has an expensive toll on your health by stealing your appetite, slowing down digestion, giving you stomachaches and headaches and sometimes chest pains as well by raising your blood pressure.Stomachic: Myrrh oil is beneficial for the all around health of your stomach. #Anti-catarrhal: This property of Myrrh essential oil relieves you of excess mucus and phlegm and troubles associated with that sort of mucus deposition, including congestion, breathing trouble, heaviness in chest, and coughs. #Diaphoretic: It increases perspiration and keeps your body free from toxins, extra salt and excess water from your body. Sweating also cleans the skin-pores and helps harmful gases like nitrogen escape. #Vulnerary: This property of myrrh essential oil protects wounds from infections and makes them heal quicker. #Antiseptic: If you have a health amount of myrrh essential oil, you don’t need to worry about small cuts and wounds becoming infected. This oil can take care of them and will not let them become septic, since it is an antiseptic substance. It can protect you from tetanus as well to some extent.Immune Booster: Myrrh oil strengthens and activates the immune system and keeps the body protected from infections.Culled from #herbs #herbalteas #naturaldetoxtea #naturalproducts #naturalweightloss #VidaDivina #nature #healthiswealth #Healthyliving

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