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One of our favorite parts of this process is hearing stories of personal clarity and breakthrough. Check out Brian’s story! . . . #unleashpersonalcalling #personalcalling #personalclarity #breakthrough #lifeyounique

0 0 Mar 22, 2018

THE THIRD RESTROOM. #ResortsWorldManila lets EVERYONE in on its new “third restroom.” It truly makes me proud to work for a company that fosters a world view that celebrates and appreciates diversity, connection and love. #Breakthrough #RespectingChoices #ItIsTime

8 0 Mar 22, 2018

I’m back!! Completed my 10 day water fast.. full video in bio.. ✨ ✨ What I learned.. 1. Food is not the only nourishment 2. Have faith that you will be provided for 3. Self-care 4. Extended discipline 5. Self-awareness And so much more.. ✨ ✨ How I prepared.. 1. Cleaned my house 2. Removed myself from social media 3. Intermittent fasting the week before ✨ ✨ What did not go away.. 1. Cravings!! ✨ ✨ What I couldn’t do. 1. Workout 2. Sleep more than 5 hours ✨ ✨ Day 1 & 2 waste came out 💩 Worst day was day 3, hunger cramps! Once I made it to 5 I couldn’t believe I was living off water. Day 6,7,8 and 9 was a breeze, I looked up recipes to prepare for my 11 day raw journey. Day 10 I was so close and thank God, plus took a detox bath. ✨ ✨ The added bonus I lost 15lbs. I went from 152 to 137. This was not to lose weight it was a spiritual cleanse. You don’t want to do this for weight lost it’s like starving your body and you probably won’t last because the cravings are there. I’m currently breaking my fast on a raw vegan journey for the remaining 11 days and look forward to have a hot meal Easter Sunday. . . . #wellness #spiritual #cleanse #springcleaning #thebody #release #shes #breakthrough #nourishment #soulsearching #healing #service #life #living #livingwell #fightdisease

13 0 Mar 22, 2018
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