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Namaslay 🤙🏼 - Flyknits & SuperHero Socks 🤘🏼

0 0 Dec 11, 2017

If you find a path with no obstacles. It probably doesn’t lead anywhere. Because progress is impossible without change. Laser focus, let’s BE GREAT. 👹 | 12:27pm

3 1 Dec 11, 2017

Suffer the pain of Discipline, or suffer the pain of Regret #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom

2 0 Dec 11, 2017

Quick, clean, nutrient- dense, smoothie bowl breakfast comin at ya 👀 Base: 2 scoop 1stphorm opti-greens 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup almond coconut milk 1 packet stevia •diced apples (I prefer berries but ran out) •1 crumbled rice cake - As always, my daily 1stphorm micro-factor vitamin pack, and my 1stphorm caramel latte protein coffee 🙌🏽

1 1 Dec 11, 2017

#motivationmonday I've been told that I don't take this sport seriously and I only do it as a hobby. With that, hell yes it's a hobby. I love this sport, this lifestyle and learning the little things and science behind it. People enjoy their hobbies and often times put more time and effort into those hobbies than actual jobs. So, I take it as a compliment when I'm told I only do this as a hobby but don't say I don't take this seriously. #tntnation #triedntrueathlete #triedandtrue #iam1stphorm  #1stphorm  #legionofboom #wedothework #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1

5 0 Dec 11, 2017

never stop, I’m never outworked. p.s this cut is killing me :) #fitfam #gymlife #1stphorm

3 0 Dec 11, 2017

🎼Now let me see your hips SWING! 🎼🍑 Happy Monday babes! I woke up in the best mood and got my daily moves in 31X through w/ 31 secs of cardio bursts in between! Then I did #sunshineabs and #hulabooty from the #studiotoneitup app! I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do today so that will be extra cardio 😂 Have a great day! xo! 💕

2 1 Dec 11, 2017

Motivation: internal & external factors that stimulate desire & energy in people to stay interested & committed to a job, role, or to attain a goal. . Motivation gets talked about a lot. Clients ask me all the time how they can stay motivated, how I stay motivated. Well here's the thing. You WONT always be motivated. You won't ALWAYS have that fire burning. So I disagree with this definition a lil bit. . Do you need motivation, do you need a REASON, to start? HELL YES. . Do you need motivation to keep going? NOPE. You need dedication, you need determination, & you need passion. There's a reason my business is called DETERMINED PHYSIQUES & not motivated physiques. . I don't wake up every morning MOTIVATED to hit the gym. I don't wake up every morning MOTIVATED to be patient with my son. I don't wake up every morning MOTIVATED to go to work. I'm sure you don't either. . But I do wake up DETERMINED to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life. I wake up DEDICATED to that motivation, that GOAL, that WHY, that PASSION that was placed on my heart. I wake up KNOWING that I may not be motivated all the time, but I damn well better be DETERMINED & DEDICATED otherwise I won't get anywhere. I won't reach that goal. I wake up every morning PASSIONATE about what I'm doing in my life. . Dedication, determination, & passion all go hand in hand. Passion is the driving factor that sets goals and achieves them. You can't be determined without passion for what you're trying to accomplish. Passion is the catalyst and the key to the entire equation. If you've got passion and you can dedicate yourself to something, you can do anything 💙 Set yourself up to have a good week by having a GREAT Monday y'all! 👊🏽 #andyeahidkwhatiwasdoingwithmyhands🤷🏻‍♀️

20 2 Dec 11, 2017

Because it’s Leg Day - Been working on my chicken legs and I tell you in bodybuilding people use genetics as an excuse. - We all have similar genetics if you ask me. The kind that can be altered and changed through hard work and consistency. - The only one that can do anything about yours is you. Not your doctor and not your excuses. - I am proud of my work so far and it’s just going to evolve like everything else in this world. But without sacrifice, hard work and consistency. I am the first one to tell you I don’t want to hear an excuse and no there is no magic pill for results. - Monday used to be chest day and leg day was an excuse. Today, Today is leg day and there is no more excuses. It been 2 years since my leg day journey and it will take a lifetime. - Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. - The same way you eat and sleep. Or even the same way you go out every weekend because you need to socialize. Exercising is a lifestyle just like yours. In order to gain one you must lose one. I chose to lose my old one for this new one. And it was an opportunity cost of a lifetime. - Death is comfortable. Life is not. If you want to be comfortable then don’t expect results. That’s why I choose bodybuilding. - Bodybuilding is life. - It’s never too late to start today! - Hard work + good supplements = results - If your looking for good supplements check out the link in my bio and get free shipping👆🏻 - Let’s go to the gym! - #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #wedothework #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #duespaid #independencegym #physiquegym #metroflex #maximumfitnessgym #motivation #fitnessjourney #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilding #fitlifestyle #independencegym #maximumfitness #physiquesgym #supplements #howtotakesupplements #nutrition #resultsday

8 0 Dec 11, 2017

not the best prepped meal(s) for today but it’s better than most. i still have my Micro Factor vitamins so i should be good 😉 it’s accountability week!

2 1 Dec 11, 2017

2 amazing years. I thank God for you every single day mmackles. 2017 was more successful than I ever could have imagined. I can’t wait to show you what 2018 has in store for us, and I can’t wait to see what you surprise me with. Happy 2nd Anniversary Mallory Michelle Ackles. 😌❤️ #powercouple

7 1 Dec 11, 2017

Sometimes it’s tough finding the motivation to get in the gym and push yourself. When that happens remember this, you can’t achieve your goals by sitting on your ass! That simple. If you don’t have goals well then you need to find some. Whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain or even maintain. Have a plan and stick with it. Although my motivation was lacking this morning I channeled my inner Viking, stormed the land and defeated deadlifts. Getting stronger in my ironandinkfitness tee.

3 1 Dec 11, 2017

I stumbled across edmylett and I love what he has to say! I absolutely had to share this. MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. . . #Repost edmylett ( get_repost) ・・・ Why is belief and visualization such a huge deal ? Because our brains naturally avoid Circumstances and Situations that we are unfamiliar with. We gravitate to the FAMILIAR. So, the more your brain becomes familiar with your dream and goal and the more it believes it, the more it will naturally be comfortable there and gravitate towards it. The successes in our life, rarely come as a surprise. You must have been there, thousands of times in your mind first. In this video I explain to you WHY? And also the three steps to building belief . 1)Prayer (If u pray) 2) Meditation 3) Intentional repetitive thought One, or all three of these together can help you build belief👊🏽 #maxout . . . . #life #leadership #winning #dreamlife #motivation #inspiration #passion #lifestyle #love #successquotes #hustle #inspire #goals #fitnessmotivation #100to0 #1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch #momswholift #onefitnessnation

1 0 Dec 11, 2017

Let’s crush Monday! - - Real talk...💯 - - I had zero #motivation for the gym this morning. With Christmas right around the corner my to do list keeps growing, and I feel like I don’t have time for the gym. It would be so much easier to put the #gym to the side and get my stuff done. But I don’t want easier, I want to make sure I’m doing something everyday to better myself and for me that’s making sure I get my #workout in. So I crushed bis and Tris, And I feel so much better afterwards!!! - - Workout fueled by 1stphorm Megawatt V2. Get yours from the link in my bio. #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #duespaid #earnednotgiven #girlswholift

22 0 Dec 11, 2017
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