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Do you ever have those dreams that you wish you could wake up from? . . Nightmares and Dreamscapes. . . This morning, I fell back asleep in between snoozes and had a HORRIBLE nightmare. I won’t give you details, but I was grateful when I woke up and realized I was home, in bed, and with my little snuggled close to me. . . I went downstairs, and yet the dream stayed with me. I couldn’t shake it. . . It kept me stuck. And my usual morning routine was off. My silence was interrupted by the flashbacks of my dreams. . . And so I turned to my mat, my physical body, and I started to move it gently. . . I didn’t record, I didn’t Instagram story it. I just went with my instincts, that I simply had to create some space in my body, and be in tune with the rhythm of my breath. I had to move my body . . Here’s what came to mind as I stretched and opened up. . . Some people LIVE in a nightmare situation. Every day. . . They continue to think that they can’t actually wake up from whatever situation they’re in. It’s scary and it’s similar to screaming out in your sleep state and no one can hear you. Like being unable to move. Feeling stuck and walking through quicksand. . . So they stay where they are. . . And that becomes the nightmare. . . This was ME exactly one year ago. . . Stuck in a nightmare. Exhausted, financially STRESSED. Horribly sick for 2 months. Emotionally eating and drinking. There was no self care, just self sabotage and self harm. . . And then I thank God every day that someone reached out and woke me up. . . What situation are you currently in-physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, socially that you feel you have no way out of? . . Where do you feel stuck? . . How are you finding ways to wake up? . . I’m here for you. - - #livingthedream #dreamscapes #nightmaresanddreamscapes #lifecoach #singlemomlife #singlemom #womenempowerment #womenentrepreneurs #selflove #doiteveryday #aussiemum #4tiernewmovementfitness #getunstuck #moveyourbody #openspaces #yoga #pilates #breathwork #silencebroken #itallbeginswithyou

68 9 Dec 12, 2017

Here’s my Monday Morning thoughts exactly ❤️ . . Are you building your OWN dream or helping to build someone else’s? . . Did you know that you were meant and placed on this earth to do great things. . . It’s easy to let out fears get in the way of those big audacious goals. . . We resist it because we can’t see the end result. . . So we do nothing. . . Here’s what happens.... if you don’t work towards building your own dream, your life. Someone will happily hire you to help build theirs. . . And there you go. . . What we you put your energy and attention to be expand and grow and blossom. . . So make sure you’re building your own empire, your own career. Take those big bold steps forward. Make a life, and create something that is based on your INNER truth, and pay close attention to what really matters. . . #mondaymood #hairyaudaciousgoals #makeithappen #singlemomlife #entrepreneur #womenentrepreneurs #goals #doiteveryday #4tiernewmovementfitness #buildalifeyoulove #buildalegacy #yourlifeyourrules #lifecoach2women #aussiemum #veganfitness #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfitness #lifeofabossbabe

51 4 Dec 11, 2017

The practice and epitome of Non-Attachment. . . How does that look for you? . . . Hair grows, and her confidence GROWS just as quickly ❤️ . . These are some of the life lessons I bring as a mother to a strong young lady. . . Big huge love to theloungeoakville hairbytamzin and Amanda who always treat us like family! . . #doiteveryday #confidence #lifelessons #singlemom #coparenting #lifeasamom #yoga #pilates #hairstyles #thiskidtho #allofthefeels #entrepreneur #bossbabe #itsonlyhair #dearcroftmontessori #aussiemum #doiteveryday #4tiernewmovementfitness

145 32 Dec 9, 2017

We are 17 days away from Christmas. . . Just in case you haven’t felt the rush of busy-ness and stress that’s at every turn and in every conversation. . . Here’s a reminder to slow down. . . We are in day 6 of our Presence in December Group, and the emphasis being on maintaining presence and being gentle with ourselves. Using exercise as an outlet vs that extra glass of wine or a 2nd helping of pie . . (because 1 is plenty!). . . It’s about playing hard and also being gentle with yourself when you mess up . . . (cause we all do) . . It’s about slowing down time, for a moment (and many moments) to kiss slowly and passionately. . . It’s about doing your best, and more importantly, GIVING IT YOUR ALL! . . (Because Mediocre doesn’t cut it) . . It’s about taking chances and having no regrets when things done turn out the way you expect. . . (Because expectations are the mother of fuck-ups) . . And it’s about forgiving quickly. . . (Because we’re human, with human emotions, and we’re not perfect) . . Here’s your Friday reminder. You are rocking this life, you are worthy, and you matter ❤️ - - - - - #doiteveryday #4tiernewmovementfitness #NMFA #aussiemum #singlemom #kissslowly #lovedeeply #fridaymood #christmasseason #presenceforchristmas #mompreneur #entrepreneur #plantbaseddiet #veganfitness #youvegotthis

56 5 Dec 8, 2017

We all have a spark with in us...and our greatest gift, our deepest calling, is to set off and ignite that fire in each other. . . Laughter. . . In the lifetime, a good time to laugh is any time at all. . . It feels good. . . It’s therapeutic, and when done with likeminded strong, smart goddesses like these women, it can be extremely healing. . . We speak often of creating our tribes. . . About connecting with those who lift each other up. About fixing each other crown and building each other up. It about seeing the light and the goodness and the beauty within each of us, and celebrating the fuck out of it. . . Every. Damn. Day. . . Who are the women in your life who inspire you? Who make you laugh, who makes your heart smile? . . #strongwomen #womenentrepreneurs #ladieswholifteachotherup #entrepreneur #yourtribeattractsyourvibe #doiteveryday #doiteveryday #plantbaseddiet #4tiernewmovementfitness #womenwholift #riseup #digdeeper #livelife

33 3 Dec 6, 2017

You’re me daily reminder. . . If no ones told you how fucking amazing you are today, go to a mirror, look at yourself directly in the eyes, and say these exact words. . . You’re awesome. . . You’ve totally got this. . . Your mind is super cool. . . You’re doing an amazing job at LIFE. - - - - #thisthingcalledlife #mompreneur #entrepreneur #youvegotthis #lookinthemirror #aussiemum #doiteveryday #aussiemum #4tiernewmovementfitness #pilates #yoga #pilatesandyoga #myliferocks

62 4 Dec 6, 2017

How does she do it all? . . I’ve been asked this question more times than I can remember. . . My answer is always the same. One step at a time. One day at a time. One task at a time, and one breath at a time. . . I’m definitely a confirmed list maker. My to-do list is a mile long, not to mention my task list, chore list, my list of aspirations, my goals, the list of things I want to teach my daughter, the trips I want to venture on, the dreams I want to make come true. . . It’s endless. . . If I seem unhurried, as if I simply stroll through life, through my day... and I get shit done... well that’s what I do. . . I get shit done. . . One task, one step one breath at a time. . . (Who doesn’t love crossing off something on their list of to-do’s?!) . . My goals may change as I evolve and expand. As I tweak and make subtle moves, my life also changes and expands. . . Contracts and releases. . . However, the place where I want to be remains the same. The direction, the path may bend and HOW I arrive may change... but where I end up is very very clear. . . How I get there will include some struggles, there will be challenges, and obstacles. . . Does that mean I should stop? Does that mean I need to back off? . . No, it means I push harder. I dig deeper, I go back to my why, and my vision.. . . These are my strengths. . . Where are you and where do you want to be? . . Let’s bridge that gap together. - - - - - - #4tiernewmovementfitness #mompreneur #singlemom #doiteveryday #aussiemum #plantbaseddiet #coachlife #bridgethatgap #yourwhy

52 9 Dec 6, 2017

Stay true to you. . . Because you’re amazing just the way you are. . . You are not flawed. . . You are uniquely you. . . You are enough. . . And that alone is a MIRACLE. . . - - - - #beyourself #therearenoflaws #4tiernewmovementfitness #aussiemum #doiteveryday #youaremagic #staytrue #singlemom

68 16 Dec 5, 2017

Was I able to do this one year ago?! . . Maybe. . . But not as solid as I did today!!! . . Here’s the thing... you never know how capable you are until you TRY!! . . Motivated by my favourite PT, inspired by my team and support group of awesome challengers, fuelled by my want to become a better healthier STRONGER version of me!!! . . Also prepping for an 80 day challenge *gulp* . . But hey... no one ever succeeds without trying first! - - - - - #shawntweek #nevermissamonday #mywhy #doiteveryday #4tiernewmovementfitness #plantbaseddiet #veganfitness #aussiemum #singlemom #wevegotthis

49 19 Dec 5, 2017

Last night we kicked off the holiday season by solving big puzzles-as a team. . . This was my first time attending an Escape Room. . . Working as a team was never high on my list of priorities. I always felt like things are much better handled if I simply ‘do it myself’ . . Here’s the beauty of team work, team building, team and tribe connection. It builds confidence. It gives us all the opportunity to be creative, to push our boundaries, to be leaders, and to also be lead. It’s allows us to break out of old thought patterns, and stretch our imaginations. It emphases our ability to contribute, to make mistakes and to learn from them. . . It also gives us an insight as to how we react/respond to ’stressful’ moments. We’re under a time constraint, so watching not only how we work together, but how that actual interaction unfolds. . . Plus it’s a blast!!!!! . . Lots of respect for everyone on this team (there were 3 separate teams) and we #nailedit . . Reason #6736 A’s to why I love this team #crushitfitness and how much I admire people who step out of their comfort zone, help each other, ask for help, and break away from the conformity of ‘I can do this alone’ . . Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a tribe that encourages connection, who love to laugh, to be silly, and to let go, . . Thank you jamiefitzpatrickfitness and kim_m_fitzpatrick for an incredible night!!!! You guys sure know how to make a team feel loved!!!!!! . . Want to be a part of team like ours? . . Connect with me, and I’ll show you how ❤️ - - - - - - - #howtribesaremade #4tiernewmovementfitness #escaperoom #entrepreneur #burlingtonescaperooms #tikicurse #buildteams #ilovemywork #healthylifestyle #plantbaseddiet #fitnessmotivation #doiteveryday #aussiemum #singlemom

73 7 Dec 3, 2017

What are you waiting for? . . I often hear the excuse 'I don't have time', 'I'm too busy', but what I'm really hearing is 'it's not a priority for me' . . The next time someone asks you something, and your first reaction is to say you're too busy.... pause. . . Then ask yourself if it's a priority. Whether it's your family, your relationship, your health, your job. . . . Or is it an excuse. . . Listen I've been there, I've been on the side of I'm busy. I have a super full schedule. I'm a single parent, with a home to upkeep, I have bills, clients, a business and 3 cats. Plus plus plus. I do it all myself. This isn't me complaining-it's simply my reality-and I'm totally cool with it. It's just the way it is. . . So I get it. . . But how can I take care of my little, my intimate relationship, my clients, my business, my friendships, if I don't place myself first as a priority? . . December is here. Which means the 'busy-ness' excuse will be used more then once a day-guaranteed. Take a step back and choose YOU. Fill your cup. Put your safety mask on first. . . Here's the thing...I'm busy too. Busy filling my life with good intentions, solid relationships. My schedule is full with serving my clients with their health, I'm busy building a business. I'm busy surrounding my world with awesome people, I'm busy working on my health so I can watch my girl grow up to be a mother herself, I'm busy loving my man, busy feeling beautiful and strong. Ya. These are my priorities. . . Prioritize YOU first. . . Trust me, if something is important to you, you'll make time. . . All I did was check my priorities. . . Do you have 30 minutes a day? . . . . . . #doiteveryday #2percentofyourday #singleparent #fitmom #priorities #entrepreneur #womenentrepreneurs #singlemomlife #4tiernewmovementfitness #plantbaseddiet #aussiemum #maketime #december #2018butterfly

43 11 Dec 1, 2017

I love this place!!!! . . . With a solid day behind me, and still another Pilates Class to teach tonight, Joe and I decided to treat ourselves and chow down solastafoods and enjoy the most delicious plant based meal. . . This is what I had: . . ROASTED LEMON CAULIFLOWER (GF) Quinoa/pumpkin/sesame crumble, spinach, shucked peas, golden beet & turmeric hummus, living sprout salad, mint pistou. . . Joe had this: SOLASTA BURGER w/ GF BUN smoked shiitake mushroom & black bean patty, tamarillo ketchup, plantain mustard, basil relish. . . And with a bit of a sweet tooth tonight, we ordered this as well! . . BUTTER TART (GF) Organic oat flour, buttery maple syrup & flax filling. . . If you haven't visited this quaint little place in Kerr Village, then you're missing out!!!! . . #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfitness #eatlikeyouloveyourbody #4tiernewmovementfitness #solasta #vegansdoitbetter #doiteveryday

72 22 Nov 30, 2017

In January of 2017, I made a choice. . . I had said no to a coaching opportunity on 2 separate occasions. Over an 18 month period, I was approached by my good friends Kim Fitzpatrick and Jamie Fitzpatrick, who kept telling me "how amazing this was" and "how many people I could serve" by joining their team. And how this would change my life. . . Brene Brown says "You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you can't have both" . . I quit making excuses and I stopped blaming my situation for not taking leaps of faith forward in my life, in my career and in my health. . . I JUMPED head and heart first. . . Without even realizing that what I was doing, was That I was changing my thought process from "I can't do this" to "I must do this". . . I was mentally shifting gears. . . I interrupted my default thinking from all of my excuses and every one of my self-limiting beliefs. . . I started my morning rituals. . . Was it easy? Nope . . Was it challenging? Dear God yes . . Was it worth it? On so SO many different levels YES . . Here's the thing... sometimes the most gratifying things require you to do the hard things. It will demand your attention, your commitment, and your discipline. . . Act on your first instinct. The moment hesitation sets in, use the Rule. 5-4-3-2-1. Jump. Grow your wings on your way down. . . On Friday December 1st-3rd, our team is holding a 3 day FREE Coach Sneak Peak Event. . . Even if you're just a 'little curious' jump, don't hesitate. PM me and I'll get you in. There's no obligation other then keeping an open mind and an open heart. . . Rock your Wednesday!!! #doiteveryday #whatareyouwaitingfor #54321rule #4tiernewmovementfitness #pilates #yoga #moveforward #dontlookback #wednesdaywisdom #rockyourday

33 8 Nov 29, 2017

A little 18 minute HIIT today! That's all my timeline allowed today. . . I LOVE this quick workout. It's efficient, it works the entire body, and well... it's 18 friggin' minutes!! Set up a few new kickass challengers to our private group. Worked on my webpage, cleaned the house, celebrated some BIG #nsv goals with some pretty amazing friends. Connecting with my team, taught a killer Pilates class with some of my favourite students :) . . Made my Vegan Kale Salad Dressing, got everything ready for dinner tonight. Maya and I have some friends coming by dinner, and a play date. . . I look forward to it as much as Maya!! . . Love my productive days. (And hello what a gorgeous day, windows are OPEN!!!!!) ☀️☀️☀️☀️ . . #isthisweatherforreal #happytuesday #playdatesformoms #kaleveganceaser #plantbaseddiet #pilates #pilateslovers #4tiernewmovementfitness #NMFA

44 1 Nov 28, 2017

Courage ❤️ . . All we are essentially, is what we have the courage to create, at any given moment in our life. . . Courage is the process of making changes in our life that is scary and sometimes risky. It also means taking a long look in the mirror and acknowledge aspects of ourselves that we may not like. . . It requires commitment, and yes always discipline. It asks of us to resist unhealthy habits and past patterns. . . Courage helps us let go of what's become familiar, and easy and maybe grab onto hope that a new life is out there waiting for us. . . It's a shock at first. . . This sudden 'leap of faith'. And yes, it does require faith, not blind faith of course, but true innate faith and trust in the process. . . Taking ownership of our life, our careers, our relationship, our health, our destiny. . . Mel Robbins says in her book The 5 Second Rule...."Courage is just a push.. when you push yourself, you may not change the world (yet), or the laws or spark a civil rights movement, but I can guarantee you'll change something equally as important-you'll change yourself" . . Stay courageous my friends ❤️ #doiteveryday #couragetochange #stepup #speakup #5secondrule #melrobbins #morningpd #4tiernewmovementfitness #showup

44 5 Nov 28, 2017

Maya just pounded back a chocolate croissant croissant_express that was the size of her left arm. This is me wondering where the heck she put it!!?? . . This little eats just like her momma!! . . #chocolatecroissant #afterschooltreat #meandmaya #allthechocolate #dearcroftmontessori #4tiernewmovementfitness

68 3 Nov 28, 2017

Can you accept your full awkwardness, your humanity, your flaws, your beauty, your intricacies, your faults, and all your strengths? . . Can you unmask and unearth and reveal your true self? . . Can we all learn to say no, and when to say 'fuck yes', and perhaps take those scary steps, to speak our minds and not because we've lost our sense of fear. But more importantly because we've shaken hands with it, and perhaps still hold hands with it, and still yet we still take those bold moves forward. . . . Can we celebrate our uniqueness and start getting real? . . With ourselves.. . . With others. , . There's nothing to hide. . . Because truth is better than bullshit #ummask #truth #keepitreal #morningmotivation #mondaymotivation #celebrateyou #4tiernewmovementfitness

31 5 Nov 27, 2017
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