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Day 6 ✔ #FightTheHolidayFlux is off to an awesome start. Today was an active recovery day. Stretching out all the muscles we've been working all week. The kids loved it a it was only 11 minutes. Seriously, please don't take me your don't have time for exercise. All of my workouts this week have been under 20 minutes. I've gotten to be active with my kids and keep this preggo body moving!

0 1 Nov 19, 2017

Waiting for new windows, but the large studio is coming along!

9 2 Nov 19, 2017

Hello! Can you remember when was the last time you thought about what your big dream was and have you achieved it? Big dreams are powerful in moving you towards what you really want to accomplish in life but then again sometimes just thinking about it is not enough. Commitment, courage, motivation and actions are equally as important to ensure that you achieve results. Don't give up! Great Sunday everyone! #kakuidas #kurozu #organic #quote #dreams #bigdreams #life #sunday #wordstoliveby #livelifetothefullest #action #motivation

5 2 Nov 19, 2017

I know one day I will be out thre 2💃💃 showing the world wat I got bcz I trust in me I know wat I want 💅 #trust #becomeidmodel #newfaze #selflove #selfie #selfrespect #africangirl #bigdreams #followback #instagramers #socialenvy #greatsmile

4 0 Nov 19, 2017

CHILLIN WITH MY BROTHER buckshotbdi FROM duckdownmusic FOR THE ROCKSTEADY ANNIVERSARY 8.2004 I WOULD LIKE TO SEND A EARLY HAPPY BORNDAY TO BUCKSHOT THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS REPPING THE CLOTHING LINES I'VE WORK FOR AND ALWAYS GIVING ME GOOD ADVICE THROUGHOUT THE YEARS ALSO CHECK OUT FOR THE NEW BLACK MOON ALBUM COMING SOON THIS IS WHAT REAL HIP HOP SOUNDS LIKE "Livin in New York nowadays is like damn cause if your BROKE nobody wants to be your man especially the girls when it come to gettin GAME you got to have the LOOT plus the gear to maintain I can't take the heat there's a strain on my brain and when my pockets are BROKE my heart feels the pain I gotta get a grip cause I might just flip I'm thinkin of a whip where's my crew and my clip it's a jack take your fukin hand off the wheel turn around slowly chick you know the deal NAH I need dough and I'ma do what I gotta do where's my flow I wanna grab the MIC flip the script and get paid but if I puff a daydream damn I'm getting played word to my mills no frills gotta go and if you wanna bump makin dough let me know I rather get paid with the paid program you can keep your fame and fuk who's the man I scheme and I scheme till I go get the green and if you want a scene of the money fiend N.I.G.G.A.S let me hit the screen everybody in the house if you want dough you gots to let me know - I wanna represent so I keep SHIT known that I'm for the dough and nothin but the dead prez Fuk Uncle Sam and the bullshit he says you got to get paid says the man on the corner see a fly shortie looking good push up on her NOW I'm the man cause I bring home the bacon SHIT is mad REAL kid ain't no move fakin on the streets of New York whatever you talk it seems like only poor people eat pork word to my herb make your LOOT in the spot if you wanna get paid let me see you lick one shot!" MAKE MONEY MONEY MAKE MONEY MONEY MONEY TAKE MONEY MONEY TAKE MONEY MONEY MONEY #goldenera #hiphop #music #brooklyn #newyorkcity #independent #promotions #entrepreneur #believe #achieve #succeed #create #innovate #participate #congratulate #motivate #regulate #encourage #work #network #bigdreams #kkl #vip #2017 inyourareasince94

14 0 Nov 19, 2017

My dream is to become a footballer....i really really want it. For years ive been laughed at because of my weight and people judging and criticising me because i want to be a footballer...i try my best to work hard everyday... but insecurities and these feelings just make me feel down and dont feel up to it, its like one day i wakw up and im feeling down just for no reason and i wanna play football but because im feeling down i just dont bother and it scares me. I want this so bad as much as people say "you carnt make it" or "you would have been picked by now" i dont want to give up cause theres always a chance but i dont see it i need that extra support all the time pushing dad never did so i want it from the people... at 96kg im trying and i think i run well for my weight but i just get too muchh people judging and it hurts cause nobody else gets judged when playing football its like all fingers are pointed at me and i feel like im being told to get out and not ever play. After all im still playing which is always a good thing⚽️❤ #football #love #bigdreams #nevergiveup #imhurt #footballislife

1 0 Nov 19, 2017

Last night was so much fun! Life changing stories that can make you cry, tons of laughter, and dreaming HUGE DREAMS! I am one blessed woman ❤️ #plexusdiamondsinthemaking #bigdreams #goalcrushers #hopedealers #entrepreneurlife #lovinglife #livingthedream #weloveplexus #oneplexus

8 0 Nov 19, 2017

Two posts one day?! #WhoDis 🙃 - I just did the most killerrrrr glute burnout I can't wait to share with y'all! 🔥💗 I hope y'all like the workout videos because I love sharing them. 🤗😗 - In other news-- improvement season feels so good. 🙌🏼 I'm not longing for "the shreds" like many competitors do. They have their time and place and they are SO rewarding to see-- but food is good y'all. 🙃 I love feeling strong and being at a healthy bodyfat level (and enjoying flexibility!). There are seasons for everything and a bodybuilder must appreciate and utilize them all. 💕 👊🏻💪

136 3 Nov 19, 2017

I just want to see my whole team win when i win 💯💯 #Boxing #Family #WinnersCircle #BigDreams #140WorldTitle

104 1 Nov 19, 2017

*ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE* I can't start begin to emphasize on this because many of us don't realize the power behind the people you're with. It goes by the saying "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." It's simple, you want to succeed? Analyze who's around you and see if they fit what you're trying to accomplish in life. 💯🔥 *Sorry about today's video my schedule is packed so I didn't have much time to edit it, but I'll never stop dropping value, no matter what!* #MkazMastery #60secmastery I post daily motivational videos and teach you the ways to develop a strong mind to live a strong life. Tag someone who needs to see this!! 💯🙏

9 2 Nov 19, 2017

Tessa did a killer job with the baby pictures today! (I came up with using my archery bull) I might add 🤷🏻‍♂️ we just can’t get enough of our sweet Charlie Mae! Before we know it we’ll be taking pictures of her and the elk she slays! #CharlieMae #bigdreams #kuiu #justlikedad #dadLIFE #BOWSandBULLS #BGS #BORNtohunt #bloodline

47 2 Nov 19, 2017

It was so busy helping out in our school kitchen Thursday night coz we teachers we're busy Friday to celebrate Thanksgiving in our school. Our visitors are parents eating with their kids. It was great that they love it.😋😛😝😜 #irmahenson #singersongwriter #composer #recordingartist #musicians #vocalist #band #guitar #drums #piano #bass #writer #poet #real #simple #beautiful #nature #love #crush #chef #friends #friendship #future #bigdreams #original #originalsong #dreamer #hope #faith #success

25 0 Nov 19, 2017

Hibernation season has officially begun 😺 ............::::: #netflixandchill #selfie #picoftheday #russiangirl #biglips #bigeyes #bigdreams #атаманка #себяшка #суббота

11 0 Nov 19, 2017

An everyday struggle. Good thing I’m determined #dontgiveup #bigdreams #2018goals

3 0 Nov 19, 2017
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