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Every feeling running through you is valid. There is always a root. #outdoorswoman

13 1 Dec 13, 2017

The world is full of beautiful places. Let your heart be one of them.

35 1 Dec 13, 2017

#phonehome at 28 days stacking and frosting like a mofo smelling like grape now and laters. #fukyapurplepunch #tk #trianglekush x #wookie #lavender x #appalachia #greencrack #tresdawg bred by #bodhiseeds #ogkush #kush #chemdog #chemdawg #bodhi #420 #710 #mikromd #mammothp

21 1 Dec 13, 2017

Looking forward to seeing a lot of my back home friends at the show Saturday night austincitysaloon! Y'all having my 6 means a lot. bradleyalawson1 jordanvanderpool travwhite00 #kentucky #boy #singing #writing #playing #real #countrymusic #loving #appalachia madeforthejourney LINK TO EP IN BIO!!

52 6 Dec 13, 2017

When its below freezing and you're determined to rise dough for fresh rolls, you find the toastiest air vent and hope for the best.

18 1 Dec 13, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🤗🎄🎶☃🌬❄️🐾 #snowday #appalachia #WindyRidgeFarm #dashingthroughthesnow

20 0 Dec 13, 2017

Not too long after I took this photo, I slipped and fell into the stream. Fun times.

18 1 Dec 13, 2017

Every morning when we wake up she has a little more grey in her beard. And it breaks my heart.

168 5 Dec 13, 2017

Winter Solitude

86 1 Dec 13, 2017

Isn't it funny that I started this account to give my futureherb business a leg up, and then post mostly pics of horses and trees and my boots going places? Do I even herb? Yes. . The way I choose to practice herbal medicine is by predominantly using the plants that are growing in my bioregion, and right now pickins are slim. Because, you know, winter. I don't like to have herbs shipped to me unless absolutely necessary. I like to observe my plants, harvest them well, talk to them, make offerings, etc. . So, right now, I wait. I imagine all of my little plant friends asleep under the snow, cozy in their dirt beds, waiting for that magic mix of warmth and water that spring brings. Right now I drink daily doses of hot chocolate with chaga (and recommend you do the same, it's delicious!), read book after knowledg-filled book if plant wisdom. And wait. . All I have for you right now is the promise that come spring I'll be a harvesting, processing, medicine-making fool. And for now, I hope my small offerings of ice and water and dog noses are enough to convince you to wait with me 💗

22 1 Dec 13, 2017

Old things make hearts stir.

65 5 Dec 13, 2017
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