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#atozvinyl LP 2Ryan Adams and the Cardinals- Cold RosesYeah man this the Ryan Adams I fuck with. Dark night time music. Really desperate sounding. Is there another Ryan Adams record that sounds like this? I have no clue. #ryanadams #ryandamsandthecardinals #coldroses #vinyligclub #vinylcollective #nowspinning #losthighwayrecords #losthighway


Adams. John Adams. #1776themusicalFirst costume fitting


Come by to Derrick Adams exhibition opening tonight. 7 I will be in performance as an extension with Derrick Adams. #dbj #devinbjohnson #derrickadams


Skated this bump to pillar a few weeks back . thanks to allan.adams for filming . #bumptopillar allan.adams johnny_sk4te chris_mashua100 #skateeverydamnday #skateboardingisfun #180over


In January 2005, Sgt. Jarred Adams, a scout sniper with 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, braved enemy fire to retrieve the body of a fallen Marine from a burning Humvee.According to a June 2006 Department of Defense press release,Adams’ Humvee came under attack by insurgents armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades during an ambush in Husaybah, a town of 50,000 people in Anbar province, Iraq.In the ensuing chaos, Adams’ vehicle crashed and got stuck, and another Humvee became separated from the patrol. While his fellow Marines worked on dislodging their vehicle, Adams returned fire. With the vehicle free, Adams and his crew made their way back through intense enemy fire to rescue their fellow Marines.Just then, an RPG struck their Humvee, killing one Marine and wounding the rest. Adams was peppered with shrapnel and burned in the blast as the vehicle caught fire. He retreated to a safe position, but then realized that the body of his fellow Marine was still inside in the burning Humvee.Under enemy fire, Adams climbed into the burning wreckage and retrieved the body. Then, completely exposed, he carried the fallen Marine through an intersection and back to safety.It wasn’t until the Marines were back at headquarters that Adams sought treatment for his injuries.On June 10, 2006, in Camp Al Qaim, Adams was on another deployment to Iraq with the same battalion when he was awarded the Silver Star for Valor in recognition of his bravery that day. “I don’t think I did anything any other Marine wouldn’t do,” said Adams. “I would do it again if it came down to it.” While Adams’ modesty speaks to his character, the Marines he served with were more vocal in their recognition of his actions and heroism. “I am very proud that we can count on Marines like Cpl. Adams,” said Lt. Col. Nicholas F. Marano, the commanding officer for Adams’ unit, during the ceremony. “He is an example of the kind of leaders we have in this battalion.” Proud to call you one of our own redblooded_patriot #usmc #silverstar #ddicadre #TacGas #shootitlive


Next stop is to Fanuiel Hall, us locals like to call it Quincy Market. In the background of my picture is a statue of Sam Adams. No, we did not create a statue for the maker of Sam Adams beer #fanuielhall #quincymarket #samadams #samadamsstatue #travelingseamus #bostonma #travelboston


1937 Full Page Ad Adams Chewing Gum. Found it during an old house restoration a few years ago. It was under two layers of old rolled linoleum. A bit rough but still a great piece. Have some old newspaper comics too. #brokenartstudio #UncleSam #Adams #AdamsChewingGum #chiclets #blackjackgum #pepsin #antiquenewspaper #ephemera #advertising


15 years ago today:Ryan Adams - GoldWhile Ryan Adams has put out plenty of excellent records over the years, this remains my favourite. I remember falling in love with it the moment I heard it all those years ago, and it still hits hard. #ryanadams #gold #losthighwayrecords #vinyl #vinylgram #vinylcollective #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #vinyligclub #vinylsocialclub #nowplaying #nowspinning #igvinylclub #instavinyl #recordcollection


Ryan Adams #RVA


Fotografía de Ansel Adams.


jOEL ADAMS MY BAE - lizzie xx


My response to Adams recent videos.


Adams bedste trick mod sygdom


Sam adams Crafted bad-ass. #beer #beerpasion


#wirsindtraumfaenger Challenge, Tag 19 von annikabuehnemann Dein Lieblingsbuchmensch: Neben dem, der täglich an meiner Seite liest, sind es auch soviele andere und neben Douglas Adams und Jane Austen lässt sich diese Challenge hervorragend mit #Asimov umsetzen. Eines, was beide, Adams und Asimov immer wieder schaffen, ist, dass ich mich immer wieder aufs Neue in ihre Art zu schreiben und Geschichten zu erzählen verliebe. So passierte es öfters, dass ich im Bus saß und dümmlich verknallt in ein Buch glotzte, dass von Robotern handelt :D #doctorwho #cybermen #r2d2 #walle #issacasimov #robots #blogger #blogging


Blue Moon for me, Sam Adams for the Mr... #vacationbeer #citygirltravels


#steak #hellsyeah Adams at it again, cooking with his dad. #dirtythirty


The ARETTA lace clutch & the ADAMS earring


First outing since Adams surgery #Smirkin #rockingthebedhead


Amy Adams! That look she gave me! #lapaparazzi #palmsprings #amyadams


Hanging with Adams, Franklin, and Reed!! #1776themusical


Batman 244 CBCS 7.5 SS Neal Adams for sale .. $350 obo


Vogue Russia by Bryan Adams #GabriellaWilde

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